Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 1

Gintama is back and I have mixed feelings about this episode. The first few episodes of a new Gintama series are always a blast. They start with something totally random and hilarious like Gintoki walking into his house to find that a blond-haired robot has stolen his protagonist status or Gintoki destroying the clock that controls the world’s time and causing chaos. In this season the animators decided to pick up right where they left off. It is understandable, considering how the last season ended with Shige Shige dying and the Shinsengumi being forced to leave the Kabuki district. The episode is fast paced and we managed to learn a lot of things, including Shoyo’s identity. gintama-ep-1-mp4_000156337

First let us start with the few random parts where Gintama messes with other shows. Remember the pink pin like thing Kagura picked up at the beginning of the episode? Gintoki told her that it is probably something the previous occupant left behind. It is one of the transmitter like things on Saiki’s head from Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan. Apparently Gintama got the same time slot as Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan.


I wonder how the guy even put it on. Did he pierce his skull or something?


Only Gintama would dare to say something like this. A lot of Love Live fans will probably have a problem with that :3

I also like how Katsura actually disguised himself as Gintoki, went to that photo shoot and then spread those wanted posters around. I wonder what he actually wants to do though. He doesn’t want to destroy the world and he doesn’t want to go live a normal life either. I hope he plans something more evil in this season than messing with Shinsengumi’s toilet paper and making them miserable. Considering that Nobu Nobu is the current shogun, it isn’t hard imagining Katsura getting angry over something and starting a major revolution. He is skilled and powerful and it is high time he gets a few episodes dedicated  to showing off his strength.


The most interesting part of this episode is learning about Shoyo’s past. I sort of assumed that the Naraku resurrected Shoyo, or used Shoyo’s genes to build another being like him. This would mean that the guy named Utsuro is but a fake and Gintoki could take care of him. But it was the other way around. Utsuro was the real him and Shoyo was what he wanted to live like. Maybe he wanted to be a nicer person, have fun, save people he could save and once he was done, he discarded the personality and went back to being Utsuro. I don’t think Shoyo is completely dead though. Utsuro is probably just tired of everything and wants to destroy the normality that he can’t get his hands on even though other people get to grasp it pretty easily. Others get to have fun and enjoy their lives while his time stays frozen. Utsuro probably doesn’t think much about the life he lived as Shoyo. He almost killed Gintoki in the previous season. It is something he wouldn’t have been able to do if he still cared about Gintoki the way he did when he was Shoyo. It looked more like he enjoyed living as Shoyo but when Shoyo was executed, he was done living that way and doesn’t have any lingering attachments.


I wonder how Gintoki and Katsura felt, knowing that their teacher’s life was nothing but a short chapter in Utsuro’s book

I can’t see Gintoki beating Utsuro. He had to use Kagura and Sougo’s help to land a single blow on Utsuro . The guy is immortal which makes it pretty much impossible for Gintoki to beat him. Making Utsuro immortal is a pretty weird plot setting though. Utsuro getting to live even after getting beheaded sounds pretty unrealistic, even for an anime setting.

I am looking forward to the next episode. I hope we get to see a fight between Kamui and Umibozu. Kamui is probably not the cold-hearted killer he appears to be. Why would a guy like that try to hide his injuries from his sick mother and try not to worry her? We also g0t to see Kamui and Kagura’s mother properly for the first time.


This season will probably be a short one considering it is called the Battle on Rakuyo. Maybe it will only cover a single arc. I hope this season will not end up being 13 episodes long or something.


I just wanted to put this image here

What are your thoughts about the new episode?

See you next time ^^/


13 thoughts on “Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 1

  1. That anime seems pretty intense o.o When I was reading this post I remembered this feeling you have as a student when the teacher explains things clearly, but you just aren’t familiar with the terms he uses xD Hope you’ll like this Gintama season ^^/

  2. Why in the world did you read the post? -_- You haven’t watched any of the other seasons and a new episode review of a new season will just be a huge spoiler for you. Gintama manga is entering it’s final arc this year and I kinda wanted to write about the new season. I assumed that you wouldn’t read the post since you haven’t watched the rest of the episodes. If you want to read the reviews of the rest of the episode, go marathon through all the other Gintama seasons first >:P

    About the tags, I just forgot them. Thanks for adding them to the post =)

    This was my reply but since I had some text between two , it was treated as a HTML tag -_- Good thing I made a habit of copying my answers before posting them.

    • Do you think I won’t read something you write just cause of the spoilers? :P Come on :D And it actually wasn’t a spoiler in the slightest, cause I don’t know those characters you were talking about =)

      I thought Kagura was supposed to have changed her appearance, like after some time skip or something, so I wonder if the second to last picture is her too. That is probably the biggest spoiler I’m gonna get from this post xD

      Did it react to the ‘>’ ‘<' signs put in the opposite order? Wow, that's not good ^^'

      • It is a spoiler. Once you start watching the show, you’ll come to understand the spoilers better T.T

        That wasn’t a spoiler in the slightest XDD Gintama will never do a time skip. Because they’re normally expected to train and become stronger and Gintoki would rather sleep than deal with something that troublesome :3

        Yup. I’ve known it for a long time since it usually messes up my replies. I had to rewrite a couple of replies because of that glitch -__-

            • Well, unless I decide to read the wiki or something, so it’d be easier to follow your posts :D

              How on earth did you manage to do that? O.O That is like watching 20 episodes a day, isn’t it xO

              • No. Really. It is the first time Gintama is having a serious season and it is because it is necessary for the plot. It’ll spoil everything for you. You can always come back and read them after you actually watch the show.

                I feel kinda bad for picking up Gintama for writing episodic reviews knowing full well that you haven’t watched it. Gintama will be entering the final arc this year and I realized that I might not get many chances to write episodic reviews anymore and I wanted to do that ._.

                Each episode is less than 5 minutes long. Of course I’ll manage to watch 120 episodes in like 4 days :P

  3. xD Let me have my fun :P You shouldn’t feel bad, I’m happy that you are writing about the things you like ^^b And it was pretty interesting to read even without knowing what you were talking about, so.

    Ah, I see. For a moment there I was afraid you quit your job to watch Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan full time :D

    • Fine >.< And the 'it was pretty interesting to read even without knowing what you were talking about' part sounds pretty weird when you actually think about it.

      I am too young to quit my job senpai, and not to mention, to watch an anime :P

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