Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 5

I apologize for the late review of this episode. I was stranded in a place with an awful internet connection.

Let me start with what is wrong with this episode- Hackers. Anime, movies and novels usually portray a hacker as a person who sits in front of a computer for like 2 minutes and manages to create miracles. It doesn’t work that way. The hacker needs to pour several hours of hard work into breaking into a system. Sakamoto’s ship’s core is well secured and even has the latest firewalls installed. All Hankai had to do was pierce the core with his tentacles, send his nano machines inside in order to break into the system. The idea of a nano machine that can control humans and machines alike is ridiculous to begin with.


This episode has it’s fair share of comedy. Nobu Nobu spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of a guy Sakamoto is. He saw Sakamoto trying to save his crew members and he also saw him put his life on the line for everyone, including Nobu Nobu. This was enough to shake him up and question his methods. If Nobu Nobu is a person who can be changed easily how come Shige Shige couldn’t change him? Shige Shige is the kid of guy who would have seen that in Nobu Nobu and tried to talk to him and set everything right. Nobu Nobu should have known what kind of guy Shige Shige is and he still killed him anyway. A guy like that changing all of a sudden doesn’t seem real enough.



Mutsu answered the question for him XD

We also learned a little about Nobu Nobu’s past. He was made to become the shogun just so that he could be used. After being used by others all his life he thought he should just use the people around him for his benefit too. He ended up becoming the Shogun but it didn’t do him any good. He liked the power but he wasn’t really happy about it. If Nobu Nobu became a good guy and spent the rest of his life repenting for what he had done to Shige Shige, would you be able to forgive him for what he had done? Shige Shige was a good guy, he was probably the nicest guy in the entire Gintama series. A guy like that died hurt, sad and betrayed. It is hard to digest such a fact.


I wonder what Nobu Nobu plans to do from now on

Sakamoto and Mutsu defeated Hankai together. We also learned why Sakamoto only uses guns. I always assumed he liked guns better because they are more practical and useful in a real battle. He got injured while trying to  help a wounded enemy during a battle. He can no longer use a sword.


It was a pretty serious injury

The next fight is between Gintoki and Bato. This fight will be interesting since Bato can read minds and can know what Gintoki’s next move is.



Gintoki tried to wipe the eye on Bato’s forehead saying that someone scribbled on his face. I love how characters in Gintama make fun of characters that try to appear cool. Gintoki is no exception. Remember how Kagura made fun of him for taking his right hand out of the Kimono?


It would have been awesome if it was a drawing

Bato spent ten years searching for Gintoki because he was the only guy he couldn’t beat. Yet he can’t remember Gintoki’s name or his face. Gintoki also can’t remember Bato’s face or anything else about him. He remembers him as the guy who stole his 300 yen.


This is how he thought Bato looked like


Here is the guy Bato spent ten years searching- Pakuyasa

I am looking forward to the fight between Bato and Pakuyasa. Takasugi will finally wake up in the next episode.

See you next time ^^/

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8 thoughts on “Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 5

  1. So this time we published new posts within 5 minutes of each other, how often does this happen xD

    This trope with attaching cables to a machine and somehow talking it over always make me dissatisfied. It is just not how electrical systems function, making a function connection isn’t easy, hacking a system isn’t easy, and controlling something that you have never used before is pretty hard as well. Oh well. Ghost in the Shell 2 had a scene with computer hacking too, it was all dramatic, with complicated visuals, I wonder if you would have liked that better :D

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