Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 2

Psycho-Pass is a great anime and I want to write a post for each of it’s episodes. It will probably take a long time for me to do that and I apologize for that in advance =)

The episode started with the white haired antagonist talking to one of his subordinates. Right now it looks like he is just helping people commit crimes. If there is a guy who wants to kill someone, he would provide him with ammunition. He looks like he is just doing this for amusement since he doesn’t benefit from the crimes in anyway. Maybe he is afraid of dirtying his hands or maybe he thinks watching the crimes if more fun than committing them. We don’t know for sure yet. If it turns out that he is afraid of dirtying his hands I would be disappointed since I assumed at the beginning that he would make a good antagonist.

I wish they would tell us his name already

I wish they would tell us his name already.

In the first part of the episode, the antagonist provided a guy who was being bullied with a memory disc that could be used to hack drones. The guy used the drones to kill the people who bullied him.

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 2  Watch anime online English anime online.mp4_000803148

It is funny how Sibyl doesn’t mind people being bullied as long as they manage to keep their psycho pass clear

Here is another interesting point. When Kogami saw him being bullied he got mad and he helped the guy. But when he came to know that the guy might be the one who killed his colleagues he didn’t mind pushing him into a corner until he snapped.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

He is nice and kind under normal conditions but when  he is on duty he really is like a hunting dog. He was smiling like he was having fun when he shot a drone. I’ve come to like his character quite a bit.

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 2  Watch anime online English anime online.mp4_001339563

People like Kogami make good detectives

In the second part of the episode the MWPSB has to break into a house because the toilet in the house has been broken for two months and the owner still hadn’t reported it. I sure don’t want to live in an era where police barge into my home just because I haven’t reported a broken toilet. Kogami found traces of a struggle in the house and they confirmed that the house’s owner has been killed but the owner’s avatar is still active in an online community.  This time the antagonist is helping a guy kill people and impersonate their avatars. In the antagonist’s words, he is just giving people a nudge in the right direction and watching them become wolves or guinea pigs.

I wish our virtual reality is as advanced *_*

I wish our virtual reality is as advanced *_*

That is it. The episode was action packed. There wasn’t an elaborate plot or explanations in this episodes. It looks like the animators are trying to make us get acquainted with the way the antagonist, Kogami and MWPSB worked. It was fun to watch and I am looking forward to the next episode. I wish they would tell us more about Kogami and the antagonist in the next episode.

See you next time ^^/

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24 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 2

  1. Ah, you finally released this post :D Been in production for like a month, wasn’t it ^. ^ I’ll watch the episode tomorrow, and then read your impression =)

      • Yeah I should have ^^’ You know how it is, procrastination takes over (_ _) But I’ve watched it now, finished just a minute ago =)
        xD I was just teasing you xP

        You know what I liked the most about this episode? The factory manager :P This type of villain I can get behind :3 He is totally unlikable, definitely has some calculated selfish motives. He is being in a higher up position and he is using his power to project his clinical will onto his workers. That is something real, something I would like see defeated. I mean, the white haired guy so far seems like some exotic beast, but this dude is just like a bear in his lair. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Kogami going against him? ^_^ Well, I just assumed he is more than a one episode character, cause they didn’t do anything with him after the big showdown with Kogami shooting drones; they just shown him watching the scene over the monitors.

        Kogami does act like a hunting dog. I wonder what they are trying to pull off with him. I think he has some hidden motives that we will see as the story goes on. I don’t think we can yet judge his personality. For example, it seems like he shows respect for Akane, but he didn’t mind risking her life for his personal enjoyment when he provoked that yellow-green guy at the factory. And he is not stupid, so it must have been a conscious decision. That behavior doesn’t fit any easy templates, like “knightly hero with sad past” or “smart, cold as ice guy, with no wasted movements”. Or another example, Kogami seems to dislike Sybil, yet he is so eager to do his work. I am starting to like him a lot more, he makes the anime much more interesting to watch =)

        Their idea of how the future internet looks is kinda funny :D

        • Good. Now keep watching till you complete watching all the episodes. Well it’ll probably take you like 6 months to do that ._. My list of ‘Anime I will make Sindar watch’ just keeps increasing >:(

          Yup. That factory manager looked real =) I liked that part.
          What I liked about this episode is the exchange between Masaoka and Akane. He said that if she managed to see the same world Kogami is seeing, her psycho pass would be as high as his. It sounds like a sound argument. The world Kogami and Akane see is different. If she saw what Kogami sees and felt what he feels, would she still be able to be herself? What do you think =)

          Of course Kogami’s character doesn’t fit any common templates :P We are talking about a guy who didn’t mind killing a girl because Sibyl told him to kill her. He is smart and strong too. He is not our typical protagonist and that makes him more likeable. I also liked how he was like “Are you okay?” one minute and the next minute he was like “I am gonna destroy your life.” with the yellow-green guy. We can’t call him a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ guy easily. I don’t think I was bothered by how he didn’t mind putting Akane’s life in danger. After all she is part of the MWPSB and she should have known what she signed up for =)

          • Maybe a little less than 6 month >_> I just finished watching last season of JoJo’s, took me only a month or so xP
            I kinda want to catch up exactly to where you are in Psycho Pass, so to be in the same boat as you what we talk about it :P

            It is quite a list, right? :D Let me think, there will be Monster, Twelve Kingdoms, Kyou kara Ore wa, Mushishi, Rurouni Kenshin, Darker than Black, FMA Brotherhood, Black Butler, Natsume’s Book of Friends… and probably a lot more :D

            Talking about that manager, I think they used rotoscope animation when making close-ups with him. It is a technique where you first film a real actor, and then draw over the footage. There is an anime made entirely by this method, it’s called Flowers of Evil. Here is a picture from that show–8ei2SdXF–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18k6w5j609ggijpg.jpg You can see this weird quality rotoscope animation produces =)

            I think it depends on how you interpret his words. If he meant that the knowledge Akane needs to understand Kogami will break her psychi, then it is just his personal assessment of Akane’s mental strength. There is no way of being sure whether he is right or not =) But I think he was saying that in order to understand another person you need to submerge into the same way of thinking. And if you make yourself think the same way as a psycho does (I’m just using word ‘psycho’ for convenience here), it makes sense that Sybil would score you as a psycho =) But I don’t think it is the only method you can use to understand another person. You can also try to collect the clues about his ways of thinking, and use logic to analyse it. I was reading some commentary written by a psychologist, where he was talking about treatment of mental illnesses. He specifically mentioned that you should not try to put yourself into the shoes of your patient, not try to “think as they think” and so on, cause that is counter productive. I think both methods have their downsides. First methods that I think Masaoka talks about would likely lead you to creating delusions about the person you are studying. Even if you try to think as that person does, you are a different individual, you will just produce a poor imitation with lots features that never were there in the original. Second methods on the other hand will take way too much effort to achieve any results, cause human is way too complex for any kind of simple analysis. That is what I think :P
            Come to think about it, how do we usually go about “understanding” other people? We mostly memorize how they react in different situations =) We get our information from conversations, mutual experiences and so on. We can use it as puzzle pieces to reconstruct a picture of that person, we can predict their behavior in the situations that are just combinations of what had already happened. But I think it doesn’t work that well when we try to predict what the person will do in a completely new situation. Same with Akane, the longer she knows Kogami the easier it should be for her to make correct guesses as to what he will do next. But when something completely different comes about (which I expect would happen a lot, since that show is supposed to be entertaining ^^) she will be left clueless about what goes on in Kogami’s mind =)

            Yeah it was an interesting moment =)
            Well whether or not Akane is a part of MWPSB doesn’t change the fact that Kogami made a decision to ignore her safety, even though it was absolutely unnecessary =) I am not bothered by that, it just says something about his personality. Akane didn’t make any comment to that afterwards, which also speaks about her as a person.

  2. Okay. Good job. Keep going :P
    It would be kind of hard for you to catch up with me -.-‘’ I am not gonna tell you why ._.

    Add Seirei no Moribito, Kaiji, Gin no Saji and Aru Tabibito no Nikki to that list :3

    Wow. Rotoscope animation sounds tough O.O You know, I would have known that it is from Flowers of Evil just by looking at the animation =) I read a little about it. I was kinda wondering about whether I should watch it. It is supposedly a psychological anime with a dark plot. I decided not to watch it in the end since the story didn’t really suit my taste =)

    Yup. You know sometimes I think that people don’t really understand others. You can try to understand their situation and their feelings but you can’t really know what it feels like to be in their head. You can’t see the world they see and feel the exact same emotions they feel. If we could somehow do this I don’t think our world will remain the same =) Because looking at the world through someone else’s eyes can be scary, because you might look at the same picture and see different things.

    Well that is true. I kinda have trouble giving Akane any credit -.-‘’ She doesn’t seem interesting to me and so far she hadn’t really done anything productive. Maybe I am being too harsh in my judgement but I don’t want to watch another Sakura or Orihime >.< I might change my opinion in the future though =)

    • ^.^

      Aru Tabibito no Nikki sounds good ^^ And its only 20 minutes long too xD I’ll start with that one :P Is Seirei no Moribito that good? =)

      Rotoscope is probably easier than normal animation, since you don’t need to work out shape and position of your characters, camera angles and so on. Ah so you looked at Flowers of Evil too :D I think it is the kind of story that is psychological in a sense that it will make the viewer feel embraced for the characters =) I can see why you wouldn’t pick it, I don’t know if I could sit through the whole thing too.

      I think if we could jump into other person’s head, it would be surprisingly lame =) Like we wouldn’t learn anything, at least if we just sit there for a minute or too. I think most of our unique decision making processes go on in the background, not on the conscious level, so really we would not only have to jump into another person’s head, but make his brain spew out all sorts reasonings for us =) And I don’t think you would even know where to start :D

      Do you mean that you don’t favor Akane cause she is too much dependent on her team and can’t do a lot by herself? That’s interesting =) I feel she does really well for a rookie, so I don’t get any negative feelings here. Just the way she doesn’t shy away from all sorts of uncomfortable situations is enough for me =) I think I am directing that same kind of irritation towards Ginoza, who seems to me to be just as useless as Akane; but since he is an experienced detective, I can’t go easy on him.

      • You’ll probably like Aru Tabibito no Nikki =) It has unique art. Yup. Seirei no Moribito is really good. It is one of those anime I’ll nag you into watching. I’ll write a post about it sometime soon :3

        Flowers of Evil manga has a surprisingly good rating. That was why I wasn’t so sure about deciding not to watch it. It can’t be rated that high if it is all about embarrassing moments right? Hmm..I dunno. I might give it a try some time or maybe I won’t o.O

        I think it would be interesting. A feeling you think you understand might be more intense when you’re in the person’s head. Also think about this. We usually label a person ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and if we happen to get into a ‘good’ person’s head and see a huge mess there, we will probably never be able to feel the same way about the person anymore =) But then again, I have a sick imagination >. <

        To me Ginoza is different. I can see potential in his character, a back story that will tell us why he is so cold towards all the enforcers, I can even see him change and acknowledge the enforcers. But Akane, I can't see any real character development for her except being the justice hero stereo type.

        • Just from the pictures I guess Seirei no Moribito is a period piece, or something of the kind. Most of the anime set in old Japan that I’ve seen are 90s OVAs, and they were definitely not about deep plot of characters :D I don’t mind watching Seirei no Moribito, it seems like a serious show, and if it. wasn’t good at what it’s doing, you wouldn’t have recommended it. Also I looked up the people who made it, and I got a good impression =) I’ll wait for your post \^^/

          Well people like that kind of thing too. Feeling embarrassed, being put into a shameful situation, that is very real, I think everyone has that experience. People seek other unpleasant feelings, like scare, disgust, anxiety (I mean, there are entire genres like thrillers, body horror, gore), I can easily imagine that some would like to see Flowers of Evil just for this stinging feeling of embarrassment and pity for the characters =) I don’t do well with that sort if stuff though, it hurts me to see people being humiliated >.>
          Maybe you’re right, I don’t know. If the animation will seduce me into watching the show, then I’ll tell you for sure what it’s all about :D

          Well, I think if are in other person’s head and you soddenly feel a strong emotion, you’ll just be left in confusion, cause you still wouldn’t know where it is coming from, and what is the justification of it is. You’ll probably be like “that guy is weird, what’s up with that reaction O.o”. It would still take a ton of time to dig up all the links of the chain that connect his current reactions with some events from his life. Even when you are using your own head it sometimes takes you a while to understand why you feel this particular way about something =)

          We will have to invent another word then. Cause a ‘good’ person with a messed up head is still a good person, in the sense of the word we use now =) We will need another adjective to say that a person is also perfectly normal inside :D Btw, I bet we would also need to adjust our morals and ethics quite a bit, since there is no way all the private thoughts of any given person would be considered appropriate by our current standards =) Even now, without thought reading devices, we barely manage to hold our tongues and at least maintain a civil outward appearance and manners xD

          Oh yeah, there is a great potential in him for character development (or digression, would be fun too ^^). But in the show, as a professional detective he is pretty bad :P

          • Yo! (Yep. I am just going to pretend like my reply hasn’t been looooong overdue :P )

            Seirei no Moribito actually makes you think ‘Ah! It is a historical anime ^^ ‘ The art, music and characters are pretty good. The anime deserves to be more popular >.<

            Okay :P

            It would be interesting though. People managed to get into someone's head and felt something they didn't understand, they would it the very least, understand that they are different people and they couldn't judge the other person since the intensity of what they feel is completely different =) I wonder how people would react to something like that.


            Yup. Ginoza is a pretty bad detective. Still he manages to make me feel less pissed off than Akane does ^^'

            • :D Glad you still remember this place xP I’ve made as many as 1 post while you weren’t around, can you believe this productivity xD

              Oh really? That sounds good =)
              You know, recently I’ve been watching YouTube channel called Numberphile ( and I saw a lot of professional mathematicians. And some of them kinda looks like they are ill :O So I got this hopefully wrong impression that focusing all your attention on math might
              be detrimental to one’s health xD Maybe I should get back into regular anime watching, or into books or something, just like a safety measure :3
              I’m not being serious ^^

              That’s weird, I was going to write you about this idea, and I totally forgot that we were discussing a similar thing here. I was thinking about implications of having a machine that can connect two brains in a way that they would be functioning like one. So if the two people who own the brains had different ideas and believes they would have no choice but to work it out. It would like you have one mind with the capability and experience of the two minds that formed it. So that mind would (or should) find a way to sync the ideas that it inherited. And if one of the two connected brains was capable of rigorous logic and analysis both brains would be able to use its abilities and gain from it. Sounds good, right? So much educational benefits, so much possibilities to solve social misunderstandings and so on. But then, you have studied enough CS to guess what this can lead to =) Self replicating ideas spreading from person to person would be the most obvious threat. Loss of identity is less obvious, but still real. What do you think about it ? =) Also do you think it is a bit similar to what you were describing? =)

              You know I’m glad in Slayers, the one anime with female lead I recommended you (were there other ones?.. Lucky Star doesn’t count :P), Lina was a strong independent person, at least I don’t have to worry that her characters was irritating you :P Just picking on you ^.^

  3. Howdy! I am on the lookout for Manga/Anime bloggers and stumpled across your blog. I could not find your contact details, could you please send me an email: alysonburston[at] — It is regarding writing about Anime and Manga type of offer. This is not spam by the way. Thank you.

  4. Of course I remember this place. Give me some credit >. < Keep up the productivity speed senpai (^.^)b :P

    I took one look at that youtube channel and decided that it is not a place people like me are supposed to enter :3 Just kidding. The video titles looked interesting but not enough to lure me into watching them :3

    That sounds like a good idea. If we connect two brains, we will have more computational power and storage space. Just kidding :P Yeah, it is an awesome idea and I would be amazed if someone actually managed to do this. On the other hand though, I don't think it would work well. Because you see, people are not built to function this way. If you absolutely have to work with someone else, you will feel cornered and frustrated. Even in a computer system, why do we have priorities, coordinators and master and slave mechanisms? Even in function overloading, the inherited class would rather call it's own function than the parent class' function. When a program gives such importance to it's own code, it would only be natural for humans to give more importance to their own ideas than inherited ones. If we think of these two brains as a single system with conflicting ideas, the system would just become inconsistent. That is what I think as a CS student but as a person, I think the two people wouldn't work together just because their brains are linked. They would just keep arguing their own points :P
    This is not what I had in my mind :P I meant it in a more brief manner, like being able to peep into the heads of someone for a moment or two. No more :P

    Yup. I like Lina \(^.^)/ She is pretty awesome :3 By the way, I am wathcing Shaman King right now and there is this female character called Anna. She is our typical female lead with no fighting power but I like her. She is the best spiritual medium and can summon any spirit she wants. That is about it. She doesn't go around wishing she could help the protagonist and she doesn't apologize for her lack of power either. I mean why should she? It wasn't her fault that her power was different from the others. The best part is that she doesn't expect others to protect her either. Of she gets into a dangerous situation, she would do something about it herself. And if she died, she wouldn't complain. Sure she is a bit arrogant but she doesn't piss me off :3

    • :D

      It is not too interesting. I just watch it occasionally ^^ On a side note though, you know there is this theorem called “Banach–Tarski paradox”; it says that there is a way to cut a ball in a such a way that you can glue the pieces back together and get two balls =) It can’t be done with a physical object, cause the cut is impossibly complex, so don’t bother checking it with an experiment :D So when I first heard of it I thought “yeah that is where me and high math go different roads, no way I am diving this deep into that stuff o.o”. I thought the proof would have to be way too abstract for me. But the other day I saw a video about it (this one:; don’t bother with it, its kinda too long) and it made me see how the thing is done >:O And now I feel okay about this paradox, it doesn’t seem like it is “too much” =)
      So basically I’ve given you an update on my sanity status ^ .^

      Well what I had in mind is connecting two brains in such a way that for as long as they are connected the two individual personalities would merge into one new one. There would be just one person with two bodies sitting in a lab, thinking things over =) When the connection is broken there will again be two people, but they would inherit the results of the mental work done by that joint individual. Of course there is no saying that it can be done at all (I mean, even on a philosophical level there is a big question of what a personality is, so saying that it can merge is pretty bold), and even more questions about whether or one one can even start listing all possible consequences for the two people participated in the experiment.
      You know, I bet there is a book with that plot somewhere out there, it just sounds too sci-fi not to exist already :D About all the safety precautions, master-slave structure and so on, I was specifically thinking about a system where there are no regulations =) The idea is that a brain is amazing at dealing with internal conflicts, while we as separate individuals aren’t. So instead of putting our hands in and trying to tweak the well working system we may as well let it run on its own.

      Well she is capable, right? I guess it makes a difference =) And that thing you mentioned, that she doesn’t focus on helping a guy, I guess it is something I didn’t think about before, but in cases of, say, Orihime, Sakura, Akane it is definitely there O.o That’s a good point. It definitely is detrimental to their characters that they don’t have goals on their own. I think I’m starting to see it better =)

      • You told me not to bother watching it but I watched it anyway and now I think it is a sound argument too :O Oh sure, I still have my doubts about it happening in the real world but I can no longer say ‘It is impossible’ casually. So I guess my sanity status isn’t much different from yours >.> I watched another couple of videos made by him. He is pretty awesome *_*

        I think that is pretty impossible. I mean you can’t merge two brains into one without any problems and expect to separate it after you’re done. Each brain has it’s own way of working. It’s own computational power, it’s own database called memories and it’s own way of retrieving the data it needs. I know people say that your heart does the feeling and your brain does the thinking. But that is completely wrong, isn’t it? After all heart is just a pumping device. You can ‘feel’ things because of your brain too. So in a way, a brain is all we are. We don’t have to go to the philosophical level, I guess physical and mental level would be enough for the argument.:P . Merging two different cores with two different personalities and expecting it become one seems a bit too far fetched to me. I think internal conflicts work out because we know what kind of people we are and at some sub-conscious level, we know what our decision will be. I mean come on, even while we argue with ourselves, we, at some level usually know what the outcome is going to be.

        No she isn’t. She is just your ordinary female lead with no real powers and she doesn’t care. She hit the antagonist once since he got on her nerves. If he decided to kill her, he could and she knew it. Yet she went ahead and hit him with her usual calm and expressionless face and she didn’t really care about the outcome of her actions.

        • Okay :D I thought the part where he was labeling the points on the surface of the ball was too dry, didn’t want you to be bored with it; and the beginning is just college math, not too interesting either. But the part with Hilbert’s hotel is pretty cool =) I think it’s something anyone can understand, yet for some reason it isn’t really well known O.o

          Out of Michael’s videos the thing I liked the most so far was a little piece where he was talking about the relation between us of today with us from, say 20 years into the future. I can’t remember the words, but he was saying that we all tend to have this strange idea that current us is what we will be in the future, that we are a finished product and aren’t going to change. That thought of course is a little silly, since we all know how much everyone changes in their life span. Michael went further from there, saying that really we now and we in two decades have so little in common, it is almost strange that we care about that future person =) Our appearances are different, out social position is different, we have different experiences. The future me does share my memories, but not all of them and the shared memories are hazy and scattered for him; and I don’t even have a clue about the memories of 20 years of his life =) Same with the past us, with how we were a couple decades back. I guess you can see why I liked that piece :D We talked about it before and I was awkwardly trying to get to this point; I think I remember you had a different take on this though ^.^

          Yeah, maybe that thought experiment takes more suspension of disbelief than it is worth =)
          Remember that idea I’ve mentioned, that a consciousness is just a public relation department of a brain? =) If you take this way of thinking than the situation you describe, where you argue with yourself when you already know the answer is just a decision making part of your brain providing you with a decision that you then consciously contemplate, working out how you are going to present that decision to others =) But the actual conflict solving goes on on a subconscious level. I guess it is those decision making core that needed to be merged, not the PR departments :D But since a brain is one thing and can’t be separated it is silly to ask for that kind of connection.. so yeah, holes everywhere ._.

          Okay =) Sounds like an interesting character anyway ^^ Though I guess I am weird, but I don’t really mind weak characters. I want to re-watch Evangelion specifically because of Shinji Ikari, who is like a symbol of passive spineless self-pitying weakling O.o

          • I found the chocolate rearranging part more interesting :3

            Decision making core depends on our memory to make the decision doesn’t it? Our past experiences and our ideals usually play an important role in our making a decision. So yeah. There are too many holes :P

            Evangelion is in my to watch list. I guess I’ll have to wait until I watch the anime to see what I think of Ikari :3

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