Yotsubato! Maybe you’ll like it.

The other day I came across a manga called “Yotsubato!”. Somehow I stumbled upon 32nd chapter, and I have started reading. Better than saying what it was like, let me show a couple of pages to you:

Yotsubato ch32 pic 1

Yotsubato ch32 pic 2

As you can see it has a very serious subject matter, so I couldn’t possibly stop reading. I went on and looked at the first chapter, and apparently this is a series about this girl Yotsuba, her father, featuring their neighbors and other people Yotsuba manages to involve in her tomfoolery.

And even though it is a comedy, it isn’t all about being funny; it rather is relaxed and casual, and that makes it a good read. Let me illustrate =)

Yotsubato ch32 pic 3


Yotsubato ch32 pic 4

Yotsubato ch32 pic 5

I hope you see what I mean. Nothing goes on on those three pages; it isn’t really a joke, just a parent talking with his child. But somehow it is nice to read, it makes it funnier when later Yotsuba does something weird =)

So I am going to read this manga. Not right now, but soon. There is another manga I am interested in, so you can probably expect me to make another post like this some time ^^ That is, if Dengeki Daioh won’t hunt me down for posting so many their copyright images O_o

But this is it for this post, see you soon (^.^)/


9 thoughts on “Yotsubato! Maybe you’ll like it.

  1. *sneaks in and looks around* Okay. No one here \(^o^)/ Now I don’t have to feel guilty for falling behind my schedule :3
    This manga is ongoing and it has 86 chapters O.O That sounds a bit scary. But maybe I’ll give it a try sometime soon. I like the little girl’s personality =)

  2. xP Actually it is me who should have felt bad, I didn’t post anything for weeks =0

    I am not scared by the number of chapters :3 It is not like I will have to read all of them to get to the point of the story =) I will read I many as I want, stop, then go back to it and so on.

    By the way, did you notice that “featured image” thing I used for the post? Apparently we can set an image to be displayed for the post to separate it from the others when it is shown on the timeline (yeah, I know, it is a bit late for discovering basic features >.<). I like how it looks though ^^

    • Nope >. .<)o

      I have a habit of reading all the chapters once I get started T.T I don't drop a manga unless it is really bad ._. Once I started a manga, found it interesting and ended up reading all of it's chapters without taking break.

      I did and I like it \(^o^)/ As soon as I saw the image, I hit the 'view page source' option to see what you've done :3 I guess now that I am learning internet programming I am getting more and more interested in how a website code is being written =)

      • I think this is the kind of manga that is nice to read when you want to relax a little, to have a few minutes of good time =) Imagine yourself reading this manga in college during break ^. ^ That would be kinda funny too if someone sees the page over your shoulder :D

        Looking at source would tell you what wordpress code generator did, not me xP I just clicked on an option on the right bottom part of the old editor page. All it takes is selecting an image ^^
        But well, I too look at source code sometimes, so you’re not the only weird one here xD It was especially fun with NBF, the code was pretty interesting :3

        • Now I don’t have to feel guilty anymore :3 Though I guess I should feel guilty about the late reply ._.

          They would probably wonder about what in the world I am doing XD I do read manga in class though ^. ^

          :P Looking at the code is still interesting. I thought of putting up a featured image too but I couldn’t find an image that won’t scare the reader -.-”
          Yup. I downloaded all the HTML and CSS pages. Now I play with them on my local host 0:)

          • Ooops, now I forgot to reply ^^’ You read manga in class? O.o I didn’t think you would :D That’s cool though =)

            I tried this thing a couple of times, simulating a web server on a PC using some soft. It’s kinda fun, but after the class where we were taught to do that ended I never get back to it xD It is very far into IT realm, further than I usually am willing to go ^^’

            • I usually try to pick manga that won’t scare my classmates =)
              I’m learning web programming this semester. So I’m learning all that as a part of my course and I feel like experimenting =)

              • So at least you don’t read Shingeki no Kyojin in class %) No half eaten bodies on your screen, I guess that is a good policy to keep :D

                That’s great, now you can feel like you studying while you’re messing with the websites :3 Will they teach you php, html and java? Or only php, since you probably already know both html and java? =)

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