Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 1

I haven’t watched the original Psycho-Pass version and I wouldn’t be able to compare the two versions.

At the beginning, we see Akane Tsunemori, a new recruit of the CID, become part of a team hunting down a criminal. They are police and are called the MWPSB or the Public Safety Bureau.



A system called Sibyl made the jobs of these people extremely easy. It is possible to calculate the Psycho Pass of people. Psycho Pass is sort of the mental health of the individual and based on that, the crime coefficients of people can be calculated. It is the probability that a person might commit a crime. If the crime coefficient is high, the person will be locked or killed. All the inspectors like Akane have a team of people called Enforcers working under them. Enforcers are people that Sibyl decided are too harmful for the society and the only time they can go out is when they are investigating a crime. It must be convenient, leaving all the dirty work to the Enforcers.

Shinya Kogami- An Enforcer

Shinya Kogami- An Enforcer

I’ve seen enough Psycho-Pass images to know that Kogami is a protagonist but he didn’t get enough screen time in this episode. I didn’t expect him to be an Enforcer though. I wonder how crime coefficients are actually calculated? There isn’t enough explanation about that in the anime. Maybe Sibyl calculates the crime coefficient based on the person’s heartbeat, his stress levels, his history etc. I wonder if they are enough to say that a person is ‘bad’. There hasn’t been enough talk about how Sibyl works but I already dislike the system quite a bit. It makes the detectives  arrest or kill people who have done nothing wrong just because there is a probability that they might do something wrong. Now do you see something wrong with this logic? We all have moments when we get really mad and think of punching or hurting someone but it doesn’t mean that we will go ahead and do it. Sibyl will consider people like that dangerous because they’ve thought of using violence.

Kogami using a Dominator

Kogami using a Dominator. I am sure a lot of people would have liked to use this fancy gun

Dominators are said to be the eyes of Sibyl. They can calculate the crime coefficients and use a laser beam to paralyse or kill the  criminals. They are extremely powerful and leave  a bloody mess behind. If the dominators tell them to shoot, they shoot. The detectives job look extremely simple doesn’t it?

Dominators can make people explode. I guess there are a lot of anime that like doing this

Dominators can make people explode. I guess there are a lot of anime that like this killing method

Akane and her team had to hunt down a guy who ran away become the system detected that his Psycho Pass is clouded. He took a girl hostage. Kogami successfully killed the culprit but the girl’s psycho pass got clouded and that is understandable. She was living a peaceful and normal life until a guy took her hostage, raped her and abused her. She might have felt powerless, confused and angry. She might have thought about hurting the guy who did that to her. Sibyl decided that this girl is dangerous because she felt such strong emotions and the dominator’s mode in Kogami’s hand changed to the lethal eliminator mode, the mode used to kill people.

Interestingly enough, Kogami was going to shoot her, before Akane shot him with the paralyser mode. Akane later talked to the girl and managed to lower her crime coefficient and save her. It isn’t like Kogami was a cold hearted guy. He got used to shooting people using the dominator so much that at some point he stopped thinking about what he was doing. He shot when the Sibyl told him to shoot. That is all. There is also one more interesting person in the anime.Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 1  Watch anime online English anime online.mp4_000200424

His name was not mentioned but it is clear that he is the antagonist of this anime. He looks like the kind of person who does ‘bad’ things just because they are interesting. Antagonists like him are more interesting to watch than the antagonists who want to rule the world, or who do bad things because they are evil. Imagine a guy walking up to Aizen or Orochimaru and pointing a gun at them. They won’t be scared or angry, they’ll probably just give the guy an amused smile and see what the guy is going to do next. They won’t run or hide and that is precisely why they are interesting. I don’t know how the antagonist of this anime really is. Maybe I am just placing too many hopes on him because he looked interesting. I hope he won’t disappoint me though. I am more interested in Kogami’s and this guy’s characters more than I am interested in Akane’s character. She doesn’t look that promising. We’ve seen tons of characters who play the good protectors of justice part.

The music is normal and most of time you don’t even notice it. The animation is very good and the backgrounds are detailed. Take a look at the images below.

It looks pretty, doesn't it?

It looks pretty, doesn’t it?

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 1  Watch anime online English anime online.mp4_000239366 Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 1  Watch anime online English anime online.mp4_002324459Try watching this anime if you find time. I highly recommend this anime to all the anime fans who like psychological anime. I don’t recommend this to people who hate blood, violence and brutality  though.

See you next time ^^/



22 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 1

  1. I have seen this episode, liked it a lot =) It feels like an anime from the 80s or 90s. They draw from the same ideas as Ghost in the shell, Cyber city Oedo and Megazone 23 did. I actually felt thankful to the people who created this show because they decided to go back to the themes of older anime (which is always a risk) and did it well.

    The idea of a society that is being run by some sort of artificial intelligence that makes decisions who lives and who dies – that is kinda astounding, right? =) It is especially interesting for me cause I see increasing use of machines and AI as a good thing all around. If you can have a machine that determines whether or not this person is actually dangerous – wouldn’t that be awesome? No guess work on the police and jury’s part, no locking up people who are “potentially dangerous”, no risk of letting maniacs roam free. Of coarse Psycho-Pass is an anime and it is a tv show targeting big audience, so it needs exaggerations. They had to make this machine Sibyl look borderline insane, make it so police kill people in the most brutal fashion, by making them explode (another nod to the 80s anime =) ), they had to make this situation where Sybil does what looks like a poor judgement on this victim girl. Otherwise we the audience would not necessarily see the conflict here. But I can easily see this thing running perfectly, making no mistakes, making sure that citizens understand and respect the way the system makes decisions. And that is where it gets interesting. Cause from the ethical point of view it is still the same thing, a machine that makes decisions of great importance, a machine that have power over humans. There are so many ways you can look at it, so many arguments pro and against it that you can make. I think it deserves some thinking about =)

    I hope Kogami will turn out to be a good character. So far I haven’t seen a lot of him, so I can’t say anything. There is a stereotype of a sad-face hero, I hope he won’t be just that. I have better hopes for Akane though. She is a smart person, that usually makes for a likable character for me =) And while she is a nice friendly girl with principles and firm morals, she is put in a position where she can’t keep all of that. At the very beginning of her work she had to inflict harm on her senior colleague (which I am sure goes against many of her ideas of good behavior). Don’t you think she will have to continue testing her ideals further? =)

    I haven’t seen the rest of the show, but I’ll be happy to watch it, especially if I can look forward to you writing about the following episodes O:) :P

    • I knew that Psycho-Pass was somewhere on your ‘To watch’ list. So at first I was wondering about whether I should write a post about it. Then I was like, I might become an old woman by the time Sindar decides to write a post about this anime :3

      I haven’t seen many 80’s and 90’s anime. So I didn’t think it was such a common plot :O It was well done though ^.^b
      How would you determine that a person is dangerous? Think about it, I am someone who is capable of being more brutal than a lot of people out there. But it doesn’t mean I’ll just randomly kill people and if you try to hunt me down, you’ll only push me into a corner and I might kill for real. See what I mean? You make a person, who might not attack others normally, snap.
      On the other hand though, it would make a perfect society since dangerous people will either be killed or put under lock and key. You don’t have to be worried about being robbed on the street or being caught up in some serial murders. So it is not that bad. Who knows =) But I have trouble with letting some program decide peoples life and death. Since a program, in the end, is just a piece of code. It doesn’t think and it can’t judge. No program is perfect.
      I do think it will make a good society though, even if I don’t want to live in it =) I don’t think I can like Sybil, but if it was real, I probably would have accepted it =)

      I don’t have many hope for Akane, she is the kind of character we’ve seen a lot. The hero of justice who is just not strong enough ._. She doesn’t look that interesting to me. If she manages to become strong and accepts everything around her though, I am sure she will become a very interesting character. I am more interested in the antagonist though :3

      *steps back* You want me to write about the remaining episodes? :O This post ended up becoming really long and I thought I shouldn’t torture my readers with any more insane posts :3 I don’t mind it , since I am evil :P I like this series and I’ll enjoy writing about it. I don’t know how long it will take for me to write about the remaining posts though o.O

      • Yeah you were right xD I didn’t have plans writing about this series =) I really like it though.

        Well it is a fiction. They don’t have to give you an explanation or even make sure that their concept can work =) Let say that in this world people came up with a machine that can make a reliable judgment like that. It can tell who is actually dangerous. In your example you say that you have potential to be a dangerous person in some situations, but normally you are not. And the machine should be able to see that, and leave you alone =) That is the point, the machine can make precise judgement. Of course it seems incredible that someone can write a program that runs Sybil and allows it to make all those decisions. But to me the guns they use seem far more unrealistic :P Cause we know a lot about physics and there doesn’t seem to be a way to make a weapon that works like this thing. But programs, this field has barely been touched, we don’t even come close to our limits here. So I can easily imagine that in some futuristic society AI became smart enough to replace humans in some decision making jobs, even the important ones =)
        If you think of it in real life we kinda like to treat people in a mechanical fashion. We have numerous sets of rules and regulations that are applied pretty much automatically to every individual. And Sybil is like a parody, an illustration of where all this is going. Also the more self-contained this system gets the less obvious it is what place we humans have in it =) I mean, we already see fully automated production of goods; shops, banks, offices can exist in form of web sites, with no need for actual people to be involved. I can go on, the tendency is that we see less human involvement no matter where we look. So what people are going to be doing? :D Well programmers aren’t running out of work, that is for sure, so you personally have nothing to worry about ^^

        I would sure love to read your take on the following episodes :3 O:) Not to mention that it would motivate me to watch this series faster xD This post wasn’t that long, I wouldn’t mind a bigger version xP

        • Sorry for the late reply (_ _)

          If the machine could see that I have the potential to be dangerous but am a peaceful person under normal circumstances and laves me alone, it would no longer be just a machine. It would be some all seeing god or something XD I mean, how can you even say that a person might be dangerous but it is still okay to let the person loose? While I would like to see a society where AI is very advanced (I wouldn’t mind getting a robot that cooks and cleans the house for me :3 ), I don’t think I want to see a place where AI is the only thing that gets to decide things. All it can do is follow the set of instructions written by the programmers, even if it can make decisions, who are the ones who tell it how to make decisions? The programmers of course, they just program the machine that way.That kinda makes me feel uncomfortable.

          I’ll write about the remaining episodes soon =)

          • Well if you were born 300 years ago and I would suggest you that a machine can record and reproduce videos you would probably think this technology is also a beyond human reach =) I think this is one of the points of cyberpunk shows, to make you think about this outlandish situations that may or may not become relevant some time in the future. See, you just said that you don’t care for an AI that is making decision. I on the other hand is very tempted by the idea replacing modern politics with something actually logical :D Can you see my point? But now, how would I feel if an AI refuses me some right? What if I make some unreasonable request and the machine refuses? Would I still be okay with it? If it was a person who turned down my request I could say to myself “ah, that is just a scumbag, I should not let it bother me”. But if I have a grudge against the thing that governs everything, can I shrug it off like that? I expect Psycho Pass to go into this direction, give Akane or Kogami a reason to have a grudge against Sybil and show us how they deal with it ^^

            I still only seen the first one xD I’ve read some manga though \^-^/ Not Psycho Pass, I read Hunter x Hunter. That manga has so many faults, you wouldn’t believe it >_> If you were going to read it or watch the anime, I would like to warn you xD But it does a decent job portraying kids, they actually do act like children sometimes ^^ I am telling you all of this cause I am afraid to talk to any of actual HxH fans, they will probably kill me for looking down on this series xD Remember how much people talked about it on NBF forum? =) I kinda expected it to be a great shonen, better than Bleach and Naruto. Oh well.

            • Maybe I would have =) What is AI senpai? A big program that is good at doing something. Even if the program is really good, you can never say that it is perfect. Think about all the software we are using. We get new versions and patches all the time. Why do we need those? Because the program could have been better or there are some bugs in them. Now why are there bugs in the program? Does that mean that the testers didn’t do a good job? Nope. You can’t possibly cover all the possible scenarios during coding or testing. If the program comes across an unknown situation, it wouldn’t know what to do. Would you want to trust your life with something like that? I wouldn’t want to. Now what if someone manages to break into the system? That means the person who breaks in gets to be some kind of god. He would destroy the whole country in a matter of seconds =)
              I do like the idea of AI but I don’t want it to be the only one making the decisions. We need a say in the matters too =)

              Whoa O.O I expected HxH to be a perfect anime too. I guess it is good to be warned :3 I don’t have any intention of reading the manga though :P I would rather watch the anime =)

              • Okay (╯_╰)/ We present a fine example of an argument between an overly optimistic AI enthusiast and a skeptical programmer (who, unlike me, can make an actual AI if she tries ^.^) xP

                If you start watching HxH anime I’ll start sending you pictures from the manga, so you’d see how the characters looked in the original art >:P The manga artist who made this series created some pretty unique character designs that were lost in the animation; I can’t possibly let you walk past his works >:3

  2. Well that’s true ._. I am skeptical about having programs decide my life but I don’t mind programs helping me in my daily life. If there is a robot I could afford that would do all my household work, I would go ahead and buy it. But I wouldn’t buy a robot that would write a blog post in my place :P
    So senpai, make a robot for me, one that would cook, clean and do the laundry for me :3
    You know senpai, I’ve completed my software testing course and it made me feel all the more skeptical about software. After all the tests they perform and after all the hours of planning and testing, defects still creep into the program. So if making a piece of software for some organization is this hard, how would making a software that would decide who lives and who dies feel? It sounds scary :O It is like the blood will be on the testers hands when some kind of mistake is made.

    Okay =) I’ll tell you when I start watching HxH. I don’t see it happening any time soon though T.T Wow. There are anime whose art looks a lot better than the manga art, like SnK, I’ve seen a couple of pictures and it didn’t look all that awesome >.<

    • Yeah yeah, if I build something that can dust your bookshelves I’ll send you a free copy -.-/ Laundry though, you can just use a washing machine xP That reminds me of this picture –

      Oh absolutely, software tends to be full of little bugs. One of my college seniors now works at a company that is devoted purely to testing software for airplanes. For the important programs they do lie a complete test (don’t know the technical term), where they run every combination of inputs and check the response. I imagine people from that company would also be skeptical about an AI governing humans =)
      But there is another side to it. You know about genetic algorithms, right? Popular believe is that they can solve any problem, if you program them correctly and if you give them enough time. Its based on the idea that the algorithm mimics the way living creatures developed, though survival of the fittest and so on. Also there are pretty much the same believes floating around neural networks. Here it is based on the fact that neural networks mimic the way human brain operates. So lets assume that there is some truth to it, that you can make a program that is capable of solving any problem that a human can solve. Potentially it can be as smart a s a person, only it will arrive to the conclusions faster and will not have problems such as conflict of interests and such. And the best part is that you don’t need to program it to make specific decisions, the machine should be able to learn by itself. This way there is not this much space for program bugs (though there is a ton of uncertainty about what exactly the machine learned =) ).
      I’m just saying that both ways of thinking seem viable to me (^. ^)

      HxH kinda got better after a while (though the plot was as weak as ever -.- ), but then it got so much worse… I mean, where I am now, if the plot doesn’t make a turn (and I bet it won’t) we are stuck with enemies that are a bunch of newborn. They are strong, yes; but what is the fun in villains who can’t possible have any deer motives, any complicated ideology and believes! I am so disappointed in this decision the writer made -_-
      I’ll probably drop it, I don’t know. It was a good practice in reading fast, I’ll try to do it with other manga ^^

      I looked at it, you are right SnK art is pretty weak O.o Too bad :(

      • Washing machines don’t fold the clothes or iron them :P I said I wanted a robot that would do ‘all’ the household work for me >. <
        That picture is pretty funny though :3

        I haven't heard of genetic algorithms :O They sound pretty awesome. If a robot like that can be developed, I wouldn't be against having it play a role in the government, though it sounds a little too good to be true -.-''

        That is too bad. I wonder if I will be disappointed with the anime too o.O
        If you are going to pick another manga, try Kyou Kara Ore Wa (Yes, I am pestering you :3)

        • They don’t? :O Oh my… x(

          It’s actually pretty hard to automate ironing. There is a lot of factors that are hard to determine before hand, like shape of the clothing you iron, and the way you want it to look after you finish.Ironing bad sheets should be doable though ^. ^
          I think the actually smart way to do all this is make people use laundry service. Then you can make one big complicated costly machine that can serve thousands of people. And you can easily automate talking clothes to and from the laundry. Same with cooking and dishes, people should eat at remonstrants. And in an ideal word that should be cheaper than eating at home, cause restaurant mass produce its service, while at home you do hand labor. That’s a theory though, in reality its the other way around >_>

          I’m skeptical about the power of those algorithms =) They are just a global optimization tool, I’m pretty sure math can provide even better tools to do the tasks people give to genetic algorithm programs. If anything, seeing genetic algorithms at work made me less convinced in the role natural selection played in evolution.

          Apparently I am reading pretty much the worst part of the manga, the writer was sick or something, he had trouble being of schedule, and he published drafts instead of actual chapters. they fixed that in the new anime version. I still don’t want to waste time on the anime, it is just way too long.

          Watched one episode of Kyou Kara Ore Wa today =) Its a pretty good comedy. There are moments that could have been done even better, like the part where Itou let himself get beaten up to save the girl. I mean, I get that he is chivalrous and straightforward, and I get that the story needed this to happen to play off the difference between him and Mitsuhashi. But still, its pretty dumb =) He should have just told the guys that they should be worried about their own lives, use some other threats, terrify them enough so they would let go of the girl. And it would be in the spirit of the show, cause its all about Itou and Mitsuhashi bulling bullies.
          I like how the show is drawn too, and all the older animation tricks they use, so nice *-*

          • >. <

            I would love a laundry service like that. If eating at restaurant was cheaper, it would be great. I don't like the idea of cooking and I might have to cook for myself if I started working T.T

            I wonder how they build the genetic algorithms. I am sure there is a lot of biology involved and I doubt I would be able to make it's head or tail :(

            If a series has an anime and a manga version, I usually pick the anime version o.O

            Oh! He does that a lot in the manga too (By lot I mean during the entire 366 chapters) ._. It was annoying how Itou would play the good guy and get betrayed or beaten up. It wasn't that bad because Mitsuhasi is there, making fun of Itou for being a good guy :3 The best thing about this show is Mitsuhashi's character XD The rest of the characters are ordinary or boring but Mitsuhashi is different. I haven't seen a person like him in other shows. I prefer the manga to the anime though. At first I was like "It has 366 chapters X(" but then I was like "It only has 366 chapters T.T" XDD I have lost count of the number of times I reread some of the chapters :3
            So once you are done with the anime, start reading the manga :P

            • When I think about cooking for myself my thoughts immediately go to cheating my way out of it ^^ Like eating more raw veggies and such xD

              Speaking about robots, here look at this Those are more or less best walking robots as of now =) Some of them were actually able to do the tasks though (including driving a car, walking through debris, opening a large valve, cutting hope in a wall, etc.)
              If you watch it thinking that they are modelling drunk people it actually looks like good performance :P

              Nah, genetic algorithms are straightforward programming, you won’t have any problem with it. In a couple of words it works like this. You make random guesses at what the solution for a given problem is, then you see how close each guess is, then take best guesses and combine them with the rest (breed them), then delete the old guesses (kill the old generation), and repeat the process with new guesses that you’ve bred. That’s all =) You need a way to tell which guess is better (you use what so-called fitness function), you need a way to breed the guesses (that is done by some simple data manipulation). Its a bit tedious to code all this, at least that is what stopped me from going too deep into it. But I think coding doesn’t tire you out as fast as it does me :D

              Yeah he is definitely different from the rest of the characters =) I like Itou too though. He way he looks and acts, its such a contrast, it adds so much to the comedy. The end of the episode where Itou, the sad hero of the story, was walking with his ridiculous hair and stupidly large uniform and a crutch, it was kinda hilarious :D

  3. Oh, I am gonna cheat my way out of cooking too :P I don’t like eating raw vegetables. There are tons of curry points in cities these days. I would probably go buy some curries and cook rice. It would be better if I don’t have to cook rice either :3

    Those are the best walking robots around? TT_TT What have you people been doing? :O Start working right now and make me a nice little robot in like 15 months 0:) I know making a robot walk is tough. I mean you have to know which leg you are supposed to lift and how far you are supposed to put it and you have maintain your balance while doing it. I am still mean enough to complain though >:)

    That is it? :O Since they were called ‘genetic’ algorithms, I thought they would mimic a human being, how they grow up, learn new things and filter them, sort of like building an artificial brain that doesn’t have emotions >.<
    Straight forward programs are not that interesting :P

    That mangaka doesn't mind putting Itou in a dangerous position and show us how much trouble his chivalry gives him. If they had to fight like 50 opponents, Itou would be like 'Good will triumph' and would get beaten up. Mitsuhashi on the other hand, would simply run away XD

    • It sounds good too =) I mean every once in a while its okay, eating curry every day would probably destroy my stomach xD But I definitely want to check out those curry points if get to visit India >:3

      You would be surprised, but it is actually a really big progress – being able to walk up to a door, open it, drive a car and so on. When I was a freshman the best two legged walking robots were Honda’s ASIMO. They were barely able to walk up stairs, even though the robot had been programmed to take one single rout. It will take yet another couple of decades to get to a point where robots can walk just like humans =) Unless we come up with some really good idea for controlling their motion.

      No, it is rather mimicking progress of a bunch of rabbits :D Development of an individual rabbit doesn’t exist in genetic algorithms either, it is only interested in selecting the best newborn from the current generation and creating the next one immediately after. I think it should be easy to make a parallel program out of it, since most of the computations are checking how good each rabbit is =)

      I see =) Btw, I’ve just finished reading all there is to read in Hunter x Hunter, and I have to admit that it is not as bad as I said it was. It is a weird manga, it manages to make every new arc look bad and boring; and then somehow change the pace so by the end of the arc it is actually pretty cool and interesting. I don’t think its a compliment, but that is how I feel =) The most recent arc (where the anime has ended) kind of impressed me. It is still nothing that could justify watching 100+ episodes, but now I am not regretting all the time I’ve put into reading the manga.
      So I have to warn you, I might end up writing my impression about this manga, and it will be full of spoilers \^^’ You should probably stop me before I do that O:)

      • I eat curry everyday and I haven’t destroyed my stomach yet :P Why would you want to check out the curry points? You will have to cook rice and that would be a pain. You would be better off eating at a restaurant :P

        I like the way ASIMO looks like, sort of like a middle schooler carrying a backpack XD
        I see. So no cooking robot for me T.T

        Mimicking the process of a bunch of rabbits? I would rather vote for Sibyl ._.

        So HxH is a good manga :3 I’ll read the manga after I finish watching the anime. Go ahead and write a post about the manga senpai. I don’t mind reading your spoilers :P

        • I keep thinking about curry and rice as a one thing xD I guess I imagined something like those Japanese open air ramen shops =)

          Yeah he does :D
          Take a look at this video It is made by one those AI enthusiasts. Its a showcase of how you can use an advanced genetic algorithm to teach a neural network to play a video game =) Looks pretty cool and it shows a lot of pros and cons for using genetic algorithms. Like It is amazing that the program learned to beat the game on its own without any human help. But at the same time that took it 24 hours, while with a graph search method (like A* algorithm) you could have done it in minutes.

          Yeah it is =) I wish the writer would hire a clean-up man though, cause there are parts that just need to go >_> And all the sketch drawings too, someone needs to redraw like 20 chapters.. But the story is pretty good, and since it is the same in anime and manga you can just stick to anime ^^

          • Curry isn’t a single thing either. There are millions of curries out there that can be made :P

            It is so awesome *-* I wish I was good enough to make a program like that *-* Anyone can write an A* algorithm :P Genetic algorithms are cooler :3 I took a look at the code too *-*

            HxH just got a higher priority in my to watch list :3

            • (_ _)/

              You can use genetic algorithm to tune the heuristic function of the A* algorithm :P I think neural network is the bottleneck here =) It is still awesome though.

              I looked at the paper he referred to in the video :D Kinda funny how we picked different links xP I mean, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the code anyway ^.^’ Didn’t read the whole paper though, it is pretty complicated ._.

              • Yup. It is awesome :P

                I guess I picked the code because I thought I would appreciate the code more than the theory >. < The code is complicated too @.@

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