The Rescuers, a Disney movie

So today when having a lunch I watched an old Disney movie, called The Rescuers. I’ve seen it about a dozen times as a kid, liked it a lot. And I learned that I still like it. And I wouldn’t be writing this if it was just that, “I still like it”. It is an amazing cartoon. The way it is drawn, the scenery,backgrounds, character designs, facial expressions, all that deserves praise. You know how is some good anime movies you would have a scene or an entire section devoted to show off how things look, just to put you into a certain mood? Like Miyazaki puts some effort into portraying the forest in his Princess Mononoke, and Mamoru Oshii brings you a whole parade of awesome city life miniatures in his Ghost in the Shell. In The Rescuers you have something like that too, only here it is a constant stream of little details that accompany every action.

I guess I’m writing this because I feel like this movie is one of the less popular Disney films, and it deserves more attention. But mostly I just want to post a lot of pretty looking pictures from this cartoon ^^ Here you go:

Hope you like the pictures =) See you (^_^)/



14 thoughts on “The Rescuers, a Disney movie

    • It is worth it though =) Even the visuals alone are good enough ^^ The screenshots look simplistic, but when things start to move it gets really great. It also has a little bit of story, so it won’t be boring.

      Btw, I thought you’ve seen it. Didn’t you watch Disney cartoons as a kid? >:3

      • I wish I could wake up someday and think ‘Yay! I’ve got no anime sitting on my ‘To watch’ list’ :(

        I did watch Disney movies as a kid :P But I only watched the famous ones aired on TV like ‘Jungle Book’ -_-

        • I’ve never watched Jungle Book :P Only seen bits and pieces I think. I guess famous is a very relative term here xP

          By the way I kinda want to write about another cartoon, FernGully: The Last Rainforest. Do you mind? It is not an anime, so it is a bit off topic again =)

          • You haven’t watched Jungle Book? It was aired a lot of times on various cartoon channels >. <

            Of course I do mind you writing a lot of off topic posts :P So I want you to let me write a post about a book as revenge :3 Just kidding. There is this book I want to write about though =)

              • I don’t know if it is a good book though. I liked it but it certainly has lots of flaws ._. Also I don’t know when I’ll write a post about it T_T

                I guess writing about a book is as difficult as writing a post about an anime =)
                What about you senpai? What do you think is easier?

  1. It don’t have to be good =) As long as you found it interesting enough to talk about, all’s good :P

    I think I would’ve had a headache with my Giant’s Bread post if I wasn’t lucky to find some kind of a line I followed in the post. In anime posts you can talk about art, music, animation, you have screenshots that entertain the reader =) Without all that writing is a bit more challenging, I would say. But on the other hand I only tried once, so it doesn’t even count :D Maybe you’ll find it easy and fun and we will have to re-brand this blog into “Thoughts on crime novels” xP

    • Okay :3

      So it is difficult? T_T I dunno. I think I have a line of thought I want to follow but I am not sure. In my head I’ve got an idea about what I want to talk about and how I want to do it. But I have no idea how it’ll all turn out XDD I’ve been thinking about what pictures I’ll be able to use in my post too :3
      I like ‘Thoughts on Anime’ just fine >:P

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