Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 4

In this episode we got to know the story of the girl who was killing people and creating those grotesque pieces of art.


Rikako Ouryou

Her father was an artist who loved painting and he always drew pictures of naked dismembered women. According to him, these pictures represent the fact that people are capable of unimaginable cruelty and by knowing that, they can learn to control themselves and become more human.


Here is a picture he drew. Rikako copied this one for her little art show.

I don’t know much about art but that picture is not something I would call a good picture. To me it is just a twisted piece of cruelty. I would never want it hanging in my room and I never would have guessed that it is supposed to teach people the importance of being human.. Rikako’s father welcomed Sibyl but at the same time he lost his purpose in life because of Sibyl. Sibyl built a world without cruelty and he no longer had to teach people about being human. This took a toll on him. He got addicted to stress medications and ended up dying because of it.

It looks like Makishima is the antagonist’s real name, or at least an alias he uses often. This is what Makishima said about Rikako, ‘To her it is like her father was killed twice.’ As far as Rikako is concerned, her father’s talent and soul were killed because of Sibyl. That one statement about her father being killed twice makes Makishima all the more terrifying. He understood exactly how Rikako felt about the whole thing and why she was killing people and trying to make the world remember her father. Makishima gives the same vibe as Johan from Monster and Izaya from Durarara!! He understands people better than everyone else. He understands what a person is thinking and how much the person is suffering and at the same time we can’t help but wonder if Makishima is half human. He understands a person’s suffering but he can stomp on a life as if it is trash. The fact that he understands people gives him power over them. He can manipulate them the way he wants.It is like he is sitting in a high-up place, looking down on humans, toying with him for his amusement and tossing them away when he is bored. I like antagonists like that and at the same time I can’t help but think that the existence of such a guy in the real world would be disturbing.


He didn’t mind helping Rikako do this to a young girl.

I am actually surprised that a guy like Makishima helped Rikako. She was not being cautious at all. She only killed students from her school and she imitated her father’s works, all of which could easily be traced back to her. I know that her father’s works were removed by Sibyl and people no longer remembered him but I am sure Sibyl would have at least saved  copies of all this works. I am expecting people who built Sibyl to at least have enough common sense to do that. Kogami did trace it all back to Rikako. It was all too easy for him. Makishima probably knew that Rikako would be caught pretty soon. I expected Makishima to not have any interest in a toy with that little intelligence.

Watching Kogami calmly barge into Rikako’s school, point a Dominator at her and try to pull the trigger once the Dominator said that her crime coefficient was high was amusing.


He doesn’t mind killing a minor. He was going to shoot her and leave a bloody mess behind.


This was how Rikako ended up once Makishima got bored of her.

In this episode we also learned about what happens to enforcers once an inspector thinks they are useless. They will be locked up in a place with high security and will never be allowed to go out. The place has vents for poisonous gas and these retired enforcers can easily be killed if they appear to do anything dangerous. This makes us look at Kagari, Masaoka and the other enforcers in a different way. They are running around protecting civilians, killing criminals, dirtying their hands and putting their lives on the line knowing very well that the society will always treat them the same way it treats all the criminals they kill and the people they protect probably look down on them too.


Makishima is now interested in Kogami because of the way he solved the case.

Also, the enforcers had to use holo avatars for questioning the students because the school management didn’t want to allow the students’ Psycho-Pass to get clouded unnecessarily. Watching Masaoka and Kagari walk around in that nice cheerful avatar was funny.




I just wanted to put this image here. It looks so beautiful.

See you next time ^^/

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5 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 4

  1. I recently saw an interview of a guy who runs a museum over here, he said something along the lines “art doesn’t have to be grand and it doesn’t have to be pretty” =) Because there is so many great pieces of art, and because so much of the classic artworks are indeed both grand and pretty, it is easy to assume that every worthy piece should be nice to look at and magnificent in some aspect. It isn’t true though, there had been plenty of times where painters changed how we look at art by discarding the known aesthetics. For me one of the greatest achievements an art piece can have it showing us something new, something that we haven’t seen before.

    That said though, Rikako’s father paintings aren’t new in their theme. Pieter Aertsen and other artists of his time had been making still life paintings with meat in 16th century Netherlands. Those pieces were meant to invoke thoughts of mortality and connect these thoughts with the ideas of indulging your own worldly desires, such as eating good food (that is a very crude interpretation though). I don’t think the show convinced me that Rikako’s father brought much novelty. Being grotesque wasn’t his goal, but not much more was achieved. Oh well, this is why when you make a character who is an artist and a master of his craft you probably wanna avoid showing his works :D

    Since I mentioned Aertsen, here is a couple of his paintings:

    I bet you aren’t gonna want to hang these on a wall either :D They aren’t something you want to look at every day, rather they are something you should see at least once =)

    • Oops, didn’t realize WP would show the pictures themselves. Sorry if you didn’t wanted to see butchered animals in your comment section ^^/

      • I never do understand art XD I see some images and think they are nice but I never actually liked any painting to the point that I thought I would like to hang it on a wall. Actually has only been one poster I bought. It has a little puppy sleeping and the caption read ‘I CAN! BUT I WON’T’ It made me laugh when I first saw it and I bought it on a whim some 5 years ago XD It is the only poster I ever put up and my dad complained about it for ages :3 It is still there at my home and we have all gotten used to having it around. So I guess my appreciation for art is a bit twisted. It only depends on whether or not I liked it.

        I do like those paintings but like you said, I wouldn’t have bothered buying them. Here is the thing though. If somehow those paintings ended up in my possession, I would have decided to hang them on a wall. It would be a waste if I didn’t. On the other hand, even if I had a copy of Rouichi’s paintings, I wouldn’t put it up. I wouldn’t have had any problem letting it collect dust in the attic.

        Of course I don’t mind having butchered animals in the comment section :P

        • xDD
          You say that, but you do have your preferences when it comes to art :P Like you notice good background art in anime, images of calm blue sky, pictures of nature, like the ones in Garden of Words or Mushishi and images with vibrant colors like in Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Maybe the classical painting you’ve seen up to this point weren’t to your taste is all ^.^/ By the way, pictures of kittens and landscape photos normally make more excited than paintings :D But paintings are nice too.

          I see O.o There are paintings that would have look nicer on your wall. Like these Aivazovsky marine paintings:

          of Levitan’s landscapes:

          hope this looks nicer than the butcher shop pictures ^.^/

          • I think I notice nice pictures of blue sky and nature because I love them. I think I prefer pictures of dogs. I am not exactly a cat person :P The reason I bought that poster is because I liked the joke, not because I liked the puppy ._.

            Yeah. Those paintings do look nice and I wouldn’t have minded putting them up on a wall. I still don’t think I would buy them though. I think it is a waste of money. So yeah, I guess in the end I don’t understand art >.<

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