Tokyo Ghoul episode 7

This episode could be one of the best or one of the worst depending on how you see the latest development. Toka wanted revenge for Ryoko’s death and went after the CCG members.

She killed a guy who had nothing to do with Ryoko's death

She killed a guy who had nothing to do with any of that

He was just an ordinary member of CCG who wanted to help humans. He did a desk job and probably never killed a ghoul in his entire life.

This was probably the stupidest thing Toka could have done. Now the CCG members will want to hunt all the ghouls in her ward and make them pay for his death. She just killed an innocent man and put her entire ward in danger.This is also the best thing about Tokyo Ghoul. There are no ‘good’ people in the anime. Humans kill ghouls as if they are animals and ghouls kill humans without a second thought. Tokyo Ghoul is full of people who only see what they want to see. They close their eyes to everything else.

She almost got Amon too but Mado materialized out of nowhere and saved him. That is the part I dislike about this anime. The main characters always find themselves in the right place at the right time. The fight between Mado and Toka was satisfactory though. Mado overpowered Toka. He had a lot of experience with ghouls and he knew Toka’s weakness. She had to retreat in the end. It wouldn’t have made sense if this guy with lots of experience lost to a teenage girl.

We also learned what quinque are. They are kagune that the CCG members literally ripped off ghouls

What is more interesting is the fact that Toka knew that she did something wrong. She knew it wasn’t right but she did it anyway. All she managed to do was make the CCG members get mad at her and now Amon wants to kill her.

I wonder if she felt any better after killing that guy

I wonder if she felt any better after killing that guy

Toka plans to kill Mado too. She laid some sort of trap for him but Mado already saw through her. He had been dealing with ghouls all his life after all.

I wonder what she actually plans to do

I wonder what she actually plans to do

For once I want Toka to fail. She is killing innocent people in the name of revenge. Of course it is okay for her to feel bad for Hinami but that is no reason to start killing people randomly. I don’t want to see Mado die either. He is one of the characters who make the show interesting.

We’ll get to see what is going to happen between those two in the next episode.

See you next time ^^/


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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episode 7

  1. At last I’ve watched it =) It was a great episode for sure.

    I like how you’ve put it, that there are lots of people in this anime, who only see their side of the coin. And I would argue that it is absolutely natural. Especially for someone like Amon, it is unreasonable to expect his to have any good thoughts about ghouls. I really like how they gave him a little bit of back story in this anime. Now he seems less of a doll dangling along Mado and more of a real person. I can imagine him being a boy who just got into this line of work because of some ideals, getting beaten over and over by reality, by deaths of comrades, and getting harder and harder inside. Amon seems to be a very sympathetic guy, but I would imagine the sort of life he got ripped out all the potential sympathy he might have had for ghouls.

    I don’t think Toka made a huge mess just yet, it is not like CCG doesn’t do all it can to hunt down ghouls already. I also don’t really think that the person she killed deserved to die less than, say Amon. They all are fighting there, if a soldier is better than the others it doesn’t make him a worse criminal. If you want to say that CCG are in the wrong, then they all are in the wrong in the same way, to the same extent.
    But taking that revenge was pointless, that I agree with. Toka said that “it is okay for a killer like me to die”, but I don’t really like that idea. She had been putting all she had into keeping her normal life, and it doesn’t seem right to through it all away. Not to mention that Hinami would lose yet one more person she could hold on to.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. My hard disk failed TT_TT I had to get a new one and all my data is gone. I was busy with getting my laptop repaired.

    People always only see their side of the coin. But he should have acknowledged that ghouls are also people and not just some man eating monsters. He sees them get hurt, cry and maybe even beg for mercy and doesn’t feel anything. But he blames the ghouls for not feeling anything when they kill humans. I guess that makes his job easier for him. If he thought of ghouls as people who don’t have a choice and are being forced into such a nightmare even though they don’t wanted to be murderers, he wouldn’t be able to do his job. I like this part of TG the most. They show us the two sides of the coin =)

    There is a difference between Amon and the guy who died. Amon knew he might get killed anytime and he accepted that. But the other guy does a desk job and probably never thought about death. He probably took the job because he wasn’t brave enough to go hunt down the ghouls. Most of the people who put their life on the line don’t think about their own death. There aren’t many cops who don’t mind dying just because they are working as cops. They see the danger but hope that everything will be okay. It is kinda sad watching that being taken away from them.

    I understand why Toka said that. She has been trying so hard to live a normal life. But somewhere deep inside her she probably thinks that she doesn’t deserve a normal life. She thinks her life is not important since she hurt people. She works hard for a normal life but she is too afraid and hurt to accept it. I kinda understand that kind of contradiction =)

    • Oh ._. I hope you got a copy of the most important stuff?.. Losing staff that you need for college would be the worst I assume >_<

      Why should he? There is no reason, really. You may think that it is right, or humane, but why he has to share this idea? What is this idea based even on? A belief, a belief that humans and ghouls are essentially the same, that they share so much in common that we should treat them in the same way. It is a wonderful belief, but only a belief still. Some people may believe that all ghouls are demons, and they would be justified in their own way.

      Think about it, how much time it took for modern people to accept the idea of different nationalities and races being equal =) And this was purely prejudice-based, while ghouls are actually dangerous. So I think it is perfectly okay for anyone in this universe to consider ghouls to be just monsters. That doesn't mean that someone can't find a way to solve this problem without resorting to mass murder of all ghouls.But that would be a feat that you can't expect, but only hope for.

      I still think just because Amon is better at his job that this Kusaba guy was doesn't mean that his death would not be as bad. Kusaba wasn't prepared to die, does it make his life more valuable? I can't make such a connection. Also was Kusaba an office worker? I can't tell from the dialogue (I think he only said that he wanted to do desk work O.o), and in the last episode he was doing a field work with Mado and Amon.


      • I don’t T.T I don’t have back up for most of the stuff >.:( I also feel about about all the anime and manga I lost ._.

        I know that his actions are justified according to him. I wasn't okay with him talking about ghouls not caring about how they kill humans when he doesn't care about how he kills ghouls. He is conveniently believing that he is a good guy fighting for a just cause when he is just like the ghouls in a way. Humans and ghouls are just trying to survive.

        Yup. I am not expecting this anime to end with humans accepting ghouls. It would be too unrealistic =)

        Kusaba wasn't fighting with ghouls and he never saw what was coming. But you're right. I would have been just as agitated if Toka killed Amon =)

        • Wow that is pretty bad O_o You probably should get an external hard drive for backups when you can, at the very least it makes you feel safer. Anime too, it probably took you a lot of time to download.. If you want something that we both seen I can send it to you, but of course it would take a ton of time for you to download >_<

          Yeah, you have a point. That is a common place way of thinking though, putting humans in a special position among every other living things =)

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