Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 6

The most amusing thing about this episode is the fact that Pakuyasa actually exists. He wanted to become Gintoki’s student but Gintoki just turned him into an errand boy because he was too weak to fight in a real war.



This was awesome

Gintoki managed to defeat Bato. He overwhelmed him with his murderous intent and since Bato sew his eyes shut and only depends on the eye on his forehead, he couldn’t tell where Gintoki was because of the murderous intent hitting him from every side. It sounds a bit unrealistic. If it was easy to overwhelm him he wouldn’t have become a master swordsman and stay undefeated. I am willing to overlook that though. Gintoki was thinking about the next day’s breakfast during their fight and Bato said that to Gintoki death and breakfast aren’t all that different. They are a normal part of his life. His death isn’t anymore important to Gintoki than knowing the menu of the next day’s breakfast and it was sad.


Have you ever wondered about how far Gintoki has actually fallen?

Umibozu was running around and causing chaos as usual. I want to see Utsuro and Umibozu fighting. Utsuro even admitted that Umibozu might be the only guy who could kill him and seeing them fight is bound to be interesting.


We will get to see Umibozu and Kamui fighting in the next episode. I always assumed that Kagura will be the one to punch some sense into him and drag him back home but it looks like Umibozu will be the one doing it. I doubt Kagura will stand by and watch them fight but I also doubt she will be able to pick a side and stopping their fight is pretty much impossible.


He is finally back


These four are finally back together too

At the end of the episode the animators replaced some cool scenes of Gintoki with Pakuyasa and it was great even though it annoyed Gintoki a lot. We will probably see more of Pakuyasa in the future. It is a good joke and I am sure a show like Gintama will make good use of it.ep-6-2-mp4_001418516

See you next time ^^/

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