Bleach 2014

I haven’t been reading Bleach for a while, but yesterday I just felt like getting back into it. I thought I  would read a few chapters.. ended up reading everything that is out. That is the reason for the title of this post, I think I went through almost all the Bleach manga that was published this year. I think I may as well give my impression on it while everything is fresh in my mind =) I am not going to recite what happened in those chapters by the way, I’ll only mention things that picked my interest :P

Bleach cpater 597

Like that. Kinda interesting, don’t you think? ^^

I think I’ve stopped reading Bleach because the events became just too ridiculous. The fight I stopped at was Renji against a Superhero wrestler guy who was basically almost a comic relief character, yet he managed to defeat Kensei in his bankai form. After the epic fight Yamamoto put up it was just too ridiculous, it did not meet any of my expectations. So now when I got back into the manga I made sure to expect nothing serious from it. It worked pretty well for me.

bleach chapter 560

That is actually the only way to read a manga with characters like this one.

First thing I want to mention – Kubo continues to reveal sword releases of different shinigami. Yachiru (pink headed girl who rides on Kenpachi’s shoulder) got shikai, Rukia got bankai, Renji updated his old one. Kenpachi got something, not sure what it was. All that was kinda interesting but not too exciting in itself. I rather liked new power Rukia got though. It is basically the power to freeze herself and things around her. It has a catch as you can see, and she can’t unfreeze herself too quickly, so after she uses that technique she is wide open for any incoming attack.

bleach chapter 568 pic1

Here is one of the enemies. Looks like a hideous version of Ulquiorra with Ichigo’s hollow mask O.o Or just a rotting corpse…

As you probably guessed Yachiru was involved in an actual fight this time. It is a little strange, since she looks and acts like a little girl. She got punched in the face and I think she was also stabbed, but she took it very well, not like you would expect from a kid. Well, she is a lieutenant after all, so it just proves that she was worthy of that rank. That fight got a little ridiculous after a while. She defeated one opponent, then another one showed up and first thing he did was turned her bones into cookies. Yep, cookies. Her arm broke almost at once, and she couldn’t fight any longer. And I am not going to be saying that ability her opponent used to do that to her is a nonsense, whatever. I just wonder, can an organism really function if it’s bones are turned into cookies? Shouldn’t she experience anaphylaxis or something like that? I mean, come on, cookies are made of all sort of staff that have no business being inside our bodies, expect stomach, maybe.

bleach chapter 570 1 1

Take a look at her opponent

bleach chapter 570 2

He seriously was able to punch her :O Wow.

bleach chapter 571 1

It is kinda hard to take fight seriously =)

bleach chapter 571 4

Did you look at the guy she is fighting? So here he is making comments about Yuchiru’s appearance :D Kinda funny to hear that from him.

Also I want to say that Kubo, while having moments of inspiration is probably kind of lazy O.o I don’t know how else to explain what is going on in his manga. Remember Byakuya was fighting a pink pumpkin voodoo guy? That could control things? Same thing happened again. There was a guy with the same kind of power who fought Byakuya in the same manner. Remember Kurotsuchi using drugs to defeat his opponent in Hueco Mundo arc? You guessed it, it happened again. Toshiro uses his bankai for the 100501st time. Three different people use puppet master kind of power in a row, and they even  fight each other. Also there are so many Naruto-inspired elements. Like the way Kurotsuchi defeats one of his enemies is quite similar to how Itachi defeated Kabuto; one of the bad guys multiplies and summons a meteorite; dead people are being brought back to live. It would have been alright if Naruto was some obscure manga, but since it is more or less a sibling to Bleach I’d say Kubo did not think it through with those choices.

Bleach cpater 588

Here is one of the new enemies that doesn’t seem to be planning on going down

But as I said, Kubo has moments of inspiration. He has given a pretty good back story to this new arch villain Yhwach. Apparently the reason he makes this absurd war is cause this is the way he sustains himself. He was born without any human abilities, but with a way to acquire them. He can grant others all kinds of blessings, but in return he gets all their “powers” when they die. Which usually follow pretty quickly. He needs people to receive his blessings and die with them to be able to exist, to be able to see, move, to be an able individual. So for him letting his forces to be wiped out is a not only acceptable but rather natural. And being overpowered beyond any measure he doesn’t really needs a lot of support. So at least in this aspect the manga makes sense. I know not everyone would agree with me, I tend to be very forgiving towards crazy strong antagonists in shonen series. On the other hand I tend to be rather negative about overpowered protagonists, which I did not express so far in this post, so I’d call it a zero sum :P

bleach chapter 591

On the positive side of things – I’m sure some fans are pretty happy to see Toshiro in this new outfit


What else worth mentioning was there? I did not remember Bleach having quite as much mature content. There wasn’t anything that would make it R on MPAA ratings scale; but having a cross-dressing boy play with dead bodies in a manner that broadly hinted to perversion was not something I’d expect from a manga for teenagers.

Bleach cpater 590

Same guy as above, thought I would bring him up twice since he has been a focus of the manga for like three months

To be honest one of the reasons I started reading the manga again was that I was lead to believe that Aizen would come back. It’s kinda interesting, since he still in my eyes has great potential as a villain. He was put down when he was still progressing and changing . He did not yet know his own abilities and limits, which may have been the reason he failed. So I was a little disappointed to know that I was wrong and Aizen was not brought into the events. Not yet anyway. I know that we had quite enough of him already, but well, what can you do, I still would not mind having more. I watched this video a few days ago, a scene where Aizen fights Toshiro. I’ll put it here, please watch it, it is only 4 minutes long.

Listen to this dialogue =) That is the way to build a villain. He is not just cruel, not just stronger than Toshiro, not just smarter than him. He is, somehow, more orderly, in this fight he represents sanity, sharp yet calm logic, while Toshiro represents revenge and primitive desire to use brute force to deal with problems. And through all this Aizen gains some kind of respect, he makes us agree that in this fight he is the only one who should win. Even though he is clearly a horrible person, who almost killed his subordinate a minute ago. That ability to be so superior that you twist people perception of good and evil is what makes Aizen a villain worthy of hundreds episodes we have been watching him.

Of course, I say that after seeing 300+ episodes of the anime and spending a lot of time thinking about it. This scene I’ve brought up may leave a different impression on you, and I’m pretty sure it left a different impression on me when I saw it first. I would not be surprised to see someone being outraged by what Aizen says in this calm manner of his. But being able to invoke anger is something you can expect from a villain too, isn’t it? =)

bleach chapter 571 3


That is it from me. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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14 thoughts on “Bleach 2014

  1. Maybe I should start reading the manga again. I even forgot Yachiru’s name. I would’ve googled her name if you hadn’t mentioned Kenpachi -.- Though it doesn’t look like a lot has happened ever since I stopped reading it XD Looks like Kubo is running out of good ideas o.O

    I liked your post a lot *-* I read it like 6 times already :3 I want to see more of Aizen too. He is the most interesting villain we’ve seen so far and probably the most powerful =) But if I remember right, Kubo sort of indicated that Aizen was happy to be defeated at that time. So I wonder if he would be willing to bring him back o.O

    • I wouldn’t have remembered her name either, don’t worry :P I made sure to put half a dozen pictures of her into the post though, so it would be easier to remember her O:)

      I thought you wouldn’t care about this post =0 Not to mention that it is just a Bleach post, I also thought that you wouldn’t agree with what I said about Aizen =)

      About a week ago I re-watched a part of the episode where Ichigo talks about Aizen after defeating him. He says that he thought Aizen deep inside wanted to be defeated, so he can call someone an equal. But I don’t think that means that he plans to vegetate in this prison for 20000 years =)

      • I’ll remember her from now :3

        Of course I would care about this post. I read all your post (It is because I am a great fan and I am not a stalker -_- ). I like Aizen’s character too. Villains like him are interesting. I like Orochimaru for the same reason. I wanted to put him in my favorite characters list but my sister would have freaked out if I did XD Having Johan at the top of the list is bad enough for her already XDD

        That is true. I don’t want him to vegetate in his cell either. That would be a total waste of such a great character.

        • It has been four months since your sis logged in to MAL, I think you can safely sneak in one or two more murderous maniacs into your fav character list O:)

          I am kinda afraid for Orochimaru. You know Kishimoto’s tendencies to turn everyone to the good side. I don’t want to spoil the manga for you, but I’ll just say that another two bad guys abandoned their evil ways and sided with shinobi army in the last 15 chapters I’ve read. I think by now we only have 1 bad guy in the entire world. That is just so sad for me. I am trying hard to stop myself from writing about Naruto till I finish the manga, but it gets harder as I read more =)

          Also, I’ll probably write another post on Bleach… so I am sorry in advance to continue spoiling it for you (_ _)/

          • Maybe I should start adding names to my favorite characters list :3 I don’t know if Orochimaru will actually make it into the list though. I like his character but I don’t think I like his character enough to say that he is one of my favorites :3

            I am sure one of those two bad guys is Obito. Is the other one Orochimaru or maybe Kabuto? ._.
            I am sure that the only poor bad guy left is Madara >:(

            Nah. Don’t worry about it =)

            • Yep, you pretty much nailed it. Orochimaru hasn’t yet sank low enough to be actually fighting on the side of allied shinobi forces ^. ^

              Madara still manages to entertain me a lot. In the last few chapters he acted as if he was in an amusement park or something, just having a time of his life. I like that power has not screwed up his head and he isn’t screaming “a mere human can never defeat a transcendent being like me!” ( yeah I did not appreciate the way Aizen behaved in his last fight with Ichigo -_- ). Even when someone almost kills him (that wasn’t Naruto btw, and you will have to read it yourself to learn what’s going on :P ), Madara still smiles and congratulates his opponent on his strength, that is pretty cool.

              • I hope Orochimaru never joins the allied force. He is supposed to be a great villain >:(

                The one who almost killed him is Hashirama right? I read the manga until the hokages joined the fight >:3
                Yup. That is cool though I hope Hashirama gets defeated this time. Watching Madara get defeated for a second time would be boring. But then again, I am also sick of watching Naruto act like a hero and defeat the bad guy >.<

  2. Nope, it was not Hashirama :P It would be hard to guess, so you better wait till you read it \(^. ^) I would not be surprised if you get to feel bad for Hashirama and his brother =)

    You know what, if I guessed correctly where you stopped, you haven’t seen a lot of interesting Minato moment, I think they come about later in the manga. After you read the manga I would really like to hear what you think of the way he does things. Cause my opinion of him changed a lot since he was brought back from the dead.

    • Okay :3 I’ll be waiting for a nice surprise. I like Hashirama and Tobirama’s characters. So if something bad happened to them, I would probably feel sorry for them ._. You know, I get this feeling that Tobirama is more mature than Hashirama and if we see more of him, I would like his character more than Hashirama’s o.O

      Yup. Now now senpai. I don’t want to read the manga -_- Don’t tempt me into reading it >:( I want to wait until the anime finishes and watch all the episodes o(-.-)o
      Oh well. Guess I’ll read the manga after all T.T I wonder what that interesting Minato moment is :3

      • I don’t know, I feel that Tobirama is just more mean. It seems that he prefers using force instead of searching for agreement, that is not very mature =) But compared to Hashirama, hmmm, maybe you are right.

        You can wait for the anime to finish, that works well too =) Just a few months more and you’ll get there. I think the show is just a few chapters behind where I stopped reading ^^
        I didn’t mean that there will be just one Minato moment :O Rather the way he acts slowly forms a picture that, together with what we already know about him, makes his character look quite different for me.

        • Yup. Tobirama is meaner but when compared to Hashirama, he can make harder decisions. I do remember Hashirama trying to kill Madara. But for some reason, it was nothing compared to how Tobirama threw the Uchihas out of the village. It was mean. yes. But for some reason I couldn’t dislike him for it o.O In his own twisted way, he was trying to protect his village . Or maybe I like him because I am twisted myself ._.

          I’ll be watching the anime then. I don’t feel like reading the manga :3
          I see. Looks like I’ve got a lot to look forward to >:D

          • I agree, just by doing something questionable Tobirama seems to be more of a grown up character, cause it looks like others just don’t come in contact with reality and problems it brings. But at the same time what he did – repressing Uchiha clan, creating anbu and police, all that did not seem to do village any good, as the measures were not balanced out and were too straightforward. I like the idea of a leader who can make hard decisions and would be later judged by them, but Tobirama didn’t cut it for me. Maybe if there was more time dedicated to him it would have been different.

            • I know but we don’t know his side of the story yet. But I have a feeling that Tobirama might have had a reason for what he did. Maybe it was the best option he had or something. I know, I am just trying to make him look like a good guy -_- Maybe it is because I’ve got respect for leaders who can make hard decisions and I don’t want to believe that everything he had done is meaningless >. <

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