Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 10

Despite all my complaints about not wanting Gintoki to fight Kamui just because he is the protagonist, I have to admit that this episode was pretty awesome. It is easily my favourite episode in this season. I loved the action and the fights. The fight between Gintoki and Kamui was great. They didn’t hold back one bit. Gintoki didn’t mind breaking Kamui’s hand and Kamui didn’t mind breaking Gintoki’s finger. Just take a look at these images.

Gintama Episode 10 (5)

Gintama Episode 10 (6)

Imagine Gintoki fighting an opponent like Kamui with a finger like that

Their exchange during the fight was great too. Gintoki said that ‘Strength that has nothing to lose is the same as weakness that can’t protect anything’ and Kamui said that ‘If you can’t protect something, you should keep your hands off it from the beginning. ‘ If you think about it, they’re both right. If you’re super strong but has absolutely nothing to protect, including yourself, then it is the same as being weak beyond words. Now imagine trying to protect something important with everything you have and still losing it in the end. It will make you wonder if you should have bothered trying to protect it, since it turned out to be meaningless in the end. Gintoki decided to accept the loss while Kamui threw everything out of the window because the loss shattered him.

Kamui did waver a little when he had to seriously hurt Kagura. I guess he figured that he could kill Umibozu and be done with his revenge. He did go after Kagura with the intention to kill but he probably never stopped to think about how he would feel if he lost her. He snapped during the fight the way Kagura did during her fight with Abuto.

Gintama Episode 10 (1)

You know it is bad news when a Yato decides to smile that way

Abuto decided to step in at that point and I was honestly surprised. He isn’t stupid and he knew that he would probably end up dead if he messed with Kamui. There was no real reason for him to step in but he did it anyway because he didn’t like how Kamui was consumed by the Yato blood. In his own words, he doesn’t care if Kamui wants to kill Umibozu or Kagura, but he should do it while smiling the way he usually does.

Gintama Episode 10 (3)

Abuto is one of the characters I like, but then again, I like a lot of characters in Gintama

Gintama Episode 10 (2)

I like how Kamui goes around killing people with that nice cheerful smile on his face too

I am glad Kagura could finally get through to Kamui but I am also a bit sad that Kamui will now cease to be that cheerful psychotic killer we know. It was fun watching him walk all over his enemies as if it was nothing. The long sibling spat finally ended.

Gintama Episode 10 (4)

I have no idea how many fractures Kamui got in this episode

When Sorachi first introduced Kamui, he probably wanted Kamui to be a bad guy and didn’t really plan things out. Remember how Umibozu told Gintoki that Kamui tried to kill him following some old tradition? That wasn’t what happened. Kamui tried to kill Umibozu because he wanted to protect his mother. It had nothing to do with any weird tradition and Gintoki already admitted that when Kamui first appeared, his hair was black and the mangaka later changed it. This causes some inconsistencies in the story.

In the next episode we will learn Oboro’s past and I am looking forward to it. I have always liked his character and learning more about him sounds great. We will also see what lead Utsuro to create a person named Shoyo.

See you next time ^^/

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11 thoughts on “Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 10

  1. I like it how easy it is to insert meaning into phrases such as ‘Strength that has nothing to lose is the same as weakness that can’t protect anything’ =) Like, the first thought that I have when hearing it is that the one who said it meant to belittle the strength of someone who had nothing to fight for. This way it is more of a taunt than anything. The second thought is that this is an observation that by discarding things you want to protect you gain strength, in a sense. This is slightly less obvious and more interesting. But in the end all of it is a play on words =) The “strength” is defined in the context, hence anything you say about it will be true, because the audience will have to use your own words to guess what you meant by “strength” in the first place. I can make a claim like “You only gain strength when you find something worthy of protection”, and it would sound right. Even though Gintoki’s claim seems contradictory to mine, you instantly see that he and I used the word differently =) I guess if I was searching for wisdom in Gintama quotes I would have had to skip this one :D

    • Of course, it depends on each individual and it doesn’t have to be true for everyone. That phrase suits Kamui a lot. He has nothing to protect, including his own life. He can throw his life out along with his morning trash for something stupid. If you don’t even care enough to protect your pwn life with your strength, the existence of such strength is meaningless. And Kamui had nothing to protect exactly because he was too weak to protect the things important to him. The most ridiculous thing is that Kamui decided to break everything just because he couldn’t protect it. So saying that he was too weak to protect anything sounds correct. You’re right about it not being wise though XD

        • Okay =) On the other hand though if such a person decided he wants to achieve something it would be hard to stop him. If he doesn’t mind risking his life and there are no obligations that could hold him back he could go further than a normal individual. You can’t slow him down by threats and he won’t back out even if the stakes are high. Of course I don’t know Kamui, I only go from what you have written =) But that is something people would recognize as strength, even if wielder of such strength has nothing he values =)

          • Yeah. That would be right for a normal person. If someone gave me a reason to go berserk and I had nothing left to protect, I would be pretty much unstoppable too. And the same would be true fr 90% of the population.

            It s different for Kamui. The thing Kamui wanted to achieve was his revenge, he wanted to kill his father just because he fell in love with his mother and was indirectly responsible for her death. He thought he threw everything away but in reality he didn’t. He didn’t want to kill Kagura even though he always assumed he wouldn’t mind killing her. In a way his strength is make-believe while what he wanted in reality was to live a normal life with a happy family. I liked him better as a psycho ._.

              • Yeah it would be but I also think there is the possibility of another interesting scenario. Let us assume that there is a person who doesn’t have anything important and doesn’t mind throwing his life away. Normally there would be nothing this person might want to achieve or do since he has no interest in himself right? Would you still call him strong?

  2. Are you asking me about how I prefer to use the word “strong”? :P If that is the case I don’t have any preferences :D I’d call that guy strong in some circumstances.

    Jokes aside, such a person can still have lots of things he would want to do. There is a difference between not caring about anyone and not caring about anything at all. It is kinda hard to imagine a guy who actually doesn’t have any desires whatsoever, at least if we talk about an actual person, not a made up character. I wonder how that would work =) I feel like such a person might actually accumulate lots of petty desires and problems, since there isn’t anything that would stop him from it. Like a guy who was all empty and ready to die at any moment a week ago would be getting irritated over torn slippers or something :D It is kinda funny when you think about it ^.^

    • Okay :3
      I think it is possible. Imagine a person who lost all his family members and possessions in a tsunami. It wouldn’t be hard to believe if that person no longer had a reason to care for anyone or anything and just gave up on life. On the other hand though, I admit that a normal person who has no regard for his own life is hard to find. There is a difference between risking your life and throwing it away. Even I wouldn’t throw my life away for no reason or just for the heck of it. Things like that only exist in fiction.

      • I think there is a difference. A person who went through a tragedy might feel too great of a burden to move on, but that is different from not caring. That person may care a lot about people or lifestyle he lost, yet because there isn’t anything he can do it looks like he is left with just apathy. Also, that emotion of longing to regain what is lost might overshadow the natural desire to live, making it seem as if the person no longer has anything he values. But that is only an illusion, he is just too burdened by whatever happened in his life to act normal. In terms of ability to achieve something, this person is put in a disadvantage compared with a normal guy living a normal life. I mean, even normal everyday tasks might be difficult in this position.

        That is very different from a person who actually doesn’t care, who straight up doesn’t mind loosing anything you can name. That person can take greater risks, tolerate greater losses, that makes him more powerful, in a sense. Of course, it may not be an enjoyable existence either, not having anything you’d value… And yeah, you are right, it does look like a trait of a fictional character =)

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