Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 10

Despite all my complaints about not wanting Gintoki to fight Kamui just because he is the protagonist, I have to admit that this episode was pretty awesome. It is easily my favourite episode in this season. I loved the action and the fights. The fight between Gintoki and Kamui was great. They didn’t hold back one bit. Gintoki didn’t mind breaking Kamui’s hand and Kamui didn’t mind breaking Gintoki’s finger. Just take a look at these images.

Gintama Episode 10 (5)

Gintama Episode 10 (6)

Imagine Gintoki fighting an opponent like Kamui with a finger like that

Their exchange during the fight was great too. Gintoki said that ‘Strength that has nothing to lose is the same as weakness that can’t protect anything’ and Kamui said that ‘If you can’t protect something, you should keep your hands off it from the beginning. ‘ If you think about it, they’re both right. If you’re super strong but has absolutely nothing to protect, including yourself, then it is the same as being weak beyond words. Now imagine trying to protect something important with everything you have and still losing it in the end. It will make you wonder if you should have bothered trying to protect it, since it turned out to be meaningless in the end. Gintoki decided to accept the loss while Kamui threw everything out of the window because the loss shattered him.

Kamui did waver a little when he had to seriously hurt Kagura. I guess he figured that he could kill Umibozu and be done with his revenge. He did go after Kagura with the intention to kill but he probably never stopped to think about how he would feel if he lost her. He snapped during the fight the way Kagura did during her fight with Abuto.

Gintama Episode 10 (1)

You know it is bad news when a Yato decides to smile that way

Abuto decided to step in at that point and I was honestly surprised. He isn’t stupid and he knew that he would probably end up dead if he messed with Kamui. There was no real reason for him to step in but he did it anyway because he didn’t like how Kamui was consumed by the Yato blood. In his own words, he doesn’t care if Kamui wants to kill Umibozu or Kagura, but he should do it while smiling the way he usually does.

Gintama Episode 10 (3)

Abuto is one of the characters I like, but then again, I like a lot of characters in Gintama

Gintama Episode 10 (2)

I like how Kamui goes around killing people with that nice cheerful smile on his face too

I am glad Kagura could finally get through to Kamui but I am also a bit sad that Kamui will now cease to be that cheerful psychotic killer we know. It was fun watching him walk all over his enemies as if it was nothing. The long sibling spat finally ended.

Gintama Episode 10 (4)

I have no idea how many fractures Kamui got in this episode

When Sorachi first introduced Kamui, he probably wanted Kamui to be a bad guy and didn’t really plan things out. Remember how Umibozu told Gintoki that Kamui tried to kill him following some old tradition? That wasn’t what happened. Kamui tried to kill Umibozu because he wanted to protect his mother. It had nothing to do with any weird tradition and Gintoki already admitted that when Kamui first appeared, his hair was black and the mangaka later changed it. This causes some inconsistencies in the story.

In the next episode we will learn Oboro’s past and I am looking forward to it. I have always liked his character and learning more about him sounds great. We will also see what lead Utsuro to create a person named Shoyo.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 9

I was right about the fight between Umibozu and Utsuro. Umibozu got badly hurt and he also lost his right hand. Even if he manages to stay alive, he won’t be as strong as he used to be. How will he be able to put up a decent fight without his hands? It is also doubtful if he will survive. His injuries are rather serious.

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_001011094

On the other hand Utsuro just regenerated and came out of the fight unharmed

There wasn’t anything more to the story of Kouka’s death either. Kamui wanted her to go back to Kouan. She would have had to live alone for eternity if she did and she did not want that. She was similar to Utsuro. She was immortal as long as she stayed in Kouan and she decided to leave the planet knowing full well that she wouldn’t live long if she went to some other planet. Kamui on the other hand was prepared to take her back to Kouan by force if he had to. It was okay if he made her life miserable but he wanted her to live anyway. He couldn’t make his mom go back to her planet and he couldn’t make Umibozu give up on her either. So he turned bitter and walked away from his family. We can see why Kamui did everything he did but at the same time it doesn’t make it any better. What he did was stupid and he should have had enough guts to accept his mom’s decision. If he wasn’t strong enough to do that, he should have walked away and never looked back. Trying to blame Umibozu for Kouka’s death and trying to kill him is pointless.

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_000291875

Kouka asked him to let her be by their side and he threw it all away because the burden was too heavy for him

Remember what Kamui said ‘What is strength? Letting others beat you up? Hurting others to protect your family? Going off to fight alone with no concern for you family?‘ They are all different forms of strength and Kamui just chose a wrong form of strength that only hurt him and everyone else around him.

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_000428003

Also, this episode made me like Abuto’s character even more. He protected Kagura and Kamui from the bullies and he protected Kamui from Hosen. Hosen is a dangerous guy and he could have killed Abuto easily if he wanted to. Abuto is no hero but he is not a villain either. He is just a normal guy who didn’t want to see Hosen killing Kamui or Kamui killing Umibozu.

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_000589882

Gintoki is going to fight Kamui in the next episode and I don’t quite like it. I always thought Kagura would be the one to beat some sense into Kamui and I don’t want Gintoki to end up doing that just because it makes him look cool. It has always been a fight between those siblings and I wanted it to be kept that way. Though I had to admit that this part was pretty funny.

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_001244403

You don’t look the least bit convincing Gintoki

Baby Kagura kicking Umibozu and Kouka telling Kamui and he will go bald were pretty funny too.

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_000184347

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_000255035

Gintama Episode 9.mp4_000256679

I don’t mind watching a bald Kamui. It’ll make things more interesting

I also want to say that I expected Kamui’s past to be a bit more interesting but it turned out to be rather plain. The preview said that something strange will happen to Kamui in the next episode and I have no idea what that something strange is supposed to be. I am looking forward to the next episode.

See you next time ^^/

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Psycho-Pass New Edit Version Episode 4

In this episode we got to know the story of the girl who was killing people and creating those grotesque pieces of art.


Rikako Ouryou

Her father was an artist who loved painting and he always drew pictures of naked dismembered women. According to him, these pictures represent the fact that people are capable of unimaginable cruelty and by knowing that, they can learn to control themselves and become more human.


Here is a picture he drew. Rikako copied this one for her little art show.

I don’t know much about art but that picture is not something I would call a good picture. To me it is just a twisted piece of cruelty. I would never want it hanging in my room and I never would have guessed that it is supposed to teach people the importance of being human.. Rikako’s father welcomed Sibyl but at the same time he lost his purpose in life because of Sibyl. Sibyl built a world without cruelty and he no longer had to teach people about being human. This took a toll on him. He got addicted to stress medications and ended up dying because of it.

It looks like Makishima is the antagonist’s real name, or at least an alias he uses often. This is what Makishima said about Rikako, ‘To her it is like her father was killed twice.’ As far as Rikako is concerned, her father’s talent and soul were killed because of Sibyl. That one statement about her father being killed twice makes Makishima all the more terrifying. He understood exactly how Rikako felt about the whole thing and why she was killing people and trying to make the world remember her father. Makishima gives the same vibe as Johan from Monster and Izaya from Durarara!! He understands people better than everyone else. He understands what a person is thinking and how much the person is suffering and at the same time we can’t help but wonder if Makishima is half human. He understands a person’s suffering but he can stomp on a life as if it is trash. The fact that he understands people gives him power over them. He can manipulate them the way he wants.It is like he is sitting in a high-up place, looking down on humans, toying with him for his amusement and tossing them away when he is bored. I like antagonists like that and at the same time I can’t help but think that the existence of such a guy in the real world would be disturbing.


He didn’t mind helping Rikako do this to a young girl.

I am actually surprised that a guy like Makishima helped Rikako. She was not being cautious at all. She only killed students from her school and she imitated her father’s works, all of which could easily be traced back to her. I know that her father’s works were removed by Sibyl and people no longer remembered him but I am sure Sibyl would have at least saved  copies of all this works. I am expecting people who built Sibyl to at least have enough common sense to do that. Kogami did trace it all back to Rikako. It was all too easy for him. Makishima probably knew that Rikako would be caught pretty soon. I expected Makishima to not have any interest in a toy with that little intelligence.

Watching Kogami calmly barge into Rikako’s school, point a Dominator at her and try to pull the trigger once the Dominator said that her crime coefficient was high was amusing.


He doesn’t mind killing a minor. He was going to shoot her and leave a bloody mess behind.


This was how Rikako ended up once Makishima got bored of her.

In this episode we also learned about what happens to enforcers once an inspector thinks they are useless. They will be locked up in a place with high security and will never be allowed to go out. The place has vents for poisonous gas and these retired enforcers can easily be killed if they appear to do anything dangerous. This makes us look at Kagari, Masaoka and the other enforcers in a different way. They are running around protecting civilians, killing criminals, dirtying their hands and putting their lives on the line knowing very well that the society will always treat them the same way it treats all the criminals they kill and the people they protect probably look down on them too.


Makishima is now interested in Kogami because of the way he solved the case.

Also, the enforcers had to use holo avatars for questioning the students because the school management didn’t want to allow the students’ Psycho-Pass to get clouded unnecessarily. Watching Masaoka and Kagari walk around in that nice cheerful avatar was funny.




I just wanted to put this image here. It looks so beautiful.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 8

The battle between Utsuro and Umibozu isn’t something I was looking forward to. Like I mentioned in my last post, I don’t believe Umibozu has a chance. Even if he is the strongest man in the universe, he isn’t immortal. He will get tired. Take a look at this picture below.


Now we have two people who lost a hand

Utsuro’s hand will just regenerate while Umibozu is fated to live the rest of his life with only one hand. The fight is unfair from the beginning. The fight wasn’t the main focus of this episode. We learned the story of Umibozu and Kouka, Kagura’s mother. Also, Umibozu’s real name is Kanko. Kouka is a rather interesting character. Take a look at some of her dialogues.


This is what she said when Umibozu called Kouan a dead planet. It is not possible for people to live on Kouan but there are many types of monsters that can survive on Kouan. Kouka said that just because it is not possible for people to live there, it doesn’t mean the planet is dead. She had been living alone on that planet for a long time and she had no complaints. She wasn’t wallowing in self pity and she wasn’t sad or bitter. She was happy with her life. Until Umibozu showed up and reminded her what it felt like to have companionship that is.


Here is another interesting thing she said.


She had been living on a planet where there is not much food and she could do whatever it took to survive, including eating boots.

This episode was mostly about how Umibozu managed to make Kouka leave her planet and agree to be his wife. They managed to insert a lot of dirty jokes into an otherwise serious story.


This is what they once looked like

It is sad to think that this nice looking family members are now trying to kill each other. Kouka got sick after Kagura’s birth. She did say that ‘she can’t live anywhere but here’, when she was talking about Kouan. I am guessing that she had to live in a place with Altana or she could’t survive. She knew it and yet she left Kouan and went with Umibozu. It was her choice. Kamui calling Umibozu a murderer for that is absurd.


It is not hard to understand where Kamui is coming from. He loved his mother and yet he had to stand by and watch her die. So he came to resent his father since he brought her with him to the outside world and was partially responsible for her death. Kamui would have probably preferred his mother to stay alive for a long time over staying happy for a short time.  But here is the cruel truth. Kamui doesn’t get any say in this. Kouka made her choice and he should have accepted it, even if it made him sad and miserable. Blaming Umibozu for what had happened and trying to kill him wouldn’t make Kouka happy. We still don’t know the whole story yet. Maybe there is more to the story of Kouka’s death but for now Kamui only appears to be a brat who decided to break something just because he couldn’t protect it. It is meaningless and won’t do anyone any good.


This Gintama season only has 12 episodes. We will probably not get to see what happened to the Shinsengumi after Kondo’s escape. I wouldn’t mind watching an entire season about it. They used to be cops but now they are terrorists on the run. Watching how they learn to deal with their new reality is bound to be interesting.

See you next time ^^/

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Dirty Pair: Project Eden

I am a big fan of good art and animation. If a cartoon looks great I would be happy to watch it, regardless of its other qualities. I would also like to tell other people about how good it was, but that is when things become difficult. Talking about art is hard in general, even if you limit yourself to a particular genre or style. Talking about modern animation where every piece may consist of a wild mixture of dozens of different styles is harder still. Not to mention that animation isn’t only about art, it is also about movement, which makes everything even more complex.


That is why when I see an anime that showcases one particular aspect of animation I feel an urge to share it with others, which is the reason I am writing this post. Project Eden is a comedy, a movie about two girls with bad enough reputation to be called Dirty Pair. Same as in other Dirty Pair movies, they are solving a crime case, blowing up stuff in the process. But more importantly, Project Eden is about an art style. But, what is an art style? I’d say it is a combination of the color palette the anime uses, common details of the character designs, the drawing and animation techniques and the choices of what to show on the screen. It seems arbitrary, but hopefully it will make sense in a moment.


Project Eden loves black, blue, red and hot pink. In my experience blue and black are a common combination in older anime, Yoshiaki Kawajiri used these colors a lot in his films. Adding red and hot pink makes this movie extra flashy, gives it more contrast, but also makes it feel less serious.


The characters are equipped with some awesome 80s hair, but are otherwise simple. This is compensated by the animation, where the characters slightly go off model, move pretty freely, have enough different facial expressions not to be boring. Project Eden doesn’t win any prizes for the characters’ looks, but I think they go pretty well with anime’s visuals.


Judging by how it looks and its age, the anime is hand drawn and cell animated. I think this type of animation technique lends itself well to darker and more contrasting color palettes. My guess is that cells were making the colors darker and were taking away some of the contrast, producing the nice look shows like Project Eden or Cyber City Oedo or many others of the sort have. Also the character designs used in this anime work well because the faces are always slightly morphing and changing; I don’t think it would look as good with more static computer-aided animation. This is why I mention animation techniques as a part of an art style, cause shows like Project Eden look the way they do thanks to the animation methods that were used back then when these shows were made. It also makes these anime unique – because of the change in animation techniques it is unlikely that anything that shares Project Eden’s style will be produced again.


Now finally, what about the choices what to show on the screen? Project Eden shows us explosions, lots of technical facilities, all kinds of electrical discharges, dark blue monsters, space, spacecrafts and space stations. In short, lots of space enthusiasm sci-fi settings. This allows the anime to display its colors in all their glory. If your anime takes place in bright lit rooms or in the daylight there is no way to make Project Eden’s color palette work. Furthermore, the colors, the hand drawn animation, the sci-fi theme, they all go together, they create the atmosphere of the movies of this period. The bright explosions contrasted with dark blue background remind me of Macross: Do You Remember Love movie, the constant mindless destruction- of Tank Police OVA and maybe a few other OVAs from that time.

I don’t know if I should talk about the anime itself at this point. Maybe I’ll leave the plot be and let you see it for yourself. I guess the promo posters for Project Eden may look kinda iffy, the two lead characters being dressed like prostitutes and all, but oh well. Their costumes are completely stupid and don’t suit their personalities at all, obviously they were designed to attract attention to the anime. But there isn’t much more then that, just a stupid choice for the character’s uniform.

Oh, and before you go, watch the opening for this movie it is worth the look. It kinda illustrates all I wanted to say in this post. See you next time!

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 7

Since the last episode had such a great ending, I expected this episode to start with some awesome fights. Here is the reality.


It started with Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi abusing Sakamoto.

It has been a while since we saw the four of them fight together and it was awesome. Let us move along and talk more about the most interesting and much awaited fight in this episode. The fight between these two insane idiots.


Umibozu and Kamui

I was wrong about Umibozu. He didn’t really want to kill Kamui. He was trying to talk to Kamui but we know very well that Umibozu’s mental stability is very fragile during a battle and a little shove could push him over the edge. Kagura interfered with their fight and Kamui almost killed her. Umibozu wouldn’t have minded killing Kamui if Kagura ended up dying. I always assumed that Kamui wouldn’t kill Kagura. He might hurt her, break her bones and leave her in a sea of blood but I assumed that he wouldn’t want to smash her skull or break her neck and kill her. I was wrong. He tried to kill Kagura just to make Umibozu snap and fight him with full force. Kagura later said that Kamui hasn’t changed and is still a crybaby who puts on a brave face. We have seen Kamui fight. We have seen him rip enemies apart with a smile on his face. He has always been this insanely strong, crazy and cheerful dude and watching Kagura call him a crybaby was a bit funny.  I did like how Kagura didn’t even bat an eyelid when he tried to kill her and sent him flying.


I wasn’t talking about you Kamui. You can turn your attention back to slicing through your enemies and mountains.

Oboro wants to fight with Gintoki and the rest. He is sick and he might not make it out alive if he fought them in that condition. I have never really disliked Oboro. Even when he forced Gintoki to kill Shoyo and then let them live saying that their lives weren’t worth taking, it felt a little like he was trying not to kill them. Maybe it was his way of letting the three of them live. He even went as far as to say that Gintoki and Takasugi were just throwing away lives that Shoyo saved when they tried to fight him later. Despite being on the bad guys’ side, he seems like a sensible person and I have always liked his character.


I hope he doesn’t die.

In the next episode we might get to see Umibozu Vs Utsuro. This is a fight I don’t want to see. Even if Gintama is a pretty laid back anime, it wouldn’t let the antagonist be defeated by someone other than the protagonist. The chances of Umibozu winning are slim. How can you win against an immortal person anyway? He might end up being defeated or killed. I wouldn’t mind it if Umibozu killed Utsuro though. It is probably the kindest thing he could do for Utsuro, a guy who has lived for so long that he can no longer feel alive.

gintama-mp4_001342796 We will also learn about the mysterious lady that appears in the opening song in the next episode.


We already know she is Kagura’s mother.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 6

The most amusing thing about this episode is the fact that Pakuyasa actually exists. He wanted to become Gintoki’s student but Gintoki just turned him into an errand boy because he was too weak to fight in a real war.



This was awesome

Gintoki managed to defeat Bato. He overwhelmed him with his murderous intent and since Bato sew his eyes shut and only depends on the eye on his forehead, he couldn’t tell where Gintoki was because of the murderous intent hitting him from every side. It sounds a bit unrealistic. If it was easy to overwhelm him he wouldn’t have become a master swordsman and stay undefeated. I am willing to overlook that though. Gintoki was thinking about the next day’s breakfast during their fight and Bato said that to Gintoki death and breakfast aren’t all that different. They are a normal part of his life. His death isn’t anymore important to Gintoki than knowing the menu of the next day’s breakfast and it was sad.


Have you ever wondered about how far Gintoki has actually fallen?

Umibozu was running around and causing chaos as usual. I want to see Utsuro and Umibozu fighting. Utsuro even admitted that Umibozu might be the only guy who could kill him and seeing them fight is bound to be interesting.


We will get to see Umibozu and Kamui fighting in the next episode. I always assumed that Kagura will be the one to punch some sense into him and drag him back home but it looks like Umibozu will be the one doing it. I doubt Kagura will stand by and watch them fight but I also doubt she will be able to pick a side and stopping their fight is pretty much impossible.


He is finally back


These four are finally back together too

At the end of the episode the animators replaced some cool scenes of Gintoki with Pakuyasa and it was great even though it annoyed Gintoki a lot. We will probably see more of Pakuyasa in the future. It is a good joke and I am sure a show like Gintama will make good use of it.ep-6-2-mp4_001418516

See you next time ^^/

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