Tokyo Ghoul episode 6

We finally got to see Toka’s kagune in this episode. Tsukiama was no match to her when she was at her full power.

Her kagune looks awesome *-*

Her kagune look awesome *-*

She could fly  :3

And she can fly :3

Toka killed him.The fight was great but it didn’t seem awesome because of all the censoring. If I ever decide to drop Tokyo Ghoul it would be because of the censoring. Let us look at some pictures of the fight.

She overpowered Tsukiama

She overpowered Tsukiama

You can hardly see him in this picture -_-

You can hardly see him in this picture -_-

After the fight Toka wanted to kill Kimi since she knew about Nishiki and Kaneki.The most interesting part of the episode is this.

It was unrealistic. Even though Kimi was blindfolded she could hear everything. She must have known that Toka was trying to kill her and she should have been scared of her. Her saying ‘How pretty’ as soon as she could see didn’t seem real. If we ignore the unrealistic part we have to admit that it was beautifully done. Toka wouldn’t have listened to anything Kaneki or Nishiki tried to tell her. Kimi accepting her was just about the only thing that could have stopped her. It probably hurt her a lot too. Kimi accepted everything about her with a single word. It must have been too much for her to deal with.Here is a girl she wanted to kill and the girl looked at her kagune which she is going to use to kill her and she actually said it is pretty. They managed to show how weak and vulnerable Toka actually is.

All it took to shake her resolve was kindness.

All it took to shake her resolve was little kindness. And look at the expression on her face. She doesn’t look like a powerful ghoul who managed to kill Tsukiama.

Hinami’s dad got killed in this episode. Jason, the guy who asked him to make the weapon ended up killing him. It is an obvious plot twist. The CCG members got into a fight with Jason after that. The weapons they use to defeat ghouls are called quinque. They look more or less like kagune. It would have been more interesting if they used guns or other weapons.

This is what quinque look like

This is what quinque look like


The problem with Tokyo Ghoul is that they are trying hard to show that ghouls have a  human side and are being cruelly rejected by humans. It makes all the humans look like bad guys. Especially Mado, they make him look like a crazy guy who likes killing ghouls. Being sympathetic towards ghouls is okay but making the members of CCG look like villains doesn’t sit well with me. If the ghouls and CCG were real we would all be cheering for Mado.

Mado and Amon managed to trap Hinami and her mother by using her father’s scent. Hinami’s mother is trying to protect her by buying some time for her to run away. We’ll get to see what is going to happen to these two in the next episode.


See you next time ^^/


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4 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episode 6

  1. I agree about Kimi’s reaction. It didn’t put me off when I was watching the episode, I was too busy with my mixed feeling about Toka’s behavior. But you are right, there is no way a person would be able to appreciate beauty in such circumstances.

    The more I think about this whole event that took place in the church, the less I am satisfied with it :( First, it doesn’t make sense that Touka went there alone. She could have asked some other guys go with her, that would have insured Kaneki’s safety. Second, I don’t like how they are trying to show that Toka gets to decide whether Kimi lives or dies. Obviously that is a decision the whole community has to agree about, cause if Kimi betrays them there is no way of telling just how many ghouls would be discovered. Kaneki has already proven that for her sake he will walk into a trap without thinking, he would do that again and lead CCG right where they want to get. So all those scenes with Toka feeling bad about her indecisiveness are pretty bad from the story building perspective. I get what they are trying to do though (at least I think so o.o). They wanted to show another weak side of Toka’s personality. She wants to live normal life so badly that she can’t fight for it. Cause fighting to live a “normal life” isn’t normal =) Killing someone to preserve normal life isn’t normal. And this kind of conflict, I think, is what this anime should be all about. That is something that is no so often addressed in anime. Sometimes your ideals might get in the way, even if all you do is fighting for those ideals, and if you seriously want to achieve something big, chances are, you’ll have so step over things you value. Anime like TG has a lot of opportunities to show this.

    I think Mado is in this show purely for entertainment =) His name (as well as his appearance) suggests that his is not 100% sane, and crazy people make how good action scenes :D His weapon seems a lot like a kagune, which made me speculate about them using parts of ghouls’s bodies to grow those things.

    • What bothers me even more is the fact that Toka even went to the church.How did she know about what was going on? It was the same when Nishiki attacked Hide and Kaneki. She appeared out of nowhere. She is always there to save the day and it looks unrealistic. I don’t like the idea of the ghoul community getting to decide whether Kimi lives or dies. It is her life right. Why should someone else get to decide it for her? -_-

      I guess that is something I like about TG. It is great to believe in your ideals and be willing to fight for them. But what will people do if they have no choice but to discard those ideals? It is interesting to watch since it is different from what we usually get to see =)

      I still like Mado’s character for some reason >.< Maybe they experiments on ghouls and finally found a way to make kagune for humans to use.

      • Yeah, that is a story magic at its best :D I think first time it was a coincidence, and the second time Toka knew that Tsukiyama was going to lure Kaneki into a trap somehow, so she probably spied on him or something. She is a good friend to have, I wouldn’t be surprised if she put a ton of time into it, just to ensure Kaneki’s safety =)

        Oh come on, they eat people, why should they respect someone’s right to live? :P I was speaking from the point of view of ghouls anyway.

        I don’t know if they will go through with it, they may easily decide to go easy on the protagonists. Sort of like in FMA, where everyone had to pay a price for their actions, but Elric brothers got most of what they wanted for free =)

        • Yup -_-

          I know. But it still doesn’t seem fair for them to decide whether Kimi lives or dies. She only knows how Nishiki, Kaneki and Toka look like. I think the three of them should get to decide that, not the entire ghoul community.

          Wait until you see FMAB senpai :P

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