Angel Cop

My first impression of Angel Cop was that it is another low quality old anime with all the fun stuff that they were putting in OVAs back in the days. By fun stuff I mean ridiculous sci-fi plot, extravagant characters, awesome hand drawn visuals, and no limit on weirdness. And so I expected having good time watching it. What I didn’t expect is just how intense all of that is in this show. Maybe its because I haven’t seen any anime in a while, or maybe my passion for 80-90s anime grows this fast, but in any case after watching two episodes I got this “Wow O.o” feeling.

AngelCop 9

So here is what Angel Cop is. It is a show about a police department that fights against terrorism in Tokyo (I wonder where have I seen it before xP). Their methods are borderline legal, as they easily resort to torture, kidnapping, excessive use of violence and firearms. The main characters seem to be two field agents, Raiden and Angel. First one is pretty much a normal guy, a bit wild, not too scrupulous, but fairly honest and humane. Angel, to describe her I’ll use this bit of dialogue between her and Raiden:

Raiden: “What would you do if a terrorist took a child as a hostage?”

Angel: “I guess I’d take a shot. If kid get shot it would be terrorist’s fault”

AngelCop 3

Raiden aren’t wearing no shirt.

You can see that is not a typical hero’s logic. And it is not just words, she really lives by them, as it will be shown a bit later in the show. I would say this little detail alone makes the anime less linear, as we don’t know where she draws the line and so can’t predict her actions very well.

AngelCop 8

Angel (notice how Kawajiri-like is this character design)

The show has a lot of other little things I like. Characters are adults, some even middle aged men in shabby raincoats (reminds me of Columbo series I guess ^^) . The enemy so far is a gigantic dude that looks like he would fit into Fist of the North Star universe pretty well; and he dresses as if he is a part of a heavy metal band, which is also a plus :D Also among the enemies is an organisation named Red May that tries to establish world communism by bombing Tokyo, that is pretty funny. The big dude doesn’t find it funny though, cause he kills the communists guys on sight and he does it by blowing them up from the inside leaving a bloody mess that reminds be of one of Shaurya’s posts.

AngelCop 11

The big heavy metal dude Asura

How does he blow up someone from the inside you ask? Using his esper powers, of course! You thought there wouldn’t be espers in this anime? Maybe you also thought there won’t be cyborgs? Come on :P

Anyway, this anime is just a mindless entertainment, don’t let me fool you into thinking that there is anything deep about it. But I like it anyway ^^’ See you next time (^_^)/

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11 thoughts on “Angel Cop

  1. That’s it’s just mindless entertainment describes Angel Cop about right. I mostly enjoy it for the action and anti-Communist lines. And the animation from this time period–especially in OVAs–appeals to me.

    • Yeah every time they speak about politics or economy in this show they say something funny =) I like how it looks too. Just looked up the director’s name, it is Ichiro Itano (you probably know already), and he is also made Battle Royal High School, Violence Jack, one of Megazone 23 episodes. I wish he would do more of those OVAs, it seems like he had good ideas xD

    • :D I think she just has this young people thing, where they take some set of rules for granted and draw their conclusions from them, disregarding all that doesn’t agree with that logic. If you watch the show you’ll see, she is not saying those things because of some sophisticated way of thinking, rather because of the lack of thereof.

      Btw, I’ve only seen 3 episodes, so I can’t guarantee your safety beyond that :P It only has 6 episodes though.

      • It would have been a lot better if she thought about her actions and came to terms with all the cruel consequences she has to face because of her job >. < I am still going to watch this anime :P

        Oh, by the way, I finally found a manga that made me give it a 10/10 rating :3 It is Kyou Kara Ore Wa! \(^o^)/ I am having lots of fun reading it. It is sad that I'll complete all the chapters pretty soon T.T

        • Oh, so the manga is that good huh O.o Its a comedy right? About guys who wanted to become hooligans of some kind? =) I’ll definitely check it out :D I haven’t read any manga for like two weeks cause my laptop wasn’t working (had to re-install the OS, didn’t have internet for a while, all the happy things), and then when I got a bit of free time I went on a trip, returned only yesterday. If I had my laptop setup properly I could have watched a whole season of something, but alas it didn’t even had a video player installed >_<

          • I gave it a 10 right after I read a particular arc in the manga. After completing it, I would give it a 9.5 maybe XDD I am pretty picky. Yup. It is a comedy. You better watch the anime before you read the manga :P (You haven’t forgotten about my telling you that I would nag you into watching this anime, now have you? :3 )

            That is too bad >.< Did you lose some important data during that process? I hate it when I lose my data. Don't worry senpai :P You can start watching Kyou Kara Ore Wa now. I wouldn't mind :3 (Yup. I am evil :P )

            • 9.5 rounds up to 10 ya know :P Yes yes I will xD Why are you being specific doing it in that order though? =) Not that I have any complaints, the manga is 360 chapters, that will probably take me a couple of years to complete >_> So yeah I will for sure start with the anime ^^

              Nope, all’s well. It wasn’t like my OS crashed, it was just degrading. I had time to make backups =)

              • I know but I am too picky. What can I do? ._.
                That is because the manga art isn’t that good. It is too simple and some might even call it ugly. It needs some getting used to. If you watch the anime though, you will know what this manga has to offer and you can decide whether or not you want to read it =)

                That was a good thing =) I was pretty mad when my hard disk crashed. Now I back up my data every two weeks or something XDD I guess I am obsessed.

              • I see, okay =) I doubt the art style would scared me off though.

                I try to do the same thing. I’d say it is just normal :P

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