Anime Movie Guide

I’ve recently stumbled upon a website “Anime Movie Guide”, the owner, whoever he/she is, made a list of “the best and only the best anime movies”. Here is the link.

I really like the list they have made. Too bad they didn’t include Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s movies, especially Vampire Hunter D. Thinking of the other famous ones that aren’t there I would name Angel’s Egg (haven’t seen it yet), Redline, Macross: Do You Remember Love, Barefoot Gen (have not yet seen this one either). But I mostly am happy with the list in terms of completeness.


I think there are a few movies that don’t need to be on the list. Like movie versions of TV series, namely Madoka Magika movies and Evangelion remakes. I understand that you can watch Evangelion: 1.0  on its own, so it is just as good a movie as anything else. But you can’t watch Evangelion: 2.0 on its own, you need to see the first movie first, and that starts to blend the boundary between a movie and a series… anyway, it is not too big of a deal.

They also have an OVA guide, but it’s very incomplete at the moment. Still, there are a few interesting suggestions there =)

That’s it from me, see you next time ^_^/


2 thoughts on “Anime Movie Guide

    • Same here :D I remember after watching Totoro this spring (or whenever I saw that movie O.o) I decided it would be a great idea to watch a good film every other week, or something like that. Turned out I watch a movie very second month or so ._.

      People describe Angel’s Egg as dark, weird and sad movie. The director is Mamoru Oshii, the guy who made Ghost in the Shell movie. For me it is enough to be interested =) I also like weird, so I am definitely watching it.

      If you are planning on seeing another Ghibli movie give a thought to Porco Rosso. It is a very nice film, more adventurous than Totoro, but not too serious. I’d love to hear what you think of some the characters ^^/ The story takes place in pre-war Europe, and the hero is a plane pilot. He is also a pig ^. ^
      To be honest I just want to write about Porco Rosso, and I want to do it as I did with Annarasumanara, talking about details of the plot and such. But I won’t dare to do it till you see the film, there is no way I’m gonna spoil the thing for you :P

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