Corpse Party

I knew before I started watching this anime that it had a lot of gore, which was okay with me. I wanted to watch a good horror anime and a four episode long OVA with the name ‘Corpse Party’ looked promising enough. Too bad this anime was all about gore.

Eight high school students and a teacher perform a charm called ‘Sachiko-san’ that is supposed to help them be friends forever. They mess up and end up going to an alternate dimension that has Tenjin elementary school that has been demolished ages ago.


This school had a reason for being demolished.It is said that one of the teachers went crazy, kidnapped some students of the school, cut their tongues with a pair of scissors and killed them. Now these high school students and their teacher are trapped in this Tenjin elementary where the souls of the dead kids and the murderer still wandered. An alternate dimension with dead people that can kill the characters anytime. That is plenty of good horror material to work with, isn’t it? This anime failed miserably in creating the horror environment this show deserved.

What a nice smile she has got -_-

What a nice smile she has got -_-

First off, most of the characters are weird. When you find yourself locked up in a strange place with corpses everywhere, you panic. Instead, most of them dealt with the situation as if it was nothing. There was a girl who was excited about getting to spend more time with her friend alone, there was a guy who was fascinated by the corpses and took tons of photos of them and there was a girl who felt sorry for the ghosts and decided that she would live in Tenjin Elementary and keep them company. Who in the world would want to live in a place filled with corpses? Not to mention that these ghosts were dangerous. I don’t have to tell you what happened to the girl right?

One of the ghosts

One of the ghosts

In these kinds of anime, people keep dying. Even though we know that, we usually feel sad as we watch them die. The character development in this show is so bad that I didn’t feel anything when the characters got killed. There was only one death that made me feel something.


Maybe it was because this girl is the youngest among them or maybe it was because she stopped screaming, after a guy stabbed her, chopped her leg and gouged her eyeball out, as if the situation was too much for her to bear and her mind had gone blank . She couldn’t even cry or scream. She was the only character that seemed human and I was sad to see her go.

The anime ends with the souls of the kids finding peace. As expected, out of the 9 people, only two managed to survive.

There are tons of scenes like this in the anime

There are tons of scenes like this in the anime



So do I recommend this anime to you? No. If you have time on your hands and want to watch a good anime, you are better off watching something else. But if you want to watch an anime without a good plot with lots of gore, you can watch Corpse Party :P

See you next time ^^/


8 thoughts on “Corpse Party

  1. Wow, I don’t know about the anime, but the post definitely look scary xD Two girls with missing eyes, a bucked of blood and internal organs, I would expect to see that in a modern anime. Though this picture of a head cut in half doesn’t look real at all :P

    But good thing is, now I won’t feel bad if I have to post some really graphic pictures from Fist of the North star movies :D

    I think Corps Party might be scary for people who only watched nice anime, slice of life, comedies and such. Then, just because this is so unexpected, those gory scenes might be scary. And it might be scary if you are a young kid (not that any parents would approve of their kids watching stuff like that).

    • The murderer cut the kid’s head in half using a pair of scissors. I guess the author doesn’t know hoe hard a skull is. Cutting it was a pair of scissors is impossible.

      LOL XD Okay. I didn’t want to put pictures filled with gore but I wanted to let the readers know what they are signing up for, in case they decided to watch it.

      I doubt it. Even though there is a lot of gore in this anime, it doesn’t look real somehow. I was just staring at the screen, not feeling anything, even when they showed all those buckets filled with you know what -.- But yeah, it might be too much for people who don’t like gore.

      • Even if he did cut the head with some kind of sci-fi laser that leaves a clear cut, this anatomy just looks absolutely wrong. maybe they tried to mess it up intentionally, to make it even more disgusting, or horrifying =)

        Now they know what they signed up for, even if they never intended to watch this OVA xP

        One problem is that people who don’t like gore won’t watch this kind of anime : D So I guess this OVA isn’t going to have an audience :/ Not a dedicated one, for sure.

        • I know -.- There are too many things I can complain about this anime that I’ve lost count.

          Oh well >. <

          I guess just because the game was popular, they assumed that all the fans would like the anime no matter how bad it is.

  2. My absolute favorite horror anime is Ghost Hunt. The show sets very eerie atmospheres for the stories and the characters are really likable. The vampire arc can give one nightmares, and only had an iota of the gore I expect Corpse Party had.

    Shiki is the next horror anime on my list.

    • I watched Ghost Hunt and Shiki =)

      Ghost Hunt is an awesome anime. The story is well written and I enjoyed it very much. I am going to read the manga someday
      Shiki is the kind of anime that leaves you with a sad feeling. It was easy watching other anime about vampires because the vampires are usually the ‘bad’ guys in mot of the shows. But in Shiki, the vampires also seemed human and watching them die was unsettling.

      If you are into horror anime, give Another a try, if you haven’t already watched it =)

      • I’ve been going back and forth about whether to watch Another. Some bloggers love it. Others did not think to much of it, but on your recommendation I’ll certainly give it a try!

        • I doubt Another could actually scare anyone =)But I certainly enjoyed the show a lot. Hope it won’t disappoint you. Tell me what you think about the anime after you complete watching it :3

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