Tokyo Ghoul episode 2

The episode started with Kaneki crying and trying not to swallow the meat that Toka tried to make him eat. He begged Toka to tell him what he was, saying that everything had been the worst ever since the incident with Rize. Toka said something interesting at this point.



Think about it from this girl’s point of view. She works at a cafe and everyday she sees people eating cake. All her life she can just stand there and wonder about what cake actually tastes like. Being able to taste cake is such a trivial thing , yet this girl isn’t even allowed to enjoy such a simple pleasure. All her life she has to kill people, fight ghouls who attack her and live in constant fear of having her identity revealed. She has no choice. When she kills and eats people she has to see them cry and beg for their life. She has to feel the pain of being a ghoul every second of her life.

We met another new character in this episode. He is the owner of the cafe Toka works at. He tried to help Kaneki and gave him a package with meat. Also we learned that coffee is the only thing that ghouls can drink just like humans.

Cafe owner

Cafe owner

The ghoul who Tako fought in the first episode turned out to be a senior at Kaneki’s college and Kaneki had to fight him when he tried to eat Hide.  He did win the fight but he lost his reason after the fight. His hunger for flesh was way too strong. Hide was unconscious and was right in front of him. He couldn’t fight his hunger and tried to eat Hide.

Rize's powers in him awakened during the fight

Rize’s powers in him awakened during the fight

Kaneki trying to eat Hide

Kaneki trying to eat Hide

Toka stopped him from doing that. She knew that he would regret it all his life and didn’t want him to. She fought with him and even got injured. Later the cafe owner treated them all and fed Kaneki meat when he was unconscious. It was the only way for Kaneki to regain his reason. Hide heard them talking and he now knows that Kaneki is a half-ghoul. I wonder what he would do.

Considering his personality I wouldn't be surprised if he acted as if he hadn't heard anything

Considering his personality I wouldn’t be surprised if he acted as if he hadn’t heard anything

The character designs and the character development is good. The animation is also well done. They used right bright colors which are pleasant to watch. I am looking forward to watching the next episode. 2014-07-12_0906

See you next time ^^/

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episode 2

  1. I’ve got to thank you for making me not fell behind with this anime =) When I saw your new post I knew I had to watch the episode before I can read it, and that was a good enough stimulus to make me hurry up with it :D

    So far I like how they show Toka, it seems that through hew they try to make us see “the human side” of ghouls. Besides what you said in the post, I liked that moment where she asked Kaneki “Did my all life sucked?” when he was whining about how everything gone to pieces once he turned into a ghoul. It was interesting cause for me the answer is obviously “yes, it did” =) It is hard to say anything good about such a life. Yet, in a very human way, she denies the fact and even gets offended my Kaneki’s words.

    But anyway, the most interesting character so far seems to be Hide =) You are right, he might act as if nothing happen; or he might come up with a way for Kaneki to deal with his problems. That is why I say he is interesting, I don’t know what to expect of him, he can either stay passive and just be around, or can become the driving force of the show.

    Also you are right, the animation is great :3 The fight was done quite well too, even though they didn’t risk showing the most bloody and gross scenes in proper colors (which I am okay with, the anime is already gory as it is).

    • I knew that from the start senpai, that I would make you follow this anime >:) Since I am evil, I don’t mind making you suffer. Just kidding XD

      I don’t think Toka is going to agree with you. Despite the fact that she is suffering, she still fights and accepts her life. She probably has some good experiences in her life that made her want to continue living. She obviously has self respect and she would get angry if someone pitied her. It is hard for her to think that her entire life is messed up. She was born and raised in such an environment and she learned to accept it even if it is painful. It would be hard for her to think that everything that had happened to her ever since she was born is bad. Since she doesn’t even know what a ‘good’ life is like. I’ve grown to like her quite a bit =)

      Yup. Hide’s character is interesting too. He acts silly sometimes but he is quite shrewd. Most of the character in this show look interesting to me though o.O

      I like this picture The color of the sky is beautiful *-* I am not okay with them messing up that fight >. < Oh well. Probably a lot of people prefer it that way @.@

      • xP

        Well yeah, I guess a person can adjust, even if the circumstances are as awful as it is for Toka. I have no doubt that it is hard for her to reflect on her life and compare it with what normal people have. But denying the fact that she got a bad luck being born a ghoul, that is running from reality, never the less. I’m not saying that she didn’t have her happy moments, though.
        On the other hand, I would guess that Kaneki is going to find a way to live on too. That would be interesting to see. I am wondering where the anime will go. Will they try to solve the whole ghoul problem, or just deal with Kaneki’s situation.

        They make a good job with colors =) By the way, I am watching another anime this season – aldnoah zero – and it is pretty similar in terms of quality, which makes me think that this, what we see in TG, is how the modern anime is going to look *_* I don’t have any complaints there :D

        • I wouldn’t call that running away from reality =) Rather it is more like she accepted her life and I like her for that. After all what good will come out of comparing her life with others? It is their life and no matter how much she wishes for it, she will never have it. So why cry and whine all her life? =)

          Is Aldnoah Zero good? I won’t have any complaints with the animation either =)

          • I see your point, though I still don’t think it is a good reason to get angry at someone for saying that he thinks that kind of life sucks :P

            That is a mecha show, and so far it seems it has a typical mecha plot – a devastating war, soldiers piloting robots, and a group of children getting involved and maybe having a chance to save others. I want to see another episode before I can say whether or not I would recommend this show, not because it’s bad or anything, but because I wonder how original or stereotypical it is going to be. You would probably like the protagonist in that show, I kinda think you and him have something in common =)

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