Denpa-teki na Kanojo, episode 1 – tropes

Before we start let me say that this is not a review of Denpa-teki na Kanojo. If you want a review – we already have one written by Shaurya, you are welcome to read it. Here I want to discuss this OVA rather than to review it, so I’ll assume you’ve seen it. It is a good show by the way, and it is fairly short too, so if you haven’t seen it you can start watching it now and come back in 40 minutes =)

Ame Ochibana

I decided to write about Denpa-teki na Kanojo because it gives me a great opportunity to talk about certain recurring setups in anime. Before we start though I would ask you to try not to let any negative preconceptions about these tropes to guide you as you are reading.

The first trope I want to mention is “harem”, basically it is a setup where you have a guy and a group of girls who are showering him with their attention. It is a weird definition, but I find that it works pretty well. I’d personally consider it to be a harem setup if there are at least three girls who show interest in the protagonist. If there are just two of them you can use more specific terms like love triangle or something; these are just words anyways. First episode of Denpa-teki fits this pattern nicely, as Fujishima Kanako (the class rep girl), Satsuki Miya (the girl who turned out to be a psycho) and Ochibana Ame (the Juu’s knight with weird haircut) are all talking with Juu (the protagonist boy) almost exclusively, and each of them shows a distinct interest in him, though their feelings may be different in nature and depth.

Juu Juuzawa and Miya Satsuki

What do you think, does it make sense to call it a “trope”? If you have a character-driven show it is only natural that there would be people of both genders, and since all of them are teenagers it is also natural that there would be a bit of a romantic tension there. And since Denpa-teki is a short anime you can argue that there wasn’t enough room for more than one male lead, so it just happens that Juu has lots of girls interacting with him. Right?

Juu with Ame

While this is a reasonable thing to say, I don’t think it is quite right. Regardless of the writer’s intentions, making your protagonist seem popular with the opposite gender affects the way the show works. Supposedly, it makes the guys who watch the anime associate themselves with the protagonist, and it makes the girls pay more attention towards him because he is popular. These ideas sort of popular are psychology-based speculations, and it is a broad-brush picture. It doesn’t have to work this way, if at all, for you in particular, my dear reader, so don’t complain :P So anyway, making your protagonist popular will likely change the way your audience views him, in particular it would likely make people to wish him well. And this can be exploited.

Kanako Fujishima

Let me give you an example of another show that falls under the harem definition I gave. In Neon Genesis Evangelion its protagonist Shinji Ikari is living together with Misato Katsuragi and Asuka Langley. He is also the only friend of Rei Ayanami, thus making it thee girls none of whom likes him very much, but they do hang out together almost constantly. This anime definitely does exploit the extra attention that Shinji’s popularity draws to him. It does so by making him fail miserably at everything he tries and by making him give up without trying half the time. So, because you wanted him to succeed you feel disappointment, frustration and even anger. Read what people say about Shinji, you’ll see just how well this worked out, he is a legitimate contender to be the #1 in the “most hated characters” list. All because the show is very effective at making you wish for Shinji to succeed. Of course, it is not just about him being popular with the girls, there are like half a dozen different ways the anime establishes him as a character you root for. Check it out, it is a pretty great anime series.

Shinji Ikari, Misato Katsuragi, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley. The white haired boy is also a friend of Shinji’s

So with Evangelion I’d say using the harem trope was an effective choice that helped the show in achieving its goals. What about Denpa-teki na Kanojo? It is similar, in a way. Imagine you don’t care about Juu at all. Then the events of the OVA become bland, like a not-so-scary horror film. But then imagine that you do root for Juu very much. Or, better still, imagine that you are Juu. Then how do you feel about Fujishima’s death? She is a person who was always running around you, she was a classmate, she was generally friendly and so on. Feels pretty horrible, right? And what about Satsuki’s betrayal? Forget the emotional side of the situation, just being beaten up with a bat and then stabbed is awful enough already. This is how the first episode of Denpa-teki na Kanojo is supposed to work, I think. It tries its hardest to make you root for Juu, and then it uses this connection between the viewer and the character to deliver the impact.

Juu with Satsuki

If you doubt that the OVA was set up to exploit this trick, remember when Juu was attacked by Satsuki. It was a second after she finished a sentence that was worded as if she was going to admit her love for him. If you were gonna root for Juu this was the time. And a second later he is beaten with a bat but that same girl.

So, I think this trope can be used as a writing tool, rather than just being a fanservice device. Of course, there are dozens of anime where harem is the genre, and that is a different story altogether. Also there are anime like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, where the harem setup seems to be used only to make the show more appealing, so in a way it is just a fanservice.

The second trope I wanted to talk about is quite similar to the first one, but it is slightly less obvious. I would call it designing a character to be likable. In Denpa-teki it is Juu, of course. Lets describe him. He is a strong and brave guy with a clear sense of justice. He is slightly wild, but not dangerous. In fact, even when attacked he might not fight back, if there is a reason not to. He would rather get hurt than let another person be hurt. He wouldn’t take advantage of a girl, even if there are no consequences and more over he wouldn’t even want to be in such a position. He is sensitive, being able to understand how a person feels, even if that person offended him or physically hurt him. This particular trait has an absurd magnitude, as Juu is able to be worried about a person who just broke his arm and leg. Even when stabbed in the gut, he thinks of the mental torment his attacker is in. He is also a nice guy to hang out with. When he decided to spend time with Ame he asks her where they should go to, even though she was willing to tail him wherever he himself would want to go. He treats Ame as a person and as an equal even though she constantly suggests that she is his servant.

So, what do you think? Half of those traits are just a normal behavior of a good person. Being strong, brave, just, chivalrous, selfless, nice, that is a reasonable package for a protagonist, there are tons of characters like this. But that is not all there is to it. While the traits themselves are fine, the show obviously puts a lot of effort into showing that Juu has ’em, to the point that half the anime’s run time is spent on establishing his character. As a consequence it feels like half the show was written in such a way as to allow for Juu to display various aspects of his personality.

The disproportional amount of time the show spends on Juu, the more than impressive set of great qualities he has, the fact that the show is willing to throw some of its realism out of the window to make Juu look cooler (as with the scenes where he displays kindness towards Satsuki who tries to kill him), the fact that the show is interested in minute details of his personality while the rest of the cast gets a bare minimum of development, all this makes Juu a “designed to be likable” character, at least in my opinion. In particular, it seems he is sort of designed to feel dateable, as a good portion of of his qualities relate to the way he treats girls. Also his character does not display any human faults that would allow him to grow later, which shows that the writers weren’t interested in his dynamics, rather they wanted to see him in his perfect form from the get-go. And, as I mentioned, some of his actions seem unrealistic and even clash with his personality, which indicates that giving him those characteristics was more important than keeping him “real”. These choices are also a part of the reason I call him a “designed” character.

Just to make it clear, I wouldn’t call most of the characters designed to be anything because they aren’t. Satsuki and Fujishima are both just functional characters, they serve their purpose and that is pretty much all there is to them. Ame has a bunch of different and interesting characteristics, but they don’t have a purpose; she isn’t meant to fit in any kind of mold, like Juu is. Most anime characters aren’t designed to be anything, they are just written to the best of writer’s abilities to fit into the story, serve their role and hopefully be interesting. Sometimes a character would fall into an archetype or something like that, but as often as not it wasn’t because the writers wanted it to happen, but rather because they couldn’t do any better or didn’t care at all.

At any rate, the designed to be likable Juu serves the same purpose as the first trope, making you more invested in the guy and in all the stuff that happens to him. I think all together it does a reasonable job, and the episode leaves a good aftertaste too. Tropes often feel like a lazy writing, but in the case of Denpa-teki na Kanojo they seem to work fine. The show’s impressive visual language holds your attention, and the writing is fairly clever too. Just as an example, remember the scene where Juu asks Ame to hit him because he was doubting her, thinking she was the murderer? She hits him making him bleed. This establishes yet another great quality of Juu’s, him being proactive in setting things right, apologizing the way that would not take advantage of the meek disposition of the person he apologizes to. But it also shows that Ame is not a doll and has feelings as well. If she wasn’t at least slightly annoyed with Juu’s lack of trust she wouldn’t have hit him hard enough to make him bleed. This is a clever way of achieving two goals with a single brief scene.

What do you think about it? Do you think the use those setups I talked about takes away from the anime? Do you think it is meaningful to talk about designed characters the way I did? See you in the comments ^^/


7 thoughts on “Denpa-teki na Kanojo, episode 1 – tropes

  1. I don’t think the harem trope ever affected my views. I guess it only made me feel irritable and sometimes even negatively impacted how I saw the protagonist o.O I never wished him well because of it. if anything I thought it would be fun if the guy got killed XD

    I do admit that protagonists are usually designed to be likeable. They are nice, kind, strong and never give up. Again, I think this has only made them less likeable for me. How many times do you think I heard Naruto or Luffy yell something like ‘I won’t give up’ or how many times do you think I watched them put their life on the line for strangers? I’ve gotten tired of it all and the whole good guy design only makes me want to strangle them >.<

    • Right =) Though this is an interesting possibility too. You make a show about a super popular guy, whom every other character interact with, and then you kill him off. Oh wait, School Days already did it xD

      That is true, but still there is a huge difference between those shonen protagonists and guys like Juu. Naruto is a great person, but when he was introduced he was a stupid and loud brat, at least appearance-wise. He actually grew from his faults to become a better person, he proved that he had qualities we didn’t expect him to have. Luffy didn’t have this dynamic, but he is also isn’t perfect. Like, you may admire him from a distance but if you honestly ask yourself whether or not you would love to stay with him the answer wouldn’t necessarily be yes. His hijinks would grow tiresome very quickly, him being non very sensitive, loud and childish might get annoying, not to mention that being with him isn’t even safe. Even if you pull up the most reasonable shonen guys, like Ichigo or Light Yagami or Edward Elric, it is still not obvious that you’d want to spend time with them. Of course it is different for different people, I’m sure lots of girls would have wanted to hang out with Light =) But what I mean is, he wasn’t written specifically to inspire this feeling. Juu was though. You know that he would be nice to be friends with in all sorts of ways, and there are no drawbacks to his personality. He wouldn’t impose his attention on you but he also wouldn’t mind spending his time with you; I can go on and on, he is just unbelievably great in a normal everyday-life kind of sense, because he was written to be this way =)

      • Yeah. I might decide to watch School Days someday, just for the heck of it XD

        I don’t think I would specifically pick Juu to hang out with if I am looking for a friend. I don’t think he is any better than Edward Elric. Ed isn’t stupid like Naruto and insensitive like Luffy. What makes Juu better than Ed? The fact that Ed gets mad when someone makes fun of his height? It isn’t any worse than Juu getting pulled into fights. A lot of side characters are also written this way. Do you have a reason not to hang out with Shikamaru or Chad (by the way, I call him Sado)? So I guess a person being nice or good doesn’t mean he/she will get my attention.

        • Sure, sure :P It is a very hard thing to argue about. I definitely didn’t try to say that you in particular would want to hang out with Juu :D I just want to say that I think Juu was written to be generally likable, especially for girls. I Don’t even claim it works, cause how can I, I wouldn’t have anything to prove it with =) I can only observe that Juu has lots of great qualities and the amount of time and attention put into showing these qualities is disproportionately big. Still, even that is pretty subjective.

          Well, just for fun let talk about those guys =) Only you have to pretend to be at least a bit interested in spending time with one of them, otherwise it wouldn’t work xP
          There are a few things about Ed that would make being friends with him difficult. First, he has lot of goals and he always works towards achieving them; he runs from one place to another, he is always in trouble, etc. So you can only hope to have a brief conversation with him, unless you wanna partake in the adventure, which doesn’t count. Second, he doesn’t appear to want any new friends, I have hard time imagine how one would go about becoming a friend with him. All the people Ed meets in the series are connected to him though work, growing together, tragedies, fights and so on. I personally wouldn’t feel like approaching Ed cause I would feel like I’d be wasting his valuable time ._. In contrast, with Juu, you know that it is easy to become his friend, even Ame with her very weird ways managed fine :D Same with the other girls there, they didn’t have to work hard, Juu is just friendly to everyone who manages to get his attention =) And his time isn’t valuable, he just wastes it all anyway ^^

          Chad doesn’t even have a personality -.-/ What you would talk with him about? :D I don’t remember him ever starting a conversion, so you’d have to come up with a topic XP Also he and other side characters don’t really count cause you just don’t know what kinds of people they are. Your ideas of them would have to be at least partially based on guesses, and this isn’t something that I can argue against =)

          Shikamaru is a great counterexample, actually ^^b He is as good as Juu (not quite but close enough). If it wasn’t Naruto manga and if Shikamaru wasn’t 10-12 years old when he was introduced I might have wondered if he was written with the same intentions Juu was. But yeah, you are right, it is a great counterexample =)

          • I thought of these anime characters in a normal school setting, not the original anime setting :P Of course being friends with Ed when he moves around a lot will be difficult. On the other hand though, if he is living a normal peaceful life in a school, would you still not want to be friends with him? I really like this part by the way “I personally wouldn’t feel like approaching Ed cause I would feel like I’d be wasting his valuable time ._.” XDDD Ed does have this ‘I have so much to do and so little time’ aura :3 I would say that Juu will be a pretty dangerous friend himself with his knack for getting into fights and getting stabbed :P

            We do know somethings about Chad and that is a good starting point. Why WOULDN’T you want to hang out with him? He doesn’t give you a reason to dislike him, does he? He is a nice person and he doesn’t get pulled into fights all that much. Of course, you will have to go talk to him first but there is no guarantee that Juu will be the one to walk up to you and strike a conversation, is there? He isn’t exactly trying to make friends with everyone in his school. You might have to make an effort to get to know him and the same applies to every other character :P

            Okay. I was just trying to pull your leg. I do see your point :P On the other hand, I also believe that Juu is not exactly special. There are many characters like that floating around.

            • That would be a completely different story :P The settings play a huge role here, all my claims require you to consider both the character and the details of the story he exists in =) I mean, of course I would have liked to talk with Ed in any settings, original or high school, I like people with dedication, goals, people who are masters of their craft. It would be interesting to hear his opinions and such =) I can’t really imagine myself being a close friend of someone like Ed, though. His good friends do tend to act crazy and recklessly, as is customary for shonen characters, don’t think I’d qualify xD

              There are like hundreds of characters who don’t give me any reason not to wish to be their friends :D Btw, here is how I think the conversation with Chad would go:

              You approach him and ask him something.
              Sado answers in a monosyllable.
              You make a statement.
              Sado: “Huh”.
              Awkward pause.
              Sado goes away silently.

              :D Well, I’ve only seen a couple such guys, so I don’t know =)

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