Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 3

The animators didn’t have much time to spend on jokes considering how action packed this episode is but we did get to see some good old Gintama comedy routine in this episode.

Let me start with the most important piece of information we learned in this episode.


It looks like Bansai can now shoot laser beams XD

Gintoki and the rest are keeping Nobu Nobu locked up in their spaceship for now. I expected them to abandon him in some remote location. He is not of much use to them and they can’t even use him as a hostage. If they let him go, he might try to hunt them down again and they don’t want to kill him. So keeping him locked up seems like the best option for now.


The mangaka also made another appearance in this episode

As expected, Abuto refused to fight Umibozu. He knows that he can’t win and he is too smart and fight such a strong opponent. Umibozu also made it clear that he only wants to kill Kamui and  has no intention of killing anyone else. He is even protecting the rest of the Yato members from Harusame’s attack.


This is probably the reason Abuto managed to stay alive all this time

The next episode is actually titled ‘Zura.’ Katsura will be fighting one of the Harusame’s commanders. I am looking forward to it. We have seen Katsura in action before and we know that he is strong but most of them were just quick glimpses at his fights. We have yet to see him fight a strong enemy.


Here is Katsura’s opponent- Shokaku

I like the guy. He is strong, smart and an easy-going person. I think his title was fine though.  It is way better than Katsura’s ‘Zura janai, Katsura Da!’, which isn’t even a title. He shouldn’t have let Katsura talk him into believing that his title is too long to remember and try to change it into something more compact.

Sakamoto will also be fighting another commander. I didn’t expect that part. I expected Sakamoto to be the guy with the brains, thinking of ways to defeat the enemy. Also, he uses guns, not swords. All he has to do is shoot and be done with it. I wonder how they can make a fight like that interesting. There is one part I dislike though. Notice how most shows make sure that the enemy count is perfect so that each main character gets to fight with exactly one strong opponent? Why make it that way? It would have been more interesting if there were Four Mad Stars, breaking the balance and making Katsura or Sakamoto fight an extra opponent.


I am looking forward to seeing him in action

See you next time ^^/

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