Folktales from Japan

Folktales from Japan is a currently airing anime. I don’t know if  there is anyone out there who has actually watched all the 92 episodes that have been aired until now. But this anime is worth giving a try if you loved listening to stories when you were a kid.

Look at that picture *-* It looks like something taken out of a picture book

Look at that picture *-* It looks like something taken out of a picture book

Each episode has three stories in it. So you can randomly pick any episode and start watching. The art looks simple and beautiful and  the narrators did a very good job too. It made me feel nostalgic. I was one of those people who bugged my mom for a bedtime story when I was a kid XD It was nice listening to the stories that started with ‘Once upon a time’ again.


Since all the stories are taken from the popular folktales of Japan, they are very fairy tale like. It you’ve watched Kobu-tori, you can guess what kind of plot the stories are going to have.If you like listening to folktales, watch a couple of episodes of this anime when you are free.


See you next time ^^/


5 thoughts on “Folktales from Japan

  1. I thought your next post would be about this Switch OVA you watched few days ago :D Since it is a mystery anime, you know, the kind of thing you specialize in :3

    I was thinking about watching Folktales from Japan, seems like something different from the usual stuff I see. At the very least it should be educational =) The art style I see on the screen caps though.. it looks like they had a budget large enough to make one episode, but they stretched it for almost a hundred -. –

    Also I have a suspicion that none of the people who read this blog seen this animated movie from late 20-s :P Really, can you expect them to xD

      • There it goes again! I’ve written three paragraphs and everything I’ve written just happened to disappear >:(
        Oh well T.T

        *Continuing* I am going to take it slow and write a post like every two days until I am done :3

        I like the art style O.O It gives you this feeling, as if you’re reading a picture book and it felt nice and nostalgic.

        Honestly? Nope. Unless there is another crazy person like us out there XD That is why I gave a link to the Kobu-tori post. Incase someone wanted to watch this old movie >:)

        • Every two days xD Aren’t you a little too ambitious there :P But I’ll be waiting for your impressions :3

          Maybe when I watch it I’ll see the art more appealing, I don’t know =) In the fairy tail books from my childhood the pictures were more like those ones:

          But I doubt they’d pick this drawing style for an anime any time soon xD

          Oh that reminds me, do they only have semi-realistic tails about people, or are there also stories about creatures like Tengu in this anime?

          • Come on! I wanna be a little ambitious ^-^

            Of course. The pictures in my picture books looked that too. The character designs reminded me of the picture books I’ve read when I was little. The feeling is kinda hard to describe -. –

            I haven’t watched many episodes. So I don’t know. But there are demons, talking turtles and other weird creatures in the stories.

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