MAID OF THE DEAD – Japanese clay animation

Have you seen clay animation before? I have, I can remember at least one Soviet animation made using this technique (and there are probably more). But this is my first time seeing Japanese clay animation. I thought I would share it, since the movie is posted on YouTube by it’s creator and it is only 3 minutes long.

Caution: excessive violence and gore. (By the way, isn’t it somehow ridiculous to use word “gore” describing a clay animated movie? =) )

The movie is made by Nagao Takena. The guy created a bunch of those shorts. Surprisingly, most of them are… well I don’t know how to put it, I guess they are something you wouldn’t want to show to your 8 years old nephew. There is other one called Chainsaw Maid, and I am kinda debating whether or not I count it as actually being gore O.o Here is a link if you want to see for yourself – Chainsaw Maid.

What do you think about those movies? =) See you next time (^_^)/


4 thoughts on “MAID OF THE DEAD – Japanese clay animation

  1. I’ve watched Takena’s Bloody Night before =) I was impressed with the clay animation but the story didn’t leave me wanting more :P It kinda looked like there was just gore and no story ._. After reading your post, I went and watched Maid of the Dead, Chainsaw Maid and Bloody Date. Again, they didn’t make me wanna watch the rest of his animations. I like his animations but that is about it. I need better stories than that to make me keep watching ._.

    • Oh yeah, there is no story to those action pieces =) I kinda like how the guy tries to pull off a horror with clay figures :D Remember that scene in Chainsaw Maid where the woman spits out a whole pile of something that looks like her organs? I can hardly imagine that done with traditional animation, it would be just too gross for general audience. But with clay you can do it and it doesn’t seem too edgy… cause it’s clay, come on, how can it be edgy =) Or maybe it’s just me, and it actually is gross O.o Did you feel that any scene in those movies was grossing you out? I seriously doubt it, but who knows =)

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