Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen Episode 2

Considering how we got a rather plain and boring episode last week, I was expecting another boring episode this week. Little did I know how wrong I was going to be. This episode is one of those Gintama trademark episodes, episodes that remind you why you should never watch a new Gintama episode in public.

Gintama Season 7 Episode 2 (1)

In this episode, we got to see how Nobu Nobu convinced Katsura and Sakamoto to accompany him to the Liberation Army’s spaceship. He admitted that he was just being  a puppet until now and would like to do everything in his power to help his country to atone for his sins. He even risked walking into the Liberation army’s spaceship unarmed.

Gintama Season 7 Episode 2 (6)

Kagura wasn’t happy with helping Nobu Nobu as expected

How do you think he started his negotiations? Make a wild guess.

Can I please use your toilet?

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen Episode 1

The first episode of Gintama season 7 came out today and to be honest, I am a little disappointed. Gintama has stopped being wacky and has been trying to become a normal shounen anime lately.  There is no real need for Gintama to have a last boss. Sorachi can happily end the manga with a random comedy chapter and fans won’t complain.

So what exactly do you think annoyed me about this episode? It was how readily all the Gintama characters took the abuse and humiliation from the Altana Liberation Army without fighting back.

Gintama Season 7 Episode 1 (3)

Does Hasegawa look like the kind of guy who casually brushes off an insult like that?

Let us be honest. There was no reason for all the people in Edo to wait for the Yorozuya to return to Earth before starting a revolt. Gintama has plenty of strong characters. Saigo is a monster. Kyuubei is a monster. Otae is a monster and Tama is a monster. So why did all these monsters who are perfectly capable of turning the tables on the Liberation army and wiping them from the face of the Earth decide to meekly let Edo be destroyed? It isn’t like Gintoki has some super powers and it isn’t like he is the only one capable of fightin the last boss. Give Sougo or Umibozu or Kamui a sword and they will casually drive the Amanto out of Earth.

I know Sorachi wanted the Yorozuya to make a grand entrance but it only spoiled the show for me.

Gintama Season 7 Episode 1 (4)

Then there was this scene

Gintama Season 7 Episode 1 (5)

Hasegawa got to act cool for 10 seconds and Sorachi made him pay for that

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 13

Before I start with the actual review, I want to mention that they changed Alchu’s color and made him yellow. Apparently Alchu wearing a bluish-green body suit was an animation mistake. I had no problem with a blue Alchu. Kagura was a poor kid. I just assumed that she couldn’t get any yellow fabric and used whatever cloth was available to make a Pikachu stuffed toy.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 13 (3)

I am sure Pikachu is currently clawing his way out of the Pokemon world to use a thunderbolt on Alchu

We got to see the guardians of most of the Gintama characters in this episode. Want to make a wild guess what kind of spirits they are?

Gintama Season 6 Ep 13 (6)

Otae’s guardian is the spirit of all the eggs she burned while making omelets

Katsura’s and Hijikata’s guardians are cars. It is thanks to his car that Katsura manged to become the Runaway Kotarou.

Sougo’s guardian is a sadist. He is called The Tormenting Sadist and he loves torturing Hijikata.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 13 (11)

Should I say like human like guardian spirit?

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 12

This episode is easily my favorite episode in this season. In the first part of the episode, all the Gintama characters gathered around and made fun of Gintama Rumble – the upcoming Gintama game.Gintama 6 EP 12 (10)

Gintama 6 EP 12 (11)

Don’t worry Gintoki. There are a lot of people out there who would love to buy the new game

So Gintoki decided to sneak into Bandai Namco’s office and hack into their servers with Tama’s help. He wanted to make sure the developers did a good job. The Gintama trio made some changes to the game to make it more exciting.

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 11

Tsukuyo actually voiced my thoughts – ‘If we are going to go through a meet-and-greet event like this, we might as well all work in Yoshiwara.‘ She is right. Lucky for us, the female cast of Gintama is awesome. They spent all their time making fun of Dragon Quest characters and abusing the Gintama movies.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 11 (5)

Otae decided to flush them all down the toilet

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Bullet hell stories – realism in fiction

This is the third post in my realism in fiction series. This time I want to talk about the clash with reality that happens in certain kinds of stories, which involve guns and shooting. Lots of both.

Bullet hell is a term people use to describe videogames where there are way too many projectiles on the screen and you can’t possibly bother thinking about any single one of those shots. There are stories like that too. The ones I will bring up here are Black Lagoon and Jormungand. But before we go let me make a short detour.

When you have read your first few stories where characters fight with guns, I believe you asked yourself something along the lines “How long is this guy going to survive, fighting like that?”. Surely he is going to be shot one day, right? That is an old question too. Sword fighters surviving hundreds of battles also look somewhat questionable, or at least they should. But, for the sword fights there is a convenient set of arguments that can be used to justify survivability of the hero. The hero could be superior in speed, reflexes, physical strength and skill, making it literally impossible for most opponents to even scratch the guy. That is not actually a very good argument, but what’s important is – it is convincing enough. Additionally you can make it so your hero can survive a defeat, heal the wounds and get back into the story, this is realistic enough with many kinds of sword wounds.

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 10

GKB48 turned out to be a band of idols who are willing to play any cheap tricks to gain popularity. They spread fake photographs of a scandal involving Otsuu and ruined her image. Otsuu was feeling down and didn’t want to attend the concert and challenge GKB48. Who is willing to save the day when there is no hope left?


Pako, Kagura and Pachi of course

First, let me say that this episode has a lot of dirty jokes. It is one of those episodes I would never watch in public. GKB48 turned their meet-and-greet stage into another Yoshiwara. Gintoki is also willing to do anything to promote his group, including following GKB48’s footsteps.

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Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai

If you are a fan of the Monogatari series, chances are, you have heard of Kubikiri Cycle (also called as Beheading Cycle: The Blue Savant and The Master of Nonsense in English) and know what to expect from this anime. I haven’t watched the Monogatari series yet and I didn’t know that Kubikiri Cycle is made by Studio Shaft and is written by Nisio. I only picked Kubikiri Cycle because I liked the cover art and the synopsis talked about a murder mystery. I was pleasantly surprised.

Kubikiri Cycle_Cover Art

Here is the cover art. Doesn’t it look nice?

The ‘Master of Nonsense’ part in the title made me think that the detective in this series was going to be an easygoing fun guy. I couldn’t have been farther away from the truth. The protagonist of this story is the personification of apathy.

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 9

Looks like group idols are more popular than solo singers these days. We all know how big a hit GKB48 is (Gintama staff is putting in a little more effort this time to try and hide the original anime title they are ripping off from). Otsuu wanted to team-up with someone too. Guess who she will be teaming up with?

Gintama Season 6 Ep 9 (8)


Gintama Season 6 Ep 9 (9)

Sorry Shinpachi. I don’t actually mind watching Kagura’s concert

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 8

Do you really want to know what happened in this episode? Gintoki managed to land a blow on Sougo but Kusanagi’s blade wasn’t able to support him. I am not going to explain why Kusanagi looks like a giant piece of macaroni in the below image.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 8 (1)

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