Angel Densetsu OVA

Angel Densetsu is a two episode ova about a pure and honest angel like guy. That sounds boring right? After all, watching an anime about an angel  doesn’t sound interesting. So the mangaka came up with a great idea to entertain the audience. He gave the angel  a demon’s face and  made his voice sound like the howl of an animal in pain.

The protagonist-Seiichirou Kitano

The protagonist – Seiichirou Kitano

Despite his looks and sounds he really is a nice and kind guy. Don’t feel like believing me?

There. Look at those white wings on his back :3

There. Look at those white wings on his back =)

At the beginning of the anime, Kitano gets transferred to a new school. The principal freaks out when he sees his face. The students are scared of him and he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to make the students understand that he is not a scary guy but everything he does backfires.

Will you believe me if I told you that Kitano was not trying to attack the students and this was all a simple misunderstanding?

Will you believe me if I told you that Kitano is not trying to attack those students and this is all a simple misunderstanding?

The anime is about Kitano and his failed attempts at trying to be friendly. The story is predictable. The situations are unrealistic and exaggerated. The music isn’t remarkable. Despite all this, Angel Densetsu still manages to be entertaining. Even though we know that a certain character will get scared when he sees Kitano’s face, watching his reaction will still be amusing.

Kitano trying to teach the value of life to his fellow student XD

Kitano trying to teach the value of life to his fellow student. Don’t ask me how he ended up giving the lecture with a face covered in blood

We’re used to watching good looking or plain protagonists. So watching this anime felt like a nice change. The most amusing thing about this anime is how wrong  Kitano is every single time. He is simple and he misunderstands everything. He ended up being the school don because he tried to pick up the trash around the campus and he caused a fight between two schools because he wanted to return a lost wallet. Does any of that makes sense?

As weird as it sounds, it all fits in perfectly

As weird as it sounds, it all fits in perfectly

Angel Densetsu is a comedy but it might not make you laugh a lot, especially if you have not read the manga. It can however make you smile a few times and it can also make you like it. So if you have 47 minutes to spare, give this anime a try.

See you next time ^^/


9 thoughts on “Angel Densetsu OVA

  1. Kitano looks like one of those street punks you see in older anime a lot. Only those are usually cruel and harsh, at least on the outside. Did you watch Akira? Main characters are all gang members. But they not bad people, in a sense that they are not rotten, they have usual moral values and such; but they are outcasts. I feel like it is a common theme in Japanese animation, characters that are viewed as bad people just because of the circumstances in witch they live. Usually those characters behave accordingly, showing their civil and kind nature only when there is a need for them to. And that is natural, I think. If people expect you to act wild, and treat you like you scum before you’ve done anything to them, why would you betray their expectations. Apparently that is where Kitano is different =) I mentioned I would like to watch this show, now I am pretty sure I will do that pretty soon. Is it on the web somewhere? Or on Youtube?

    Also Kitano does look terrifying, in real life it would have takes some time to get used to a face like that :D

    • I think he looks more like a vampire XD I haven’t watched Akira but I do intend to watch it sometime. I have this feeling that my ‘To watch’ list is getting too long ._.

      Yup. It is easier to let people think that you’re a bad guy than try and convince them that you’re a good guy. That is what makes Kitano’s character likable =) Even when people freak out and run away from him, he will still try to be nice to them =)
      I don’t think a person like him would have been able to be a nice guy in the real world for long. You see, when the whole world treats you like a monster, you feel like acting like a monster. Oh well. This is a comedy. So we don’t have to worry about things like that :D I am going to read this manga too >:)

      It is pretty popular and you can find it easily. I watched it here

      • If you get to watch Akira make sure you see it in blu-ray quality. It is one of those few anime where it is really important to see it in all its beauty. The story and characters are decent, but the real strong point of this anime is the way they did motion animation. I’ve seen it in awful CD quality, and that was a big mistake. Later when I saw clips from it in 720p without murderous compression, I was amazed just how good the thing looks.

        Yeah I agree. People adapt to the expectations, even if the expectations are “being a monster” =) Also good thing that you’ve mentioned in your review that this is a comedy, I doubt I would have guessed. I thought it was more of a drama; the screencaps look pretty serious too O.o
        Thanks for the link =)

        • Wow. Thanks. I downloaded the movie from an online anime streaming website O.O I’ll try to find a good quality torrent =)

          Wow. I didn’t realize that the screenshots looked serious until you mentioned it :O It was a comedy and I knew that all that blood on his face and that guy talking about the fight was a joke. It would look dramatic and violent to everyone else O.O Tell me what you think about the show after you watch the anime =)

  2. Having read some of the manga, I thought that the idea was great, but the story came out a bit boring. Though, that picture of the MC explaining the importance of life with a cut on his face is priceless. All the same, I much prefer the mangaka’s Claymore.

    • Whoa! I was thinking of reading this manga soon XD If you’re looking for a good comedy manga try reading Kyou Kara Ore Wa! It is a great read =)

      I didn’t know that Angel Densetsu and Claymore are written by the same author O.O

      • You can kind of see a similarity in the way the faces are drawn in the Angel Densetsu and Claymore mangas, but they are completely different in the kinds of stories they tell. I wonder what the mangaka is doing now?

        Thanks for your recommendation! I love good comedies.

        • I don’t know much about art. I couldn’t see the similarity -.-”

          Almost all Kyou Kara Ore Wa! chapters made me smile at least once =) I read it in class and sometimes I had trouble holding back the laughter XD I gave Kyou Kara Ore Wa! a 10 and it was the first time I gave any anime/manga a 10. So maybe I am a little biased :3 I highly recommend this manga. It has a 10 episode anime too =)

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