Kotonoha no Niwa (Garden of Words)

I was never a great fan of the romance genre. So when someone I know recommended this movie to me, I wasn’t interested. I did however decide to watch it after hearing a lot of good things about this movie. And wow, this movie managed to amaze me. Look at this amazing animation

Take a look at that

Try opening this image in a new tab





Coming to the story, there isn’t much to say. This movie is about a 15 year old student and a 27 year old lady who happen to meet in a park during a rainy day. The student’s name is Takao and he wants to be a shoemaker when he grows up.



The lady’s name is Yukino. She has some troubles and often skips work .  Takao has a habit of skipping the first period of school when it rains and going to the park. They both come to the same park whenever it rains.The story is about the relationship between these two people and how they learn to deal with their problems.



The movie has a weak plot. By the end of the movie, Yukino and Takao grow closer despite the fact that they haven’t talked much and they don’t know much about each other. Adults don’t usually fall in love with 15 year olds they meet in a park.

The story pace is slow and it gives us time to enjoy the great animation. The sound is okay but what I liked best is the sound of rain we hear in the background during most of the scenes. Let us look at some more screenshots.







I watched this movie on a cloudy day and after watching it, I couldn’t help but sit and stare out of my window wishing for rain. The movie is 46 minutes long. Give this movie a shot if you find time.


See you next time ^^/


4 thoughts on “Kotonoha no Niwa (Garden of Words)

  1. This movie has been sitting on my hard drive for almost a year I think. I clearly remember going to watch it right after I got released last Spring. And being a Makoto Shinkai work, there is no chance I’ll not give it a try. But I guess it is because I do like romance genre, I was so slow in getting to it. It is quite a subject, a young boy getting into relations with an adult woman, not to mention that she is a teacher. Knowing Shinkai by his other films (5 centimeters per second and Voices of a distant star) I was expecting him to make a pretty sad movie (cause this pair isn’t likely to get a happy life together).

    But the images of rain drops are so cool *_* I might just sit and watch the movie tonight, so I can see how it looks in motion. I wish Shinkai would do something about his character designs though. Among the famous directors he is the worst in this area -_-

    • I don’t know -_- I am not a good judge when it comes to a romance movie. Even 5 centimeters per second didn’t impress me -.-”

      The animation of this movie makes it is worth checking out.If it wasn’t for the animation, I wouldn’t have liked it. I didn’t like the story or the character design =)

      • I’ve watched the movie last night =) It wasn’t such a sad film after all. I feel like the characters were better off by the end of the movie than they were by the beginning.

        I like how the characters were made. I mean Takao and Yukino. He was a believable school boy, and she was a believable adult. I think what makes a difference between an adult and a kid is how many illusions the person has. When you grow up you strip them away. And though Yukino said that she was no smarter at the age of 27 than she was at the age of 15, she wouldn’t be able to deny that now she sees the reality clearer than she used to. And yet, what does it change for her? Nothing, she, just as this kid, wastes her time sitting in a garden, skipping work. Unlike this kid she understands that thus she excludes herself from normal social life and essentially puts herself deeper into trouble. And still she makes this conscious choice to avoid reality and go sit at this garden. I liked that scene where she stands on a bench so Takao can draw a line encircling her foot. It is such a waste of time on Takao’s part, making shoes and all that, just a childish play. Yet at this moment Yukino objectively had nothing better to do with her time than standing there and helping him. It is pretty great when an adult gives away some of his time to play with a kid. But it inspires pity to see a young adult, for whom playing a role in some kid’s fantasy is the best he can invest his time into. I’ve seen people like that in real life too.

        About the animation, I wasn’t disappointed for sure =) I would make a guess that this whole movie was first filmed on a normal camera, and then the footage was used to create the animation, scene by scene. That is why there are so many small details in every shot, and all those small movements are so realistic. I think this is the best example of using hand drawing, CGI and photography together that I’ve seen so far. And the movie represents the best depiction of rain in anime, there is no question about it =)

        • I didn’t think Yukino looked like a believable adult. She is a teacher and yet she ran away because one of her students spread rumors about her. When you’re an adult and are responsible for your life, you don’t just quit your job and run away when someone spreads a rumor about you, not to mention the fact that Yukino is a teacher and the girl who spread the rumors is a student. Yukino said at the end that she dressed up every morning to go back to the school but she couldn’t. It was hard to imagine a teacher who is so shaken up because of a student. Maybe I am being too hard on Yukino o.O
          I didn’t like her character though. Sitting around and moping as if she is the only person in the word who has problems. Yes, that was a peaceful scene yet it was a little sad, knowing that she should be somewhere else instead of standing there and entertaining a kid.

          I love the animation too *-* I also have a feeling that the reason I liked this movie is because of the rain =)

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