Golgo 13, episodes 6 and 7

So a few days ago I was watching Golgo 13 series. So far I’ve only seen 7 episodes, and both the movies. And those last two episodes I’ve watched seemed to me worth mentioning, so that is what I am going to talk about here.

If you have seen anything Golgo 13 before you probably know what it is about. An assassin who shoots people for money. He is very good at his job, and that is the entire point of the anime. First movie about Golgo was called The Professional, which kinda emphasizes the point.

I like the idea of an anime about someone good at his job. We don’t see it often. It is just that in this case the job is killing people, which of course makes it kinda controversial. And people who made this anime (or rather the person who wrote manga) seem to be very aware of that detail. Very often Golgo would be made to seem a little better of a person by making everyone else even more twisted. I mean, his clients and his targets often are criminals, murderers or just crazy people. But not always.

Golgo episode 6 pic 1

Golgo and a policeman

So in 6th episode Golgo kills a politician. For no good reason other that he was hired to do so. For all we know it might have been the only good politician out there. Since bandits want to get rid of him, I guess he was at least fighting against the organised crime.

So Golgo does bad things in this episode. And he does them well. There were dozens of guards, multi-level security check points and he even had two people spying on him personally. And he still killed the guy. And he didn’t run afterwards, he was arrested. Yet they weren’t able to prove anything. Of course in real life that wouldn’t stop police from detaining him for half a year, but that is an anime, what would you do.

Golgo episode 6 pic 2

Description is below :P

And probably the best moment in this show was when Golgo was walking towards the stadium where the event took place, and on the entrance there was a whole bunch of people which were ready to intercept him on a slightest provocation. And he was walking with air balloons in his hand. Of course, there was a reason for him to hold the balloons, but that is another story. It was just so funny to see all those people being tense and apprehensive while watching a guy with a bunch of balloons walking towards them. And the fact that Golgo never smiles adds to it to. I kinda wonder if deep inside this cold blooded murderer does like balloons. Of course being a hard-as-a-stone guy he is he would never buy himself a balloon just for the fan of it, no adult does that, really. That doesn’t mean no adult likes air balloons ^_-

Seventh episode was about Golgo being asked to hit a string of a violin during a performance. The story is pretty simple. A musician named Simpson had an accident when a string on his violin broke and he was very confused and the audience didn’t take it kindly (which wouldn’t happens in the real life, of course; at least not in that kind of setting). So he developed a stage fright of a sort and wasn’t able to perform. And as a way out he decided to hire Goldo to make the same accident happen to his rival, a Russian musician Sergei Kerensky. Kerensky was to replace Simpson on a charity concert, where the accident was to happen. The idea was that Kerensky would be just as humiliated as Simpson was, so people would understand that it was not Simpson’s fault in the first place. Simpson told Golgo “If you are a professional, you should understand how I feel”, meaning that him loosing a confidence in himself was something that he should deal with at any cost.

Golgo episode 6 pic 3


And this is another type of Golgo 13 stories. Here people didn’t die, and Golgo himself play a very small role. He is just a character in the story of Simpson and Kerensky. Also it is one of the few episodes where Russian guys aren’t terrible people =) Kerensky is a nice person, he feels bad about Simpson; and talking about his reasons for accepting his role as a replacement he says that it is an honor to play with London orchestra and that as long as it is a charity concert that can help children he had no reason to refuse.

So Golgo did his job, hit the string and made Kerensky stop. He didn’t loose his face though. He re-tuned another string and continued playing. I expected that to happen, I believe there is an old story of a musician who did just that. And as Golgo was walking away from the concert it was obvious that what he would rather share the title “professional” with Kerensky, who did his job no matter the circumstances, as Golgo does.

Golgo episode 6 pic 4

Sergei Kerensky

Now, just a few words about Russian names. Kerensky, I believe, came from the name of a Russian politician from the early 20th century. That is not a typical Russian surname. If you want a typical Russian surname for your character pick one that ends with -ev, -ov or -in for males and add an extra -a to the end if the character is female. And when Russian people talk to each other in a friendly manner they never use last names, that is considered rude.

Actually, there is yet another reason why I picked those two episodes to talk about. They don’t have explicit content, which is a rarity for this anime. So if you don’t want any sex scenes in your anime you can still safely watch those two episodes.

And one more thing. If you wonder when the events of the series take place, I can give you a hand. They mentioned the death of Litvinenko in that episode, so it is at least 2007 or later (Litvinenko is a real person who died at Fall 2006).

Well, that is it. I don’t know if anyone of you would like to see such an anime, but who knows. See you next time (^_^)/

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