Tokyo Ghoul episode 3

They introduced some new characters in this episode. A ghoul that Rize beat in the first episode came looking for a ghoul called  Yamori. He lost his weapon during his fight with Rize and he wants Yamori to make him a new one. Yamori’s wife and kid started spending more time at the cafe where Toka works since they don’t want to disturb Yamori while he works on the weapon, not to mention that it might be dangerous for them. Yamori’s wife’s name is Ryoko and the kid’s name is Hinami.

She doesn't look like a scary  man eating ghoul when she smiles right?

Hinami. She doesn’t look like a scary man eating ghoul when she smiles right?

Also I was right about Hide. He is acting as if he hasn’t heard anything. It might be the best thing he can do for now. I doubt that Kaneki would be willing to sit down and discuss his situation with Hide.

I wonder how long he can keep that up

I wonder how long he is going to keep that up

Two officers of CCG, the department that takes care of ghouls, are given permission to investigate the 20th ward, the place where Kanenki and the others are living. Their names are Mado and Amon. They are going around attacking ghouls and killing them. Mado looks kinda crazy but that does make some sense. Imagine the life of two people who have to hunt ghouls. If they make a mistake they will be killed. That kind of life messes with peoples minds.

Mado and Amon

Mado and Amon

It is difficult to say who are in the wrong here. In fact no one is in the wrong .The police are trying to protect  people by killing ghouls and the ghouls are following their nature and hunting humans to live. Humans and ghouls are doing what they believe should be done. The CCG members think ghouls are trash and the ghouls think that the CCG members are trash. It is hard to say who are the good guys . The ghouls are not just monsters who hunt for fun. They have a human side too. There is also this scene.

Most of the ghouls do understand the importance of the lives they are forced to take

Most of the ghouls do understand the importance of the lives they are forced to take

I am impressed that he could say something like that with a smile. He likes people but he has to eat them. People will call him a monster and will try to kill them if his identity is revealed. Yet he said something as painful as ‘I like people’ with a smile. There is Toka too. She tries so hard to blend with the human society. She goes to school and studies hard for the tests. Everything she is working so hard for will disappear in an instant if people come to know that she is a ghoul. She still tries and works hard anyway.

She looks like any other student when she is studying

She looks like any other student when she is studying

The cafe owner wanted Kaneki to get a mask. These masks help hide their identity if they meet any CCG members. There is a shop where the ghouls can get their masks made. He wanted Toka to accompany Kaneki.

Of course Kaneki wasn't late :3

Of course Kaneki wasn’t late :3

The mask shop owner

The mask shop owner

We already know what Kaneki’s mask is going to look like. After all we’ve been seeing it in the opening song since the second episode.

Opening songs have so many spoilers >. <

Opening songs have so many spoilers >. <

We learned that the ghouls who don’t want to kill people feed on suicide victims. They go to places where people usually commit suicides and get the corpses. 2014-07-20_0830

The animators are trying not to show blood and gore during some scenes. It is understandable since there are people who would rather not watch blood and gore. But doing so will reduce the impact of the scene. We won’t feel the horror of the situation as much as we are supposed to feel.

I am talking about this scene

I am talking about this scene

See you next time ^^/

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17 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episode 3

  1. I like this new side of Toka’s character they showed here. From the first two episodes I knew she was strong yet carrying, with self brave yet impulsive. That is good and all, but I think I’ve seen that before, more than a few times. But now they showed that she also puts her energy into trying to live a normal live, to become a part of society. And as you said, that future she tries to build for herself, it is so fragile, one wrong move can shatter it. The fact that she still goes for it, studies for exams and such, that makes her more realistic I guess. We tend to pursue our hopes without over analyzing it, and that is what she does. It is a bit hard to put into words, but what I am trying to say is, there are characters like Light Yagami, who do pursue their dreams, and do it in a perfectly calculated manner. I haven’t met a person like that in a real life yet. But I have seen quite a few people like Toka, who put hard work into something that they like to work on, but it may not bear any fruit at the end.
    Also I think I like those little details about her they showed in this episode – she seems to like dressing in bright colors, especially pink, and she has all those plushies around her desk, and she obviously found of that young kid whom Kaneki teaches new words, all that kinda breaks the image of a cold and reserved person she puts on =)

    About the spoilers in the opening, I think this one is fairly gentle in this aspect. They showed Kaneki’s mask on the poster for the anime anyway :D At least compared to, let’s say, Fairy Tail openings, that show you the story of an entire arc before it even begins, I guess TG is okay ^^

    And to make this shamelessly long comment even longer, I want to say that I don’t feel negative about CCG. I kinda like this Amon detective guy. I guess it is easier for me to associate myself with a normal citizen then with a ghoul, so I don’t have any objections to those two going around provoking and then annihilating ghouls. Though I wouldn’t want them to destroy the coffee house.

    • I’ve developed a strong liking for her character too =) Remember when she let a butterfly land on her finger at the end of the second episode? That is when I thought ‘this is a girl who has been forced into a world she would rather not live in’. She still accepts her life and tries to make something out of it. Trying to grab onto a life that might get broken any time, somehow it makes her look so human that it is sad.

      A lot of people like me don’t usually pay attention to the poster. I think TG is the only poster I’ve ever paid attention to :3 I’ve started skipping Fairy Tail openings >:(

      I feel the same way too. CCG is a necessary organization. People won’t sit back and let the ghouls hunt them. I like the Mado guy too. People like him make the show interesting =) But yeah. I don’t want them to destroy the cafe or kill all the people there.

      • When I finished the Tower of Heaven arc I looked at the new opening and they showed all the bad guys from the next arc, and how this Gajeel guy is going to redeem himself by participating in the fighting; and I think that just took away any motivation I might have had to continue watching the series. I mean, I can pretty much guess what was going to happen next, and they hadn’t yet introduced any overarching story that would keep me interested. I don’t know, it seems they heavily damaged that anime by making those full of spoilers openings.

        • I knew Wendy was going to join Fairy Tail even before I knew who she was -_- And Gajeel suddenly becoming a good guy is a bit too unrealistic. He was someone who enjoyed making others suffer and now he is a saint who goes around saving people >:( If I forget the music and the animation, I might end up giving Fairy Tail a 6 on a 1-10 scale >. <
          I love the music though. They have such awesome soundtracks *-*

          • Which soundtracks did you like more – Irish style ones, or the ones that sound more classical, played on piano and other usual orchestral instruments? Or both sound good for you? =)

            By the way, the music for FT was done by the same person who did OST for Naruto Shippuden. She seems to be quite talented composer.

            • I like them both :3 The opening and ending songs sound good too.
              Naruto Shippuden huh? I almost forgot that name >:( I am exaggerating though >. < I got tired of the fillers and haven't been watching it for a while.
              I still like listening to the OSTs =) They're great *-* Yup. That person must have been very talented @.@

              • me too, haven’t even read the manga :D I’ll binge watch it when I feel like I want to and have a free day I can waste ^^ I suspect this condition might be met pretty soon, maybe next year or so ಠ_ಠ

  2. My biggest problem with Tokyo Ghoul, and why I’m not watching it, is that I cannot identify with a cannibal let alone a flesh eating monster. So, I’d be completely on the side of the CCG and probably irritated at the anime’s attempts to humanize and sympathize with the ghouls.

    But, I could not get into John Gardner’s Grendel for the same reason.

    • Oh yeah, it would be pretty hard to identify with. Although so far we have this clear distinction between “bad ghouls”, who were shown to prey on humans, and “good ghouls”, who feed on, pardon me for unsavory details, what they recover from dead bodies, thus, in a sense, defying their own nature in order to preserve their humanity (if the term can be applied). And that makes a big difference between those two groups. But if later in the show they decide to close the gap, to show protagonists of the series hunt and kill people, then the series will really become morally challenging, I think.

        • I want to give it a try. If we don’t like it we will go back to the old theme. The font size is a little too big for my taste, but on the plus side we can now have almost full screen images. Also we can put a picture on the header, which is something I wanted to do too, if you don’t mind =)

          • We’ll probably get used to the font size soon enough. But now I have to watch all the anime in HD >. <
            Are you going to make the banner? *-* I am no Photoshop expert (_ _)

            • You mean because you would need bigger screenshots? I think the quality is good enough already =) I’ll mess around with the banner, I don’t guarantee a good result though :D

            • Okay, I did it, don’t know if it is any good ^^’ I guess considering my little-to-nothing image editing skills I am pretty happy with the result :D There are like four different ones and they are going to be appearing randomly. But they are all in the same style, so even if you browse a lot of pages in sequence it still shouldn’t be irritating.

              • I’ve been watching Tokyo Ghoul in HD >. < That is why the quality looks good enough T.T
                The banner looks good. It is a lot better than what I can do :P Good work senpai *-*

    • I didn’t think I would be able to identify myself with a flesh eating monster either. But ghouls didn’t choose to be monsters and that is what the anime is trying to make us understand. They are just people who had that fate forced on them. Especially Kaneki, he was one of those people who thought ghouls and he live in two completely different worlds until he was made into a ghoul and was forced into a nightmare. I appreciate the effort the animators are putting into showing the human side of ghouls. It is like they are trying to make us see the other side of the coin =)

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