Urban Legend Story:Hikiko

Urban Legend Story: Hikiko is a 3D CG animated movie. There is a Japanese urban legend about a girl  who was bullied by her classmates and mistreated by her family. She became a ghost and dragged the students on the floor until they died. This anime deals with the same story.

In the beginning of the movie, we see a guy named Satoshi get off a bus. He has come back to his olwnd to after a long time for a school reunion. He stands in front of his old apartment building and thinks of all the things that has happened when he was a kid. There was this girl called Satoko he remembers in particular. She used to lived in the same apartment.



Satoko joined their class in the middle of a term. She rarely talked and was usually withdrawn. She soon becomes the taget of bullying. They write mean comments on her desk and backpack, damage her shoes, make her fall on the road and bully her in many other ways. At home, her family yell at her and hit her. Satoshi didn’t want to stand up for the girl even though he felt sorry for her. He was afraid of becoming the next target. He starts getting close to her after he sees her taking care of a stray cat.



Satoko getting bullied

Satoko getting bullied


One day, on his way home, Satoshi sees a girl dragging a dead man along the riverside. She sees him and chases him all the way to his home. Satoshi gets into his house and locks the door. She bangs on the door and eventually leaves. We see this girl several times during the movie.


The movie has a good plot. The story pace is also very good. The most disappointing thing about this movie is how bad the animation is. The expressions and movements of the characters are very unnatural. There was this scene where they show a girl walking on a bridge. The way she walked made her look like zombie that has just been brought back to life. Even though this movie has such a good plot, it was all wasted because of the awful animation.


You can go ahead and watch this movie if you don’t mind the animation. I tried not to spoil too much.

I just wanted to put this here ^^'

I just wanted to put this here ^^’

See you next time ^^/



15 thoughts on “Urban Legend Story:Hikiko

  1. So you are not afraid to watch CG animated movies : D Good to know :3

    That film sounds like something quite painful to watch. Bullied girl with family that doesn’t support her, that is just so sad. I wonder if there will be some sort of a happy end with Satoshi being able to put the girl to rest, or if he just dies a horrible death.

    By the way, that girl with long black hair looks just like a girl from The Ring, looks like Japanese people find long black hair to be scary : D

    • =)

      They didn’t go into disturbing details. So it wasn’t as sad as it would have been.If you watched the movie, the ending might surprise you :P
      I won’t recommend it though. I will spoil it for you if you have no intention of watching the movie :3

      lol XD I guess. But most of the Japanese people have long black hair O.O

      • You can spoil it ^_^ It will be ages before I watch it even if I decide to xD

        Not that long :P And I bet they don’t wear it in this weird way when it covers your face : D

        • Okay then ^^

          *Spoiler Alert*
          You see, the most interesting part of this movie is that Satoshi got it all backwards. His memory was mixed up. The one that was bullied was him and not Satoko. You will notice that I didn’t write the seconds names of Satoko and Satoshi in the post. I didn’t want to spoil it for the readers. He even got their second names backward. That girl with the long hair is his sister. After she starts killing people, he loses it and hits her with a rod until she dies. Then he leaves town. He believed that he was the bystander, watching Satoko getting bullied when in fact the one who went through all that was him. I did say that this movie has a good plot =)

          lol XD OKay :P

          • Why I didn’t reply earlier O.o I guess I was ashamed to show up here because I didn’t post anything for the past one and a half month xD

            But yeah, it is not a bad plot at all. I guess if I were to watch it without knowing what is going to happen I would be surprised with that turn. They should make a normal cartoon-like anime out of it, so more people would watch it =) Though I hope they would save those random details on the background that they have here. Like how on that picture https://sindarfrom.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/2014-01-31_1421.png of a ghost girl dragging someone along the pass, there is this random blue box on the side that kinda distracts you from the horror of what is going on : D

            • You couldn’t help it senpai -.-/ You were busy :3

              Yup.This movie would have been a big hit if they had made it into a normal movie instead of a CG animated movie -_-

              I wasn’t distracted by that big blue box while I was watching the movie :3 I guess I was concentrating too much on the girl XD

  2. I loved this film! However, I’m lost when it comes to the kitten. Did it survive?? The teacher finds the cord broken at the back of his car, and later outside the building you hear a cat’s meow. I hope it lived! I really REALLY hope it did!!!

    • I liked the film too. It has a decent plot. The kitten did survive =)
      Watch the ending song. There is a part where they show Satoshi rescuing the the kitten. His sister was there when it happened. That is probably what made her want to kill the teacher.

  3. i guess the animation only added creepiness so i loved pretty much the whole stuff.
    frankly speaking i don’t understand why many people complain about it.

    • To me the animation reduced the enjoyment factor of the movie. It didn’t look natural. The characters movements were all stiff and it was distracting.
      I love this show’s plot though. It is one of my favorites.

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