Sailor Moon Crystal – three episodes in

Sometimes ago I mentioned that I wanted to follow the new incarnation of Sailor Moon series – Sailor Moon Crystal. So here is what I think about it. But first I have to put down a disclaimer – I have not seen the original anime (only a couple of episodes), haven’t read the manga, and in general I am new to the mahou shoujo world. Also I am not going to make a synopsis of the events in the show, so sorry if you expected me too.  Now we can begin =)

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1 pic 3

Such an awesome art piece *_* Wish the rest of the show was this good >.>

Sailor Moon Crystal is a pretty strange show. Way different from what I become used to when it comes to newest anime. I am having hard time formulating the reason why it feels this way. First, it seems to be extremely cheep. Backgrounds barely exist, character models are static most of the times, even during action scenes the movements and changes in facial expressions are pretty minimal. Everything, of course, is computer painted and there is a lot of raw CGI. So visually it is quite different from typical anime.

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1 pic 1

That is how anime looks. Also, usually you really need to watch things in motion to really see how good or bad it is. Not with this one, Sailor Moon Crystal is a show that was greatly influenced by the long standing tradition of slideshows.

Another thing that makes it stand out is the story. I’ve heard people saying “Sailor Moon is the anime that created the Mahou Shoujou genre, it is ridiculous to criticize it for using the tropes of the genre, cause they weren’t tropes back then”. Well, in my opinion the problems with the story have nothing to do with the tropes. Here is one of the problems: I pretty much know what I will see in the next episode. So far every episode followed a very simple formula: Usagi and her friends talk about something, later it is reveled that this something is somehow connected with demons and their evil plans, then Sailor worriers come and save the day. In order to save the day each time they gain a new Sailor Worrier. In the fourth episode I expect to see the green one (Sailor Jupiter, probably? I don’t know ^^).

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 3

There was some potential for character development in third episode. They had a really good premise with Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), with her being a shrine maiden with some mysterious powers that she was trying to use even before she learned that she is a sailor worrier. They could have made her figure the thing out in her own way, present us with another look at the nature of this supernatural power, make a comment on what it means for the user. But, they just made a generic episode out of it.

And I am fine with the idea that they need to rush through the beginning of the series to get to the good staff, but that doesn’t mean that they can make four generic episodes with no sense of tension or mystery and expect me to like it. I hope after they are done assembling the cast the series become better from the storytelling perspective. Also I would like to at last see some sort of tension and plot development. I mean, I don’t mind a slice of life comedy show about Usagi goofing around in the sailor outfit, but this is not what it is supposed to be, right? Or… am I wrong, did I come in with wrong expectations?.. If I did, please tell me so =)

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1 pic 2

That is a source of fun in this show so far, high school student who walks in a suit and makes rude comments about Usagi. Also he is suspiciously looks exactly the same as Tuxedo Mask (another main character with some kind of powers).

To finish this rambling, I’d like to say that while I respect the idea of faithful adaptation of the original manga, I would rather watch something that is generally good show. If you need to rewrite the story, make up events and cut down lose parts – please do so, I don’t mind. But then again, I am a new viewer, while most of the audience are the old fans, who might get upset over such approach to handling the adaptation.

Well this is it. If you haven’t seen anything Sailor Moon and what I’ve written did not make much sense to you, I am sorry ^^’ See you next time (^_^)/

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