Tokyo Ghoul episodes 8 and 9

The episodes have been out for a while and I apologize for taking so long to write a post about them.I’ll try to make this a short post.

Toka did succeed in killing Mado. He was an interesting character and I was sad to see him go. The episode was interesting nonetheless. The most amusing part was the dialogue exchange between the characters.Amon blamed ghouls for killing humans and bringing grief to their loved ones. Toka blamed humans for hunting down ghouls and killing them. They are both right. Humans can’t help but want to kill ghouls.After all they will feel safer if there aren’t any man eating monsters around. And ghouls can’t help killing humans. They need to eat in order to survive.


Tokyo Ghoul makes you feel as if you are in the middle of a battle field. You see why the battle is happening and why it can’t be avoided. But as you watch their pain, their suffering and their desperation to win, you can’t help but wish for things to be different even though you know that it is impossible.


3The fight itself wasn’t so interesting though. Mado lured Hinami into the tunnel using her mom’s scent and Toka went there to save her along with Kaneki. Toka planned to trap Mado in that tunnel. She should have been better prepared by laying some traps that would guarantee her victory. Mado should also have surrounded them by taking the help of other CCG members. But all they did was walk in and fight.

It was Hinami who managed to overpower Mado. But watching this little girl rip off the limbs of a man while crying remonds us of how twisted Tokyo Ghoul reallly is

It was Hinami that managed to injure Mado. Watching this little girl rip off the limbs of a man while crying reminds us how twisted Tokyo Ghoul really is

Kaneki fed on Amon during the fight since he thought he had to use his kagune to prevent Amon from going after Toka. He also managed to restrain himself from killing Amon. It looks like Kaneki managed to accept the ghoul inside him a little considering how he didn’t mind borrowing her power.

In the tenth episode we got to see Toka’s family. She has a little brother who now wants to capture Rize. Apparently she and her brother decided to walk different paths.

Toka became a peace loving ghoul while her brother became her exact opposite

Toka became a peace loving ghoul while her brother became her exact opposite

I wonder why a lot of people are after Rize though. It looks like they don’t know that she is dead yet.

MAL says that Tokyo Ghoul will have 12 episodes. So this anime is going to end in three more episodes. I hope we will get to see more of Hide in the coming episodes. He is an interesting character and he deserves more screen time.[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul - 09 [480p].mkv_000878097

See you next time ^^/


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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episodes 8 and 9

  1. I just finished those two episodes ^^’ As always with this anime I wonder why I didn’t watch it earlier, the episodes were definitely worth it =)
    For a moment I thought Touka is going to have her identity revealed; she brought it upon herself though, as you said there wasn’t much battle prep work done by her. Same with Mado, but well, he was a lone wolf all along.I want to say that killing him is a big deal for this show. Not because he is a good character and all that. It is one thing to make Amon, a relatively young guy understand the other side; it is hard but possible. But what about old people like Mado? Can you make them see the point of view of their opponent? I am saying that because so far it seems like Kaneki is going to try and stop the war that goes on. And I bet they are going to try and show the process, how he try and and fail and try again. And eventually he can make some progress, he can make some people believe in his ideas. Toka, Amon, Hinami, they are going to the first ones I think. But people like Amon, the older generation, they are not going to change. And they are the ones who in control. So what is the solution? To make them do, as they did with Mado? Is that a right way? Isn’t it the same thing, the same mutual homicide, but with new targets? I hope what I am saying makes sense, I don’t think I am doing a good job explaining myself ^.^’

    Also it was a cute scene with Touka and her brother searching for worms, wasn’t it ^^ I think we will see another flashback to that time soon, they have yet to explain why Touka has a thing about birds. I guess that other flashback would not be as pretty.

    • My uni should let me open Thoughts on Anime when I am at college >.<
      Even if people like Amon were given more power it wouldn't make much difference. I don't think anyone can stop the war. Not in a peaceful way that is. Humans will never accept ghouls. There might be people who are willing to accept them but that isn't enough. Let us say some people decided to live peacefully with ghouls, there will be other people who won't agree with them. They'll try to hunt down ghouls secretly. Ghouls will feel threatened and they'll start fighting again. That is just it. There is no good way of solving this problem. That is what makes the show interesting though.

      Yup =) I think they already explained why she has a thing for birds. Isn't it because she took care of that little bird with her family? o.O I want to see Toka's past too ^-^

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