It is widely agreed that Mushishi is one of the most relaxed anime and it is also agreed that it is a dark anime. I got interested because I couldn’t understand how an anime could be relaxed and dark at the same time. Surely enough this anime is one of a kind.

Mushi are a basic form of life and can’t be seen by many people. The protagonist Ginko, is a Mushishi who makes living by solving problems involving Mushi.



Most of the Mushi don’t have a form, consciousness, or will and none of them are evil. So how could beings like that cause problems? Simply put, they cause problems by the way they live. There are different kinds of Mushi. There are Mushi that can exist without harming humans there are Mushi that can’t exist without harming humans. There might be a Mushi that can get into a person’s body and suck all the heat until the person dies but that doesn’t mean that the Mushi is trying to kill that person. It needs the heat to survive and it doesn’t even know that it is killing a human because it can’t think or reason. It is trying to live in it’s own way. There might be a Mushi that make rain but it is not trying to help others. It is simply living the way it is meant to live. Mushi are neither enemies nor allies. The anime did a good job in making this point.It was an amusing idea, making an anime about beings that are not doing bad or good intentionally.  Let us see how Mushi look like.

Mushishi Episode 3 English Sub.mp4_000620755 Mushishi Episode 3 English Sub.mp4_001048123 Mushishi Episode 1 English Sub.mp4_001100770 Mushishi Episode 1 English Sub.mp4_000449399

They’re pretty, aren’t they? My favourite is a Mushi that looks like a rainbow. It looks a whole lot better in motion though.Mushishi Episode 7 English Sub.flv_001228864

Ginko is an interesting character too. He does try to help the people he can help but there are also times when he can’t help but stand in the sidelines and watch Mushi kill humans and humans destroy Mushi. He accepts that without making a fuss because he knows that it is inevitable.Ginko has an interesting past himself but he doesn’t remember it. He lost all those memories because of a Mushi. 

Mushishi Episode 12 English Sub.flv_001336068

There are also some dark stories in the anime, about people whose lives have been ruined by Mushi. The calm atmosphere of this anime brings out the brutality of the situation in a more horrifying way.

Here is a girl who lost her eyes because of a Mushi

Here is a kid who lost her eyes because of a Mushi

The music is relaxing and peaceful. The characters in this anime aren’t drawn to look pretty, rather they are drawn to look realistic. The animation is beautiful. Some parts look like they’ve been taken straight out of a painting. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Mushishi Episode 1 English Sub.mp4_001292645 Mushishi Episode 2 English Sub.mp4_000559719 Mushishi Episode 11 English Sub.mp4_000219103

Episodic anime have their own charm because of the number of different stories packed into them. Try watching this anime if you find time. I highly recommend it.

See you next time ^^/


15 thoughts on “Mushishi

  1. Awesome =) Those mushi things seem to be a lot like bacteria, so knowing humans they would be spraying everything with mushi antiseptics :D Look at that girl with liquefied eyes, if that is a possibility, that is enough reason to be trying to get rid of them ^^’ I’ll watch it for sure anyway.

    Btw, for the past two weeks I was working on my German again, I hope to get to the point where I can watch anime in it =) If I do, I’ll probably be much faster with getting though my back log. Sooo, fingers crossed :D

  2. It does look pretty :P I am practically living in the middle of wilderness (that is an exaggeration :P). So I get to see a lot of reptiles, animals and insects and other life forms. I grew up among them and I kinda appreciate their presence. I like looking at them too. Honestly, I think I would feel lonely if all the snakes around my house disappeared some day ._.

    I don’t even know the difference between lichen and moss. So I wouldn’t know XD

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