Hello, I am Sindar, and this is my blog. Or, rather, it used to be just my blog, now there are two of us writing here. The second author is my good friend Shaurya. I write about anime, manga, podcasts, voice actors, news. Sometimes I make reviews and give recommendations, but usually I just write what is on my mind. I cover both old and new stuff, you can expect reviews of OVAs from 80-s and reactions posts on the currently airing shows. Shaurya writes about all sorts of anime shows too, from nice family-friendly TV shows  and cute kawaii specials to horrifying blood baths and psychological thrillers.

Here is my anime list, you can check it out to see if we like the same things – Sindar’s MAL. Hope we will spend some time together. See you in the comments (^_^)/

To see the catalog of our posts, click here.


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