Dantalian no Shoka

I was searching for an anime similar to Gosick and came across Dantalian no Shoka. This anime has 12 episodes + 1 OVA

Hugh Anthony Disward (a.k.a Huey)  inherits his grandfather’s mansion after his death. He receives a letter saying that he should take care of Dalian in his grandfather’s place. He thought Dalian was a name of his grandfather’s pet. So he was surprised when he found that Dalian is a girl who claims to have been a friend of his grandfather.





Dalian acts surprised when she sees a key hanging around Huey’s neck but refuses to answer when he asked if she knew what the key is.He later learns that Dalian is the Black Biblioprincess that has a library within her called “Dantalian no Shoka’ and he is her key keeper. Dantalian is the name of a demon that holds many books. There are books in the world that aren’t supposed to exist. These books have strange powers and are called phantom books. Dalian along with Huey, try to retrieve all the phantom books before they cause any damage to the world.


The fights in this anime aren’t that exciting because all Huey has to do is stand and read from a book to defeat his enemies. The story pace is good and the soundtracks are also okay.The character design is fine. The best thing about this anime is it’s animation. The artwork is awesome with rich brights colors. This is the kind of anime you could sit back and enjoy.



Let us look at some more pictures ^^





If you decide to watch this anime, watch Gosick first. While Dantalian no Shoka is a good anime, Gosick is even better. It you had watched Gosick and liked it, give this anime a try.

See you next time ^^/



4 thoughts on “Dantalian no Shoka

  1. Sounds kinda similar to Read or Die =) Reading a book to defeat an enemy, wow, I wouldn’t have thought that could work… but after Death Note, where “action moments” were those when characters were just thinking over their strategies, well, I can believe that reading books can be made dramatic : D

    The art does look good *_* And character designs are well done. Btw, that shot – https://sindarfrom.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/2014-01-31_1354_001.png – it is just a photo, it hasn’t been drawn xP

    • The fights aren’t that dramatic and it doesn’t take Huey more than 5 minutes to finish a fight ^^ They concentrated more on showing us the powers of the phantom books and the consequences of using them which actually made the show more pleasant =) This is the Kind of anime you could watch with your kid sister or brother :3

      No it isn’t o(-.-)o It looked like a drawn image in the anime >. <

      • I wonder how a book can cause any real damage to the world :/ Unless it just emanate some sort of magic.
        Too bad I don’t have a kid sister xD

        Actually they use photography in anime very often. Especially for scenery and backgrounds. They just make those pictures look like drawings, or draw on top of a photo. In this particular case they didn’t bother :P But the photo does look nice :3

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