Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 8

The battle between Utsuro and Umibozu isn’t something I was looking forward to. Like I mentioned in my last post, I don’t believe Umibozu has a chance. Even if he is the strongest man in the universe, he isn’t immortal. He will get tired. Take a look at this picture below.


Now we have two people who lost a hand

Utsuro’s hand will just regenerate while Umibozu is fated to live the rest of his life with only one hand. The fight is unfair from the beginning. The fight wasn’t the main focus of this episode. We learned the story of Umibozu and Kouka, Kagura’s mother. Also, Umibozu’s real name is Kanko. Kouka is a rather interesting character. Take a look at some of her dialogues.


This is what she said when Umibozu called Kouan a dead planet. It is not possible for people to live on Kouan but there are many types of monsters that can survive on Kouan. Kouka said that just because it is not possible for people to live there, it doesn’t mean the planet is dead. She had been living alone on that planet for a long time and she had no complaints. She wasn’t wallowing in self pity and she wasn’t sad or bitter. She was happy with her life. Until Umibozu showed up and reminded her what it felt like to have companionship that is.


Here is another interesting thing she said.


She had been living on a planet where there is not much food and she could do whatever it took to survive, including eating boots.

This episode was mostly about how Umibozu managed to make Kouka leave her planet and agree to be his wife. They managed to insert a lot of dirty jokes into an otherwise serious story.


This is what they once looked like

It is sad to think that this nice looking family members are now trying to kill each other. Kouka got sick after Kagura’s birth. She did say that ‘she can’t live anywhere but here’, when she was talking about Kouan. I am guessing that she had to live in a place with Altana or she could’t survive. She knew it and yet she left Kouan and went with Umibozu. It was her choice. Kamui calling Umibozu a murderer for that is absurd.


It is not hard to understand where Kamui is coming from. He loved his mother and yet he had to stand by and watch her die. So he came to resent his father since he brought her with him to the outside world and was partially responsible for her death. Kamui would have probably preferred his mother to stay alive for a long time over staying happy for a short time.  But here is the cruel truth. Kamui doesn’t get any say in this. Kouka made her choice and he should have accepted it, even if it made him sad and miserable. Blaming Umibozu for what had happened and trying to kill him wouldn’t make Kouka happy. We still don’t know the whole story yet. Maybe there is more to the story of Kouka’s death but for now Kamui only appears to be a brat who decided to break something just because he couldn’t protect it. It is meaningless and won’t do anyone any good.


This Gintama season only has 12 episodes. We will probably not get to see what happened to the Shinsengumi after Kondo’s escape. I wouldn’t mind watching an entire season about it. They used to be cops but now they are terrorists on the run. Watching how they learn to deal with their new reality is bound to be interesting.

See you next time ^^/

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