Tokyo Ghoul episodes 10, 11 and 12

The animators have finished airing this show and despite it being interesting I haven’t been able to keep up with it. I have a feeling that this post is going to be very long since I have to review three episodes this time and the episodes have many interesting situations that are worth mentioning.  -.-”

Like this scene for example

Like this scene for example

Firstly I want to talk about Ayato, Toka’s brother.It looked like he didn’t care about Toka anymore. He didn’t mind hurting her when she stood in his way. He was a kid who was afraid of insects and he loved peace.He watched his parents get killed and he had everything taken from him. He had to run and hide to protect himself. All that took it’s toll on him.

Apparently he dislikes Toka's way of living

Apparently he dislikes Toka’s way of living

He was working with Jason. The group he is working with called themselves Aogiri Tree. They were defeating CCG members and taking over cities. They managed to defeat Toka and kidnap Kaneki. Jason conducted some experiments on him, it was more like a torture though. He chopped off Kaneki’s limbs countless times. Kaneki seems to have fast regeneration abilities. All the body parts Jason chopped off grew back almost immediately. I wonder if it is a good thing or a bad thing. He had to go through having one of his limbs chopped off .They grow back and it only meant that he had to go through that pain all over again. Also we got to see a bit of Jason’s past. He was a normal ghoul but a CCG member captured him and used him to experiment on ghouls. He was broken and was made into what he is now.

[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul - 10 [720p].mkv_000682492
Anteiku launched an operation to save Kaneki the same time CCG members attacked Aogiri Tree. They wanted to save Kaneki by using all the confusion. Toka got into a fight with Amon but was interrupted by some other ghouls.Unlike their previous fight, Amon would have been able to push Toka into a corner if their fight had continued. He was fighting for revenge.

I guess Toka finally understood how heavy revenge really is

I guess Toka finally understood how big of a burden revenge really is

At the end, Kaneki snapped because of everything he was put through. He was tortured by Jason and in his mind he kept seeing Rize who messed with the things he believed in. He ended up accepting the ghoul inside of him. During his fight with Jason, they played the opening song in the background. The song which I’ve heard suddenly became more meaningful.[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul - 12 [720p].mkv_001262084
Thinking back about it now, this is what we’ve been seeing ever since the first episode.We watched people getting broken, getting hurt, losing their way and ending up on a path that might never make them happy.We watched Kaneki, a normal college student become a ghoul who didn’t mind losing a limb or two to win a fight.

It is hard to believe that he was the same guy who was crying in the first episode about being human

It is hard to believe that he was the same guy who was crying in the first episode about being human

The manga is going to end soon and I might read it sometime. I wonder how the mangaka wants to end it though. Tokyo Ghoul is not the kind of anime that can have an actual ending. The manga might end with the people and ghouls deciding to peacefully coexist together. It is kind of hard to imagine. We might think of something like ‘All the ghouls can eat dead people’. How will they get the dead bodies? Imagine a guy walking up to someone whose parents just died and saying something like ‘Hey give those dead bodies to these ghouls. They’re hungry and you’re gonna bury/cremate them anyway’. The guy would prefer having his parents’ bodies buried to letting ghouls eat them.A peaceful future for these people is hard to imagine. The manga might also end up with humans killing all the ghouls or with the ghouls defeating all the humans. This again is unrealistic considering how both sides seem to be strong and killing all the ghouls is just about impossible since they blend in really well with humans.

Just a random image ^.^

Just a random image ^.^

Tokyo Ghoul makes a good argument about why both sides are right sometimes and about how reality has problems that can’t be solved peacefully. It is a good anime but at the same time, Tokyo Ghoul leaves a bitter after taste. It is ruthless ad brutal and makes us feel upset, desperate and lost.

This is what I am talking about ._.

This is what I am talking about ._.

See you next time ^^/


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16 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul episodes 10, 11 and 12

  1. Those were a powerful episodes :O I just finished the last two, wow, they definitely left an impression. So much violence and sadism too. When I watched episode 10 I thought “they are not going to get their message across if every time they go for a brutal scene they turn off the camera, that just makes this weak”, but after seeing last episode I take back my words, it was more than enough horrible imagery.

    I think it is interesting that they decided to go into this new direction at the end. They started to attack this passive way of interacting with the world that Kaneki takes, started to argue that his way of thinking isn’t a valid one. “Suffering instead of making others suffer, it is what nice people do” – that is the idea they were trying to bring down. Showing Kameki’s mother, a good and caring person, die an untimely death, then those two guys being murdered, all that was supposed to nail the argument, to show that it is really wrong to be selfless, indecisive and “weak”. I like how they ended the whole thing though, with Kaneki saying “It is not I who is wrong, it is the whole world being messed up” (I’m going by memory, so the quotes might be off, sorry about that). I think that actually is a good way to talk about this situation; in normal conditions people like Kaneki’s mother should be able to survive, she should have been able to support her family and her sister without breaking down from overwork. In normal life you are not supposed to be asked to choose who is going to die and who – to live. All those things are nightmares, things normal human can’t comfortably live with.
    But then, if someone happen to live in such a nightmare, in a world where people literally die from fatigue, or being murdered, then what for the sake of twisted amusement? Are they right and abandoning the “nice person way of thinking” is the only way? I don’t know, but I like that the show brought it up, it is not every day that an anime makes me think of stuff like that.
    Well, it is not like I watch anime every day in the first place >.< I'm sorry it took me so long to finish the show. I wasn't able to do much besides work this whole week ^^' You seem to be fairly busy too, hope everything is alright on your side O.o

    • I know that feeling. I watched the last two episodes before I left for college and I couldn’t get them out of my head the entire day O.O Yup. I thought all that censoring would make this show look like a joke but whoa! >. <

      The end made me want to read the manga. I'll probably end up reading all the manga chapters sometime in the future. I thought TG might be one of those anime where the protagonist convinces everyone to resolve their problems in a peaceful manner. The last episode makes it seem impossible, since he can't talk about peace with blood on his hands. I like how they went about proving their point and I liked their argument too.
      The quote you mentioned, I wasn't as impressed by it as you probably were since I heard Lelouch say the exact same thing =) I think that was what they wanted to prove. If you're stuck in a messed up world, can you still keep believing in your pretty ideals? I do think to stop being a 'nice person' is probably the best way to deal with such a situation. But then again, doing such a thing will take it's toll on the person.

      I'm busy with a lot of things. And yeah. Everything is alright on my side =)

      • Oooooh, I wouldn’t start my day with episodes like that O_o Though you can say that watching them before going to sleep, which is what I did, was not a good idea either :D Watching stuff never gives me nightmares though, so I am not too concerned :3

        They are making another season this Winter, so you may wait till you’ve seen that before going for manga =) By now I am pretty sure this manga won’t have a happy ending. At least not “every problem is solved and everyone is happy” kind of ending.
        I think he can talk about peace with bloody hands, it would be a completely different position though. Instead of convincing people to resolve something he can force them to do that. It would be interesting to see whether or not the show will go in this direction. If it will, I wonder how Kaneki friends would react on his actions.

        Really? =) I should have finished that anime I guess xD Too bad ^^ In real life a lot of people who actually care about things like justice and fairness end up swallowing their ideas and adjusting their behavior to the reality around them. There are also ones who drive themselves into some corner where they can live without testing the power of their believes. I’m talking about older generation though, not young people us. But coming back to the anime, I feel like if you go as far as changing your identity, abandon your idea of being “good”, you do it in order to achieve something else. It isn’t like you are willing to pay this price for nothing, right? In real life people do it for all sorts of reasons – safety, comfort, career, etc. In TG Kaneki abandoned his way of living because he was driven into it, he was put into situation where he had to choose between literally everything he cared about and his identity. That doesn’t seem to be an equal choice, nor is it a fair one. And the final piece was the threat towards his friends – guys from Anteiku and Hide. So in a sense he changed himself for the sake of others, by giving up on his ideals he wanted to bargain safety for his friends. And I wonder how far he will be willing to go in order to keep them safe. Though in the last minutes of the anime he was so different from his usual self that I am not sure if I can predict his action at all.

        • I didn’t think the episodes would be able to leave such a strong impression >. < I would have preferred to watch them before I went to sleep ._.

          I think I'll read the manga and watch the second season. I heard that the manga is really good =)

          I hope the show goes in that direction. It would be interesting. Right now I don't think even Toka wouldn't want to use force to achieve peace, especially after watching Mado and Amon.

          Yup. Because life isn't as beautiful as anime and people don't get to protect their ideas of justice and fairness while facing reality. Yeah sure. Kaneki didn't get to have a fair choice. But it doesn't really matter right? Since a lot of things in this world are not fair. In a way I think he had a fair choice. He had the power and he made a choice between accepting and not accepting it. That was way better than the choice the man and the woman who got killed had.
          I wonder if he'll go back to the way he was after the fight.

          • Yeah, I’d like to read the manga too. I probably will never get to it though and forget that I even wanted to read it xD

            Yeah, you’re right. That girl and a guy didn’t get a fair choice either, at least Kaneki could do something. Still I am not ready to project this example to the real life :/

    • Whoa! O.O I wouldn’t have minded watching that in the anime.
      They should just release censored and uncensored versions of the anime. People can just pick what they prefer >. <

      • They did, I think. Those pictures are from the Blu-ray release. That is one downside of watching anime as it airs, they improve it later on for the printed releases, and you never see the best version >.> Attack on Titan had a lot of small fixes since we’ve seen it, not to mention that it has already been dubbed in English.

        • There was a long gap between the release of censored and uncensored versions. I’ll check out the uncensored version sometime soon though =)

          Wow. AoT has already been dubbed. That was fast O.O I don’t think I mind the small fixes. AoT had great animation even without the fixes :3

          • They just use it as another way to earn money =) First they sell broadcasting rights to TV channels, then they sell DVD disks and Blu-ray. Every cent counts :P I won’t be seeking the uncensored version though, I’ve check out manga and I think I’ve got the idea of how it was supposed to be =)

            They dubbed it almost immediately after it finished airing I think. Well, those are really small fixes, like they changes Eren’s expression in a few places where he was making his “Duh? :O” face, and got rid of weird parts, like the green flash that happens when the colossal titan appears.

            • Wow. I didn’t know that :O

              I guess I haven’t missed much then :3 By the way, they released a 2 episode OVA called Shingeki no Kyojin-Kuinaki Sentaku. It is about Levi’s past. I haven’t watched it though. The second episode has not been subbed yet.

              • Yeah I know. But since I haven’t yet seen last three episodes of AOT (can you believe it? -_-) I would be planning on watching the spin-offs. I can see why they choose to make the OVA about Levi out of all the characters, though. He is the one with most elaborate personality; I’d say Levi lifts this show up more than any other character does.

              • Yup. I can believe it. Not watching the last three episodes of AoT is just like you -_- You better watch them within a month senpai. Or I’ll go ahead and spoil it all for you >:(

                Yup. Levi is an interesting character and I want to learn more about his past =)

              • I don’t think there is a lot that has not been spoiled for me in AoT xD And it would be silly of me to be afraid of spoilers at this point, a year after the show finished :P So if you want for your threats to work, you better bring them up! >:)

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