What Kubo thinks of your Bleach anime thing

This post is more or less a reaction on the last chapter of Bleach. I tried to restrain myself from posting two entries about the same manga in a row, but I couldn’t ^^’ So here it is.

Chapter 608 is devoted to the fight between Yhwach and the leader of the zero squad Hyousube Ichibei. During this fight Hyousube reveals one of his many abilities – to control all “black” in this world:

Bleach Hyousube collage

And if you are tuned in to Kubo’s madness this makes perfect sense to you. See, this is a black and white manga, almost no shades of gray. So an ability to control black, in other words, half the colors there are, that is a terrifying ability. One little problem is, if you are not tuned in, if you for example are clinging to the images that were created by the anime version, where the color pallet is richer, then there is a chance you’ll wonder what is going on here exactly. Why Urahara, who is wearing white and green clothes is shown to be affected by this power? What does “controlling black” even mean? Obviously it is a power that only makes sense in a manga. It two dimensional static environment, driven forward by text you can get away with power such as “blotting out names” and “giving new names” (both belong to Hyousube as well). It is not meant to be translated into other media. And that is what made me write this post.

Hyousube Ichibei

That is how Hyousube Ichibei looks. I like the way he is drawn. Look at Yhwach (below), he looks like an evildoer from some medieval European tale, cruel and hungry for power. And Hyousube is completely the opposite, in terms of looks. Still he does not look like a kind or caring person. Where Yhwach is cruel cause is not satisfied with what he’s got and wants more, Hyousube is cruel cause he is completely satisfied with what he has and he doesn’t care to change for someone else’s sake. That is the impression I’ve got from looking at their character designs.





Just this little thing makes it clear that Tite Kubo is writing this manga as a piece of art disconnected from any other incarnation of this story. He is not making a script for future anime adaptation, he is not making a story that would be connected to the existing anime material. Well, if you want to be completely honest, it doesn’t seem like he makes a story connected within itself. Every little arc looks like a separate story, something you can read and enjoy without looking at what had been going on before. And you will probably be better off not looking at what was before, really.

Bleach chapter 208 2

Another picture of Hyousube. Does he still look like a good guy to you? =)


Take this fight for example. First thing Hyousube does is he takes away Yhwach’s voice. Yhwach grants himself voice once more. Then Hyousube takes away half of Yhwach’s power. Yhwach bestows himself with his full strength again. Hyousube takes away Yhwach’s name and names him “black ant”, then stomps him. Yhwach somehow shatters this spell and gets back on his feet. Does it sound awesome? Yes, if you forget that it is a part of Bleach. Cause this fairy story kind of fight have nothing to do with what Bleach battles used to be – a straggle between two reiatsu, as Aizen has put it. And don’t get me wrong, I like this fight a lot. But I don’t try to glue it together with the rest of the manga, it lives its own separate life.

Bleach 608 3

Here is a random picture from the recent chapters, just to make you look at something different. I won’t give you any explanation what that is, cause none was given in the manga :P


So, to answer the question that I’ve put in the title, I’ll say that in all probability Kubo doesn’t think about the anime at all. And I don’t think he should. The way the manga is developing it may give birth to something unique. Kubo has the talent to make something new, and I hope he uses it right. Even if his story will turn out impossible to animate, whatever, I’ll be fine with that.

That is it, see you next time (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “What Kubo thinks of your Bleach anime thing

  1. Maybe I should start reading Bleach manga again. The power to control black sounds interesting *-* I don’t care if it never gets animated =) I want to see that fairy tale-like fight :3

    • Yep =) What about Hyousube looks, good enough for the last defender of king’s palace? :D I still get a vibe that he is a maniac of some sort, that’s why I ask ^^

      • What are you talking about? He looks like a nice old man >:D
        Just kidding :3 He does look shady but then again a lot of characters in bleach look shady XD

        It is a little sad to know that Hyousube is going to be defeated (Of course. Since only Ichigo is allowed to be the hero >:( )

        • Personally I don’t think I would want to live in a world where the piece is protected by latent maniacs like that dude :/ :P I don’t feel sad about his inevitable defeat. Hyousube is pretty awesome, but so far in this fight Yhwach got higher score in my book. He is sort of like Kenpachi, he gets hit again and again and just shrugs it off as if the attack was nothing. I know that has been done many time before, so that is not a reason to be praising Yhwach; but still, maybe together with his personality it works for me. Or maybe I just like villains, I do have this tendency :D

          • We don’t even know what kind of people are in the army :P What if there are people like him among them? XD Just kidding =)

            I haven’t seen much of Yhwach. I wonder when I’ll start reading Bleach again ._. Or maybe I should just stop reading your posts >.< You just keep adding tons of stuff to my 'To watch' and 'To read' list. Have some mercy on me senpai. Don't write interesting posts like this that will make me want to drop everything and start reading the manga o(TT_TT)O

            • I don’t think army plays that big of a role in protecting the peace, so I don’t mind =) If I had to name what does protect it, I would put global trading and weapons of mass destruction in the top. You can easily see how nations that have close bonds thanks to mutual trade don’t start conflicts. And you can see how ever since atomic weapons came about we never had an outright war with major nations involved on both sides. That is sad too by the way, maybe even worse than having a lunatic like Hyousube defending your well being =)

              • I know. But they’re still out there trying to protect people they don’t even know. Sure, they might have different reasons for doing that job and I have respect for those people =)

                Yup. Atomic weapons are the real reason why we don’t have a world war III. Now now, don’t make Hyousube look like such a bad guy. For some reason, I have a feeling that I might like his character :3

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