Tokyo Ghoul episodes 4 and 5

This is going to be a long post.So much happened in the last two episodes and I think fitting it all into one normal post  is going to be difficult -.-”

The anime makers  are trying to concentrate on showing us the dark side of ghouls at this point. We’ve been watching good ghouls for a while now. So this change is welcome. Let us start with this guy. He is the craziest person we’ve seen so far.


His name is Tsukiama

He got interested in Kaneki because of the way he smelled, he has human’s scent mixed with a ghoul’s scent. He acted nice and lured Kaneki to a place where ghouls kill people and eat them. Kaneki believed him despite Toka’s warning.

This was all it took to fool Kaneki

This was all it took to fool Kaneki


It was a place where the ghouls first watch someone kill their prey and then feast on him

It was a place where the ghouls watch someone kill their prey and then feast on him

Looking at all that blood I wonder how many people were killed there. They brought in a huge guy to kill Kaneki. His eye turned red during the battle and all the ghouls were surprised to see a one eyed ghoul. One eyed ghouls are supposedly stronger than normal ghouls and none of them had ever seen one before.At this point Kaneki’s already messed up life became even more messed up. Even if he got out of that alive, now there are lots of ghouls out there who know his true identity and would like to eat him. Let us get back to the fight.

Here is the guy who tried to kill Kaneki

Here is the guy who tried to kill Kaneki

Tsukiama saved Kaneki from him, not because he felt sorry for him, but because he didn’t want to share Kaneki’s meat with anyone else. A one-eyed  ghoul is supposedly a rare delicacy.He killed that big guy and tried to convince Kaneki that it was all just a joke.

Like anyone is going to buy that -_-

Like anyone is going to buy that -_-

Let us get back to Toka. In these two episodes we saw what a good friend she is. She ate normal human food for her friend Yoriko’s sake  and ended up getting sick. Despite all that she didn’t try to get rid of the food Yoriko made for her. She is trying so hard to act like a human. Watching her hurt herself is kinda sad.

This is how she ended up because of it

This is how she ended up because of it

We also learned that Toka wasn’t always this way. There was a time when she was like any other ghoul and didn’t mind killing people. I wonder what changed her.

Toka in the past

Toka in the past

In the fifth episode Kaneki saved Nishiki when he was being attacked by some ghouls. We got to see Nishiki’s past in this episode. Nishiki had a sister he loved. But her identity was discovered by her manager and she was killed. He couldn’t believe in humans ever since then.

Nishiki and his sister

Nishiki and his sister

His sister's death

His sister’s death

However he met a girl called Kimi who accepted him even after she discovered that he is a ghoul. It was something he didn’t expect. Kimi was kidnapped by Tsukiama. He did it to blackmail Kaneki and get him to meet him.


Kimi with Kaneki and Nishiki

Tsukiama defeated Nishike and Kaneki with ease. As usual Toka appeared to save the day.

She always manages to be in the right place at the right time

She always manages to be in the right place at the right time

In the next episode we’ll get to see her fight at her full power.I am looking forward to it.

Toka's kagune

Toka’s kagune (Kagune are those tentacle like things the ghouls use to kill their prey)

Sorry about the long post. I’ll try to make one post per episode from now on.

See you next time ^^/


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7 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episodes 4 and 5

  1. If they tried to show the darker side of ghouls I don’t think they succeeded. But they definitely showed how screwed up this Tsukiyama guy is. His behavior doesn’t make the other ghouls look worse though, he is just a sicko and such people exists in every social group, and since ghouls are just like humans there is no reason to expect them not to have people like that. I wonder if he is going to play a role later in the series.

    What I feel they did a really good job with was Nishiki and his back story. First they showed us that another problem that haven’t been addressed before – how being around people can put fatal for a ghoul if he isn’t careful enough. It makes you appreciate Touka’s attempts to be “normal” even more.
    Also they showed that some people, like Nishiki’s girlfriend, can accept ghouls, which is kinda disturbing. And sure, we have seen Kaneki’s friend in that same position before, but he is a smart guy and maybe he is planning to do something about the situation. But that girl just said something like “as long as he kills people that are not my family I can live with that”, and that is something really questionable. I think Nishiki story was the best part of the episode.

    • I was talking about all the ghouls who stood and watched while that guy tried to kill Kaneki. They didn’t mind watching him die. That lady didn’t even flinch when that big guy was killed. So I guess the anime makers trying to show the dark side of ghouls wasn’t a total failure.

      I hope Toka never gets discovered >.< But yeah. Watching Nishiki's sister die reminded me that humans weren't the only ones in danger.
      I don't find Kimi accepting Nishiki's real identity disturbing. Her saying that she doesn't mind him killing people as long as he doesn't kill her family makes her look human. She was just a girl who wanted to hold onto the only thing she has in her life even if it comes at the cost of other people's life. There isn't anything she could have done. She could have handed him over to the CCG and she didn't want to do that. Not all the people will be willing to lose something precious, especially if it is the only thing you've got. I like her character. Maybe it is because she is kind and selfish in her own way. Or maybe because she is so weak and makes me feel sad. I dunno =)

      • Yeah, you have a point =) When I watched it I was thinking that all those people were just a part of some weird illusion, so I never considered them to be real. But since they probably are real, yeah, that was a presentation of the darker side of ghouls.

        It is not disturbing, it is just not too straight forward. Why does she accepts him, you think? Because she is determined that he is more valuable to her than all those innocent lives he will rip? Or because she doesn’t think she has the power to get things strait, and prefer to stand aside and let it all happen around her on its own accord? I think it is the latter, but I don’t really know. I think if she ever gets face to face with someone who payed the price for Nishiki’s existence, be it a victim or his family, I think then she might change her mind. And she is not stupid and neither she is very weak, cause just to be able to stay calm in her situation takes some strength. So yes,her character is pretty interesting =)

        • That is a weird question to ask O.O Why is she accepting him? I think it is because she isn’t capable of living all alone. If she left him there wouldn’t be anyone in the world left for her. Besides Nishiki isn’t hurting her or anything. So as long as she doesn’t get to know the people he kills she can pretend like everything is okay.
          I don’t think she will change her mind if she got to meet someone who suffered because of Nishiki. It is the price she has to pay for holding onto someone important and I don’t think anything will change that. She might cry and spend her entire life burdened with that guilt but I don’t think she will betray Nishiki. I kinda understand where she is coming from. I like her for being able to stay true to the one person who is important to her =)

          • Well I think if you put just a random someone in her position, chances are that person would just run to the police as fast as she can :D We do need someone to rely on, someone who would be there for as. But the sense of self-preservation and just basic social logic are there too for all of us. In real life people break stronger bonds because of lesser things, there are couples that fall apart just because one of the two is looked down upon by other people. And if one of the two is a murderer, that is a whole other level of tension. But I do believe in her character, she is real. There are people who live with criminals, knowing what is going on.

            You know what just came to my mind? If she survives this and Nishiki doesn’t, then she would still know Kaneki identity. And she doesn’t have any obligation to cover him up, she can just go straight to the CCG and and tell them about him. For all she knows Kaneki is just another human-eating monster, and a strong one too. So getting rid of him might save a lot of people. I don’t know, she is not an emotional no-thought-in-the-head type of person, so she might actually think this way. It would be a huge blow to Kaneki though.

            • There are people who would rather stay with a dangerous person because being alone is more scary to them than being with them. I read this book over two years ago. In that there was a girl who stuck with a guy even after she discovered that he was a murderer. She could have run away but she was scared of being alone. She knew he would kill her without a second thought and she still couldn’t bring herself to runaway. It wasn’t like she cared about him. She was simply scared. In the end he did kill her. It was twisted but her character didn’t seem unnatural. She was just too weak to let go. I kinda liked her. Hmm..I can’t remember the name of the book -.- Wait! I think it is called ‘Picture Perfect’. I borrowed it from a library =) Kimi is probably the same. She is not strong enough to move on if she is all alone.

              She can’t do that senpai -.-/ Betraying someone important is very painful and I don’t think she has what it takes to do that =)

              • That sounds like a kind of book you would read xP Jk (^. ^)/ But seriously :D

                I agree with you about Kimi though, I am just speculating about possible interesting story turns >_>

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