Tokyo Ghoul episode 1

The first episode of Tokyo Ghoul is out. I expected this to be an anime about ghouls with lots of blood and violence. The anime is all that and much more. It has a decent plot and characters that have good potential.

The anime started with a ghoul killing and eating humans. This ghoul is called a binge eater. Normal ghouls can survive for a month or two after eating a human but binge eaters are like wild animals. They have no control and will keep on eating endlessly. The killing incident happened near the area the protagonist lived.

The protagonist- Ken Kaneki

The protagonist- Ken Kaneki

Kaneki is a normal college student and is interested in a girl who often visits the same cafe he frequents to. He didn’t know how to approach the girl and wanted his friend to help him. His friend’s name is Hide.

Kaneki, Hide and Toka Kirishima (She works at the cafe)

Kaneki, Hide and Toka Kirishima (She works at the cafe)

The girl Kineki likes- Rize

The girl Kaneki likes- Rize

At this point, we all know where this is headed to. The obvious plot twist we all guessed did prove to be right. Rize is a ghoul and she tried to eat Kaneki after she led him to a deserted place. The place looked like some construction site.

 Rize-The binge eater

Rize-The binge eater

Ghouls have these tentacle like things that help pierce their prey

Ghouls have these tentacle like things that help pierce their prey

Just when it looked like Kaneki is going to be killed, the ropes holding some heavy objects were cut and they came crashing down on Rize. They didn’t show us who did that though.


Kaneki was taken to a hospital. Since most of his organs were ruptured, the doctor implanted some of Rize’s organs into him, thus making him into some sort of half-ghoul. He could no longer eat normal food.

Only one of his eye transformed

Only one of his eye transformed

Watching this seemingly normal guy break down was the saddest part of the episode. Trying to eat human food even if it made him throw up, not wanting to eat humans, trying to fight against the nature of the ghouls, hating what he has become,trying to be normal and telling himself that he is human. The episode is more sad than scary. For a normal guy like him, the thought of wanting to eat other people is unbearable.

Kaneki trying to eat human food

Kaneki trying to eat human food

Kaneki met another ghoul feeding on human flesh. The ghoul offered some of the flesh to him. I was surprised to see this kind side of the ghoul. It is true that he had killed a person and was feeding on him but he did that because he couldn’t fight against his nature. It was sort of like how lions kill other animals to feed. He could still feel sorry for a fellow ghoul who looked like he was sick. If this guy hadn’t become a ghoul, he would have been a normal kind human. Seeing this side of him reminded me that all these ghouls were once human.

The ghoul worrying about Kinako

The ghoul worrying about Kaneki

After that there was a fight between a ghoul who claimed that they trespassed his hunting grounds and Tako. Yes, Tako is a ghoul too. The episode ended with Tako forcing Kinako to eat human flesh. She was trying to help him since he was starving himself  and didn’t know what to do.

Kinako being forced to feed

Kaneki being forced to feed

I feel like a lot has happened in this episode. I wonder how Kaneki is going to react. To him not eating humans was sort of the last chain that bound him to his humanity and he was desperately clinging to it.

I will try to follow this anime and post a review for every episode.

See you next time ^^/


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episode 1

  1. So far I like the series too =) Glad they’ve put some effort into making the story believable, to some extent at least. It does make sense that ghouls would form some sort of social structure, with the most powerful ones on the top. And it makes sense that there still would be some in-fighting between them. Kaneki’s character is well done too, but you’ve said it all in the post =)

    I didn’t foresee the “obvious plot twist” though >.> And when Rize have beat en up the boy, for a second I thought he really did die, and the whole episode was just meant to make us fear the ghouls more. By the way, do you think the doctor did an honest mistake, or did he want to turn Kaneki into a half-monster? I would think a medical man should be capable of noticing the difference between a human corpse and that of a ghoul :/

    • I thought it would be more or less similar to AoT. Glad that I’ve been proved wrong =)

      Sorry then. I guess it means that I’ve watched more horror anime than you did :P The protagonist had to get involved with ghouls somehow. What is the best way to do that other than making the girl he is interested in a ghoul? :3
      It could be. Right now, it could go both ways. The writer might just say that the ghouls look like ordinary corpses once they are dead. Rize’s eyes weren’t transformed when she died. Also remember that knives can’t hurt ghouls. But the doctor obviously cut Rize to transplant her organs into Kaneki. So it would be logical to say that the doctor made an honest mistake. On the other hand, their might be some difference between human corpses and ghoul corpses we don’t know yet and the doctor might have purposefully made Kaneki into a ghoul to make him a lab rat and learn more about ghouls =)

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