Summer anime season, 2014

I just want to make a quick post about the upcoming Summer season. It is a bit too early for that, but I guess since I have the time I may as well write it now.

And there is a few things to write about. First, here are some big-big titles that are coming out that I, unfortunately, am not going to watch:

Hanamonogatari Free

On the left Hanamonogatari, on the right Free! Eternal Summer

And both are sequels and I haven’t seen previous season(s), so I have no plans for those ones. But that is a good thing, cause even without them, there are quite too many things I want to check out. Where to start, let’s see:

Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

Sanzoku no Musume Ronja is a TV series produced by Goro Miyazaki, son of famous Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki. Goro’s  most known work was Tales from Earthsea (adaptation of Ursula Le Guin novels), which is known as the worst movie produced by Ghibli. But still, I am willing to give him chance. And I’ve never seen Tales from Earthsea, so I don’t know how bad it was. What I do know is that this new anime is a TV series, which is kinda unusual, coming from Ghibli circles. Yet the premise is very fairy tale like, just the sort of thing Ghibli is good at:

Ronja, a daughter of a chief of a tribe of bandits and lives in a huge castle in the forest with the bandits. The story follows Ronja as she encounters mystical creatures, makes friends with another young child like herself, and experiences life in the forest. (source)

Next up is:

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version

This is sort of a remaster of the Psycho-Pass series from 2012. I haven’t seen the original series, and that is a good chance to see it (or so I think; I dunno if I will have time for it though). This remaster is said to be a hour per episode, which is a little frightening, considering that they will probably make weekly releases. Oh well.

Now lets have some fun ^^ If by any chance you are an old reader of this blog, you are going to see some familiar names:

Yama no Susume Season 2

Yama no Susume Season 2, Yami Shibai 2, Ai Mai Mi ~Mousou Catastrophe~

First seasons of Yama no Susume and Ai Mai Mi were one of the first things I have followed and reviewed on this blog. Those were the days when I would write an impression on every episode and have time for posting 10 entries a week. Don’t worry, I’ll not do that again ^^’

But seriously, do you remember Ai Mai Mi? That was an insane show, drawn as if it was a student project or a joke. No story, no plot, even the dialog didn’t make sense. Yet apparently there are quite a few people like me out there, who liked this show.

Yama no Susume is a show about a girl who wanted to climb a mountain (actually she just wants to become less socially awkward). That is about it. It was 5 minute per episode, so I didn’t mind watching it. Same goes for the second season, I guess :D Not a good recommendation, I know.

Oh, yes, Yami Shibai. Yeah. It is the middle of the night, and I am sitting alone in a dark room… you know, I am not going to say anything about Yami Shibai. Don’t even ask :P

Next up is:

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

I’ll try to persuade Kazekage Gaara to check out this one, it seems like a decent horror show and she would be able to write a better review for it than I can. And I do like make my friends watch scary and horrific shows (^. ^)

Okay, and there are two shows I want to see at least one or two episodes of: Bakumatsu Rock and Aldnoah.Zero. First one because I am interested where they are going to go with their rock theme, and the second one because that is probably going to be one of the best shows in this season. Also, I forgot to mention new season of Sailor Moon – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal. I would really like to be able to watch it as it airs.

So what chances I have to watch all I’ve planned to? Your choices:

  1.  0%
  2. 1%
  3. 2%
  4. other

If you’ve made it through this post, you may as well tell me in the comments what you are going to watch =) Till teh next time, see you (^_^)/

Here is the list of all my posts on Yama no Susume – link and Ai Mai Mi – link.

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7 thoughts on “Summer anime season, 2014

  1. I am gonna watch the second seasons of Yama no Susume, Ai Mai Mi and Yami Shibai.

    You don’t have to persuade me to watch Tokyo Ghoul (^.^)/
    I had decided to watch it as soon as I saw that picture and the name. Then I read what you had written and was like :D

    • That is good to hear ^^ By the way, new Ai Mai Mi is 15 minutes per episode, so it might be a little harder to keep up with it =)

      Okay, let’s see if this anime will be able to creep you out >:)

  2. @sindar i going to watch the new sailor moon since it going to be more dark and violent then the original i recommend to you about this it going to be good

    • I need to check out the first season sometime. It is one of the those anime that I hear people talk about a lot, but I still have very little idea about the plot of the series.

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