Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 4

This episode is just as awesome and action-packed as expected. The actual fight between Shokaku and Katsura took just a little over five minutes. I like how the fights in Gintama can be short and intense at the same time. Sogo vs Kamui fight and Gintoki vs Jirocho fight (the one they fought right after Jirocho attacked Otose) are good examples of that.


We also got to see a bit of Katsura’s past. It wasn’t anything new but learning that he ended up being called ‘Runaway Kotaro’ because he knew the consequences of a general losing his life was rather interesting. I feel that Katsura was more reserved, calm and mature when he was young.


I wonder how he grew up to be such a nutjob

His character is interesting and I have nothing to complain about though. There is one bad thing about the fight. It is the fact that Shokaku lost one of his hands in the fight. It feels a bit sad knowing that he will probably never be as strong as he used to be. Fighting with one hand will become a disadvantage for him in the future. I like how he admitted defeat and gave up. He could still move and he could have fought if he wanted to but he didn’t want a fight till death. He just wants to have fun fighting. He even ordered his subordinates not to kill Katsura.


Katsura’s fight is done and they are already moving on to the next fight. The next opponent is a guy named Hankai. He has many nano machines that he can use to control people or machines. He is the perfect opponent for Sakamoto who would rather use his brain to win a fight than brute force.



Hankai is the complete opposite of Shokaku. He totally has this ‘bad guy’ vibe. Also it looks like Hankai is having trouble deciding whether he wants to be a Mobile Suit or a Zaku.



He looks better as a Mobile Suit

Truth be told, I wanted to see Katsura in action and I liked the fight but I am even more excited about seeing Sakamoto in action. Mutsu might end up taking all the glory but I hope we get to see Sakamoto in a serious fight.

The next episode’s preview makes it obvious that Nobu Nobu will change into a good guy in the near future. It is such a convenient cheap trick. I feel like the mangaka wants to turn Nobu Nobu into a good guy because Gintoki and the rest of his gang are not capable of killing a person just because it is the best course of action. Letting Nobu Nobu go will also be a stupid move since the guy bears a grudge against them. So turning him into a good guy is a rather convenient plot twist. Even if he does change it won’t change the fact that he killed Shige Shige or trampled on countless lives. He can’t undo them and he can’t completely atone for them either. He ordered to dispose of two women just because they got him a drink he didn’t like. A guy capable of such cruelty turning into a good guy easily sounds pretty impossible in the first place. I hope they at least make his transformation realistic.

See you next time ^^/

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