Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 5

This episode was really interesting and Makishima finally started messing with Kogami. Before I go into the details of Makishima’s plot, I want to talk about one of the most impressive things about this episode.

Psycho Pass 5 (18)

Ginoza apologized to Kogami for not trusting him and not believing in the existence of Makishima

Ginoza deserves some credit for bringing himself to apologize to an enforcer and for admitting that he was wrong. He didn’t even like treating them like humans and yet he can honestly apologize to Kogami. It makes his character more interesting, especially considering how he doesn’t mind looking down on Kogami, his former partner, the same way he looks down on other enforcers. It didn’t mean he suddenly changed and started treating enforcers better though. He was still his old self, he later called Akane a brat and told her that she is new and she might end up being an enforcer herself if she wasn’t careful enough.

Psycho Pass 5 (7)

I have to admit that Akane managed to impress me a little by standing up to Ginoza

Let me introduce another important character. Here is the guy who killed Rikako.

Psycho Pass 5 (21)

Senguji- A cyborg

Everything except Senguji’s brain and nervous system is artificial. He enjoys hunting. Makishima usually supplies the victims and Senguji locks them up in a huge abandoned building and hunts them down. His prey this time is Kogami. You can see where this is going right?

Makishima lured Kogami into his trap using one of Akane’s friends called Yuki. Of course, he didn’t just want Kogami to be killed. He is interested in his character after all. So he turned it into a game, giving some random items to Kogami that could help him survive. He even gave him a way to contact his colleagues. I also have to say that I didn’t expect Kogami to protect Yuki to that extent, since he is different from the justice obsessed protagonists we’ve seen so far. I did assume he would protect Yuki but there was no reason for him to become her shield.  If Sibyl decided that Yuki is too dangerous to be allowed to live, he would kill her without a second thought. At the same time, he is willing to put his life on the line to save a stranger’s life. He isn’t happy about being an enforcer and he knows that he is doomed to live like an outcast for the rest of his life because of Sibyl. At the same time, he trusts Sibyl, the same piece of code that decided that he is no different from the criminals he hunts. There is a contradiction right there. Kogami is not a bad guy and he knows that himself. He knows that Kagari, Masaoka and Yayoi are people who shouldn’t be locked up. So he should know that Sibyl is not always right and yet he is willing to kill just because Sibyl told him to. He is not stupid. He is not someone who would simply shoot and follow Sibyl’s orders because standing there with a criminal in front of him and thinking whether the criminal actually deserves to die or not is too big of a burden for him. So I can’t help but wonder how all this works inside Kogami’s brain. His faith in Sibyl’s judgement seems rather illogical.

Psycho Pass 5 (11)

Coming back to the hunt, there is no way Senguji is going to win this round. He is too used to killing weak victims with no power to fight back and now he has to deal with Kogami, a guy who is completely different from the weak little rabbits he hunted so far.

Psycho Pass 5 (20)

Young Kogami and Ginoza

We learned that Ginoza’s father is a latent criminal. From all the subtle signs, we can say that it is probably Masaoka. It makes sense that way. He talked Akane out of filing a complaint on Ginoza and he also got mad at Ginoza when he was picking on Akane. He even called him by his first name.

Psycho Pass 5 (16)

Why else would he think he could get away with doing something like this to an inspector?

The relationship between Ginoza and Masaoka becomes more interesting if we assume that they are father and son. Ginoza suffered a lot because his father was a latent criminal. He doesn’t respect Masaoka, in fact he is always disrespectful and looks down on him and yet here is Masaoka, just being a parent and trying to look out for him.

There are also some other interesting characters in this episode. I will write more about them if they appear frequently enough.

Psycho Pass 5 (2)

Kogami picking a fight with a drone because it didn’t let him smoke

Just some nice random shots from the episode.

See you next time ^^/

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18 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 5

  1. Kogami only shows a weird inclination to trust Sibyl in the first episode, right? He is always putting up with the system in general, but that episode with the victim girl was the only one where you can reliably say he trusts Sybil to the point where it is questionable. I think that was because at that point in time he gave up on himself. His investigation regarding his partner’s death hit a wall, he didn’t have any hopes for his own future or for the ones dear to him.The most compelling point supporting this idea is what he said about Akane right after waking up from being shot by her, something about being able to be a detective, not a dog. I think back then he was making a joke, more or less, but he also felt emotional relief too, as there was someone who was forcing him into the morally right direction, as perceived by him.
    But I agree with you, the way Kogami accepted Sibyl is pretty weird. In his mind it might be fighting a mountain sort of thing: when a rock that fell from a mountain kills someone you don’t take your revenge on the mountain, it is plain dumb. Without a clear target Kogami couldn’t direct his emotions, so there were no actions he could take. When he did find a target, namely Makishima, all of this changed and he became active, also stopping paying attention to Sibyl as much. This doesn’t really explain how he coped with the system before Akane and Makishima came into the play, but then humans usually do have hard time accurately explaining what is going on in their heads.

    That scene with Akane is pretty interesting =) From the beginning she had been standing out because she is the only one who actively upholds our modern, 21st century humanism values, rather than their modified versions that other characters introduce. But the way she was doing it was disrupting the work of her team, sometimes she was quite literary forcing her views onto her more experienced colleagues. This made me wonder if she was going to last in the realistic environment (or if the story would have to bend to allow her to keep going). Another concern was that she would become one of those characters with messiah-like powers. You see it quite often when a character deals with problems by being nice, allowing other to abuse him/her, being very forgiving and so on, and then this magically improves everyone around. This is nice to watch but not very realistic =)

    So what I like about this scene was that it showed that her humanistic views are compatible with being a normal human with feelings, and that she also capable of dealing with social situations in simple and robust ways. At this point you start to see her being a real team member, not a random crybaby that tags along. Her ways might be differed from others’, but that isn’t really an issue, everyone in this department is a unique snowflake anyway. What is important is that she sees herself as an equal and operates accordingly. She might have taken another rout, like having her way cause she is likable, or cause everyone pities her, or cause no one can bear to shatter she illusions about the way things ought to be. Instead she just reminds Ginoza that they are equals and reminds enforces that they are her subordinates. This is how this system operates and she uses it. It is a small detail, but builds up Akane as a professional policeman, its pretty cool =)

    • You know, you should write a couple of posts about Psycho-Pass too, considering how your comments usually look like a good post all by themselves :P

      On the other hand, don’t you think Kogami has only been getting cases where the bad guy is obvious? Imagine this scene. There has been a mass murder and only one blood splattered person stands in the middle of it. His psycho-pass is really high. What do you think Kogami would do? Stand there and ask him what happened or just shoot and kill him? I think he will shoot. The guy might be the one who killed all of them and the risk of trying to have a conversation with him is too high. The Kogami right now might not want to kill an obvious victim but if he is doubtful, he might just shoot and be done with it. Also, remember the guy who got bullied? He wouldn’t have minded killing him either, if his psycho-pass turned out to be high. It wouldn’t matter to Kogami if the guy was a victim himself. His moral boundaries aren’t clear and that is what I like about him.

      I hate all those messiah-like characters too >.< Like being nice can solve all the problems in the world. You should hurry up and watch Guilty Crown. That show was pretty brutal about breaking the nice messiah-like guy beyond recognition.

      Yup. I liked Akane's way of dealing with Ginoza there =) On the other hand, I think Akane and Ginoza are both pretty useless. They don't use their own brains and they don't usually dirty their hands. All they do is tightly grip the collars around the necks of enforcers and let them do the dirty work. I know that is what the inspector's job is all about but it still makes them look really useless anyway.

      • That might be too much Psycho Pass :D I’ll leave this anime to you, so you’ll have to deal with my comments for a while more xP

        No, I don’t think so o.O The cases we saw were all fairly convoluted, so I have no reason to assume he was usually getting plain and obvious ones.
        Of course he should ask the person what happened. In case it wasn’t the actual murderer, but a valuable witness. Doesn’t matter if his psycho-pass is too high and he will be treated as a latent criminal from now on, this person can help the investigation. And Kogami always has an option to paralyze the person if he acts aggressively, not to mention Kogami is pretty strong himself and it would take some doing to pose a real threat to him. But that is an interesting point you brought up =) The theme with Kogami is that he is a detective, in the normal sense of the word, even though there is no place for such a profession in this world. So him choosing to shoot someone instead of extracting as much information from him as possible would be against his own nature, I feel. Yet you are right, he would do it. It is another way to show how much he gave in under the all the pressure he experienced over the years. That is why his morals are so unclear, they were being crushed as well.
        I hesitate to say that him saving a girl from the hunt in this episode was part of him regaining his original morals, or if that is something he would have done anyway. Maybe that is true?.. Or maybe since it is a game against Makishima he feels it is especially important not to let the guy take anymore lives, because one of the worst defeats Kogami suffered in his life was letting his former partner being killed by one of Makishima’s puppets.

        Oh I don’t hate such characters xP It is usually very satisfying to see someone being able to resolve conflicts without violence, through words or just by being nice. It wouldn’t work for Psycho Pass cause the show is all about social issues, people in specific circumstances and so on, giving a character such ability would in a way defeat the purpose of the show.

        I’d say it’s okay for Akane to be useless this far in the series, since she just started working in the department. If she spent a few years learning police procedures, practicing shooting dominator and so on, then it would be just slightly bad for her not to have perform better then she did. But being a rookie, there are no expectations on her anyway, she just needs to learn somehow. Ginoza is a different case though, him being useless should be worrisome =) No wonder his mental state isn’t stable ^^/

        • :P We can divide the episodes and you can write reviews for some of them. I would like to read your posts :3

          Don’t you think the cases we are getting are interesting right now because Makishima is involved in them? He might usually be getting cases like the one in the first episode. The paralyzer mode won’t work if the psycho-pass value is too high, like in Riakako’s case. What if his dominator changed to lethal eliminator mode and he has no option to paralyze the criminal?
          There is no guarantee that Kogami’s values were ever sound in the first place. If he was born and grown up in a world where you don’t ask questions and use the dominator, there is no way he would ever know that he SHOULD ask questions first. I feel Sybil creates a world where detectives no longer know that extracting information is more important than eliminating potential threats.

          I think it is something he would have done anyway. Sibyl treats all people with a normal psycho-pass values as good people and it is a detective’s job to protect good people. I think Kogami probably wouldn’t think beyond that point in normal circumstances.

          I don’t like such characters >.> If being nice would solve all the problems in the world, everyone would be living a nice easy life. So a show breaking such a person down and shoving the reality in his face was pretty satisfying to watch :3 To be honest though, it was also sad. When this guy stood there with dead-eyes and said ‘I was wrong. Kindness is pointless’

          I also think Sibyl wants the detectives to be useless o.O After all, they are being forced to maintain a healthy psycho-pass in extreme conditions.

          • Aw :3 I have like 3 different things I’ve planned out, just need to find time to write them :D So far no good ^^’ So I won’t be giving empty promises about writing reviews (_ _) Also this whole series had been about your perspective on the show anyway, this is what makes the discussion interesting =) Trying to see how your take on Kogami and others fit with my view on them is pretty fun, I wanna keep that up as we get to the later episodes >:3

            Well, that might be true, but then again, if they wanted me to believe Kogami was dumbed down by routine killing (I mean routine work ^. ^), then they should have given me an indication. I can just as well imagine him going through a severe breakdown, which would explain his behavior and had actually been indicated. After all, he did become an enforcer, meaning his mental state was in a serious disorder, and it is easy to use this to explain his quite inhuman attitude at the beginning of the series.
            That is a good point, these guns can’t be switched between their modes easily, can they? Then it kinda sounds like a justification to kill the criminal (it isn’t even close to a justification in my book, but Kogami can have different moral views). Didn’t think about that =)

            Right, it isn’t a realistic character trait in the sense that people usually can’t keep being nice when abused, and it also usually doesn’t work, problems remain unsolved. But this detachment from reality can still be used to tell a good story, because the image is so powerful =) Like how it was done in Annarasumanara, where the magician was able to solve every problem by proclaiming that the magic is real =) And then the story used all of this potential by revealing his secrets, showing his true side. The reason why it was so fascinating to realize that the guy was no better than a delusional kid was because of his awesome powers that were driving the story up till the near end. I know this is one of the most agreeable examples of such character, if I were to bring up Luffy or Orihime or Naruto, then defending my point would have become much harder xD
            I have Guilty Crown in my list =) I think something like that will be even harder to sell me. If you have a character with iron-strong convictions and truly awesome powers to change the world and you show me that character being broken, I won’t be easily convinced that the character wasn’t just a normal person to begin with. If they did a good job with it it would be awesome to watch though =)

            That is probably true :D Ginoza doesn’t know that though, poor guy.

            • Okay :P I’ll be waiting for you to stop slacking off and write those three posts >:D

              Then let us talk about Kagari =) He was locked up when he was 5 and look at him now. He treats his colleagues well and doesn’t appear to have more messed up morals than your average Joe. Sure, you can assume that he is hiding something under that cheerful nature but you can also assume that he is just a normal guy with just a knack for being a detective. That is where it falls apart. Kagari would pull the trigger too. Does that make him inhuman too? After all you can’t expect a guy who was never treated like a human ever since he was a kid to act like a human. To me it seems more like Sibyl’s fault than Kagari’s. Sibyl doesn’t believe in negotiating. It is always shoot or lock them up.

              Yeah. It works well in Annarasumanara but it won’t work for a normal real-world scenario :P
              I’ve seen your to watch list. That is why I told you you should hurry up and watch Guilty Crown. Honestly, your to watch list keeps getting long and you make no efforts to fix that >.<
              The guy was a normal person and a normal nice guy. They did a good job and I like it. They had a time skip after that and the guy appears to be completely different. That might piss you off a little though.


              • Sorry I was being quiet this whole week – I was out of town ^^’ Yeah, I write them too ._.

                True, it wouldn’t make Kagari inhuman =) But Kogami isn’t the same, he wasn’t raised in that abnormal way. And yeah, of course it is Sibyl’s fault, but that doesn’t justify poor moral choices people make. My point is, I think Kogami knew that killing a person like that was wrong but he went along with it anyway, cause that is how low he has fallen at this point. There are reasons for that, but they are the reasons why he has fallen so, not justifications for his behavior, I think. If he truly believed what he was doing was right his reaction to being shot by Akane would have been different too =)

                Right =) But a great story doesn’t need to be real life-like. And a story where someone solves all the problems is bound to be unrealistic anyway, but things like that are nice to watch once in a while =) Fiction is also entitled for exaggerations, it is a legit writing tool. Some time ago I was reading random Bleach chapters and I got to the one where Grimmjow saves Orihime who was beaten by two hollow girls. You remember this scene, right? Before going with him she attempts to heal one of the girls, who then hits her one more time, but Orihime goes on and heals her anyway; and then she revives the second girl who was annihilated by Grimmjow a minute earlier. The two are left in deep shock and this changes the way they act later on. It is Bleach, so there is nothing profound here, but it still works fine. Meaningless violence contrasts with selfless empathy so much you don’t really need to try hard to make it work. And yet it isn’t just a made up unreal scenario, people do things like that and get same reactions, only the scale of those deeds is much more mundane =) You help a person who was aggressive and hateful towards you a minute ago and if he has a bit of conscience he will feel dazed or uncomfortable or embarrassed. I feel this is the point of these stories, to show the power of good will, even if it is done through exaggeration and unreal settings =)

                I’m trying, I promise (> – <)/
                You think so? :D That is interesting ^.^

  2. Were you attending another conference? :P

    I can’t say anything to that =) Kogami did know that what he was doing was not right. But I think that is not true for the majority of the people in the show. I will talk more about that in my later posts =)

    I remember that scene and I wasn’t really impressed with the way Orihime acted. Here is how I see it. She could have said something in her defense and tried to stand up for herself. She didn’t do that. She only acted the part of the damsel in distress and when Grimmjow helped her, she went to save her bullies. That kind of thing pisses me off. If she had stood up for herself, things wouldn’t have gotten to that point. I admit though, if someone who you treated awfully was nice to you, you wouldn’t know what to do. Gon did the same. He helped Genthru instead of Killua. Killua got hurt because of Gon’s stupidity and healing him should have come first. There was no reason to help Genthru. His wounds would have healed with time. On the other hand though, I admit. Being able to solve problems by being nice sounds good.

    • You got it! I’ll tell you about it in a mail ^.^

      I will be waiting then =) There are at least a few more people in the show who I’d argue have ability to tell right from wrong in our contemporary sense of the word. I wonder if you list would differ from mine ^.^

      Well, I mean, this is Bleach, of course people act in stupid ways xD Especially Orihime, half the time the story only treats her as a plot device. On the other hand, the only character moments she has are the ones where she gives up or gives in without trying. Like who she gave in to Ulquiorra’s demand or gave up on fighting in the arrancar war when everyone was training. So her just swallowing the insults and abuse is sort of inline with her character in general.
      I guess this scene still managed to leave an impression on you, even though it wasn’t the intended one xD

      I don’t think Gon qualifies as a messiah-like character. He doesn’t solve anything and he doesn’t inspire people other than his friends. Ging might possibly count, but we haven’t seen enough of him yet. And he is fine with using violence, threats, bribes, insults and sweet talk to meet his goals, so I guess he is just an inspirational leader, but still a normal human. Togashi probably wouldn’t care for this troupe to begin with =)

      • Okay :3

        No. I don’t think my list would differ ._./ I was rather talking about the public in general.

        Okay >.< I wish there were more characters like Balsa. She is one of my favorite female protagonists.

        Sure. Gon isn't a nice goody little two shoes and that is because Togashi isn't like many other mangakas out there who are afraid of letting their main character dirty his hands. I can imagine Ichigo or Naruto doing the same thing and voila, the guy would suddenly become a good guy -_-

        • True =) Would be cool to have more series like Seirei no Moribito that don’t just go with stereotypical gender roles. I don’t remember if we talked about it, but I really liked how Balsa was raised by a warrior dude who clearly wasn’t sure how parenting works :D The way Tanda abandons his occupation to play a housewife so Balsa can fulfill her duty guarding Chagum, it was also cool. Balsa herself is so well written, I don’t even think it is fair to compare other characters to her :P Remembering all those cool moments from the show, like Balsa escaping the castle and saving Chagum, and the little ones like them having food together, it makes me wanna rewatch an episode or two o(>.<)o

          • Yup.
            Just so you know, there is a drama that covers all the Moribito novels. Two seasons of the drama are already out. You should give it a try if you want to know what happened to Balsa after that :P The actress who plays Balsa did a pretty good job.

            • You mean live action dramas? For some reason I when I hear drama I always think about radio dramas, basically the type of audio books with multiple actors and sound effects ^^ Maybe I should watch an episode to get to know how a live action drama looks like =) Or I can try to nag you to write a review for these dramas, would be a cool way to learn about what happened to Balsa without doing any work >:D

              Is this the one you are talking about? By the way, this site, mydramalist, seems like it is a version of MAL for asian dramas, would never have guessed something like that exists :O Have you watched any other dramas already besides Moribito? :3 If you have a huge list on mydramalist too, let me see it, okay xD

              • Try watching Seirei no Moribito. The actress playing Balsa did a pretty good job. And I tend to be biased about drama adaptations of anime ._. I am also looking forward to watching the live action versions of Gintama and Fullmetal Alchemist \(^.^)/ Gintama looks pretty decent by the way *-*

                Yup. I never knew a site like that existed until I tried to look up Seirei no Moribito live action too XD I did start watching some dramas that look interesting. I created an account there. Here is the link . I tried to remember all the dramas I watched but I am sure I missed some o.O

  3. Maybe someday =) Didn’t realize there were so many drama adaptations from anime, that is cool.

    Nice :D I see you found some horror and police dramas too ^^b Would be interesting to check this list in a couple years, see how huge it becomes ^.^

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