Soul Eater Not!, episode 1 reaction

I’ve watched the first Soul Eater, it was good enough for my taste, yet I was expecting them to redo the weird ending they have. So I was expecting some sequel or alternative version to pop out. And here I go, something called Soul Eater Not! starts.

Soul Eater Not episode 1 Maka and Soul

Good to see them again ^_^

But alas, it doesn’t seem to be anything like the old series. Here we are not focusing on Maka and Co, instead we have a new protagonist, Tsugumi Harudori. And the whole story so far seems just like a fanservice filler, in the good sense of the word. They are just trying, it seems, to make a show that old fans can enjoy without worrying about how this is going to connect with the main series.

Soul Eater Not episode 1 Black Star

On the side note, this guy here is as crazy as ever

Obvious problem with such an attempt is that you can’t bring in big events or lasting villain characters. Because they weren’t in the main story. But what you can do is put certain characters into the spotlight, make it enjoyable by giving them time to show off their personalities.

Soul Eater Not episode 1stuff

You know what I like about this scene? It is that they draw her wearing this thing you put on your neck so you can sleep in a plane more comfortably.

Soul Eater Not episode 1

Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you, she is the main character

Sounds good. Now how are you going about making a show where the enjoyment comes from watching characters live their, to some extent, normal lives? You make all the characters moe school girls in short skirts, right?.. No!

Soul Eater Not episode 1Tsugumi Harudori's

Protagonist tries to negotiate the stairs that lead up to the school.

Soul Eater Not episode 1 end of teh slimb

You know why girls don’t usually wear skirts like that for long-term travelling? So when they decide to take a nap on some stairs they won’t embarrass people who climb up.

Really, I have nothing against the idea of putting a normal girl into this Death Weapon Meister Academy, but there is no need to make it just another slice of life show out of it. One of the reasons Soul Eater was good is the craziness that was in every episode. And so far Soul Eater Not did not show much of that, but instead it showed quite a few tropes of anime comedy that I am not fond of.

Soul Eater Not episode 1 economy class

One last remark – there is no way you can stretch your legs like that in an economy class seat :P Unless this girl is really tiny.

Anyway, I don’t know, I hope this anime turns out good, but I don’t have much hope. It was nice seeing Maka, Soul, Seed, Black Star and Tsubaki again, at least there I don’t have any reason to complain.

So tell me what you think =) Till the next time, See you (^_^)/

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