Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 7

Since the last episode had such a great ending, I expected this episode to start with some awesome fights. Here is the reality.


It started with Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi abusing Sakamoto.

It has been a while since we saw the four of them fight together and it was awesome. Let us move along and talk more about the most interesting and much awaited fight in this episode. The fight between these two insane idiots.


Umibozu and Kamui

I was wrong about Umibozu. He didn’t really want to kill Kamui. He was trying to talk to Kamui but we know very well that Umibozu’s mental stability is very fragile during a battle and a little shove could push him over the edge. Kagura interfered with their fight and Kamui almost killed her. Umibozu wouldn’t have minded killing Kamui if Kagura ended up dying. I always assumed that Kamui wouldn’t kill Kagura. He might hurt her, break her bones and leave her in a sea of blood but I assumed that he wouldn’t want to smash her skull or break her neck and kill her. I was wrong. He tried to kill Kagura just to make Umibozu snap and fight him with full force. Kagura later said that Kamui hasn’t changed and is still a crybaby who puts on a brave face. We have seen Kamui fight. We have seen him rip enemies apart with a smile on his face. He has always been this insanely strong, crazy and cheerful dude and watching Kagura call him a crybaby was a bit funny.  I did like how Kagura didn’t even bat an eyelid when he tried to kill her and sent him flying.


I wasn’t talking about you Kamui. You can turn your attention back to slicing through your enemies and mountains.

Oboro wants to fight with Gintoki and the rest. He is sick and he might not make it out alive if he fought them in that condition. I have never really disliked Oboro. Even when he forced Gintoki to kill Shoyo and then let them live saying that their lives weren’t worth taking, it felt a little like he was trying not to kill them. Maybe it was his way of letting the three of them live. He even went as far as to say that Gintoki and Takasugi were just throwing away lives that Shoyo saved when they tried to fight him later. Despite being on the bad guys’ side, he seems like a sensible person and I have always liked his character.


I hope he doesn’t die.

In the next episode we might get to see Umibozu Vs Utsuro. This is a fight I don’t want to see. Even if Gintama is a pretty laid back anime, it wouldn’t let the antagonist be defeated by someone other than the protagonist. The chances of Umibozu winning are slim. How can you win against an immortal person anyway? He might end up being defeated or killed. I wouldn’t mind it if Umibozu killed Utsuro though. It is probably the kindest thing he could do for Utsuro, a guy who has lived for so long that he can no longer feel alive.

gintama-mp4_001342796 We will also learn about the mysterious lady that appears in the opening song in the next episode.


We already know she is Kagura’s mother.

See you next time ^^/

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The most amusing thing about this episode is the fact that Pakuyasa actually exists. He wanted to become Gintoki’s student but Gintoki just turned him into an errand boy because he was too weak to fight in a real war.



This was awesome

Gintoki managed to defeat Bato. He overwhelmed him with his murderous intent and since Bato sew his eyes shut and only depends on the eye on his forehead, he couldn’t tell where Gintoki was because of the murderous intent hitting him from every side. It sounds a bit unrealistic. If it was easy to overwhelm him he wouldn’t have become a master swordsman and stay undefeated. I am willing to overlook that though. Gintoki was thinking about the next day’s breakfast during their fight and Bato said that to Gintoki death and breakfast aren’t all that different. They are a normal part of his life. His death isn’t anymore important to Gintoki than knowing the menu of the next day’s breakfast and it was sad.


Have you ever wondered about how far Gintoki has actually fallen?

Umibozu was running around and causing chaos as usual. I want to see Utsuro and Umibozu fighting. Utsuro even admitted that Umibozu might be the only guy who could kill him and seeing them fight is bound to be interesting.


We will get to see Umibozu and Kamui fighting in the next episode. I always assumed that Kagura will be the one to punch some sense into him and drag him back home but it looks like Umibozu will be the one doing it. I doubt Kagura will stand by and watch them fight but I also doubt she will be able to pick a side and stopping their fight is pretty much impossible.


He is finally back


These four are finally back together too

At the end of the episode the animators replaced some cool scenes of Gintoki with Pakuyasa and it was great even though it annoyed Gintoki a lot. We will probably see more of Pakuyasa in the future. It is a good joke and I am sure a show like Gintama will make good use of it.ep-6-2-mp4_001418516

See you next time ^^/

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I apologize for the late review of this episode. I was stranded in a place with an awful internet connection.

Let me start with what is wrong with this episode- Hackers. Anime, movies and novels usually portray a hacker as a person who sits in front of a computer for like 2 minutes and manages to create miracles. It doesn’t work that way. The hacker needs to pour several hours of hard work into breaking into a system. Sakamoto’s ship’s core is well secured and even has the latest firewalls installed. All Hankai had to do was pierce the core with his tentacles, send his nano machines inside in order to break into the system. The idea of a nano machine that can control humans and machines alike is ridiculous to begin with.


This episode has it’s fair share of comedy. Nobu Nobu spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of a guy Sakamoto is. He saw Sakamoto trying to save his crew members and he also saw him put his life on the line for everyone, including Nobu Nobu. This was enough to shake him up and question his methods. If Nobu Nobu is a person who can be changed easily how come Shige Shige couldn’t change him? Shige Shige is the kid of guy who would have seen that in Nobu Nobu and tried to talk to him and set everything right. Nobu Nobu should have known what kind of guy Shige Shige is and he still killed him anyway. A guy like that changing all of a sudden doesn’t seem real enough.



Mutsu answered the question for him XD

We also learned a little about Nobu Nobu’s past. He was made to become the shogun just so that he could be used. After being used by others all his life he thought he should just use the people around him for his benefit too. He ended up becoming the Shogun but it didn’t do him any good. He liked the power but he wasn’t really happy about it. If Nobu Nobu became a good guy and spent the rest of his life repenting for what he had done to Shige Shige, would you be able to forgive him for what he had done? Shige Shige was a good guy, he was probably the nicest guy in the entire Gintama series. A guy like that died hurt, sad and betrayed. It is hard to digest such a fact.


I wonder what Nobu Nobu plans to do from now on

Sakamoto and Mutsu defeated Hankai together. We also learned why Sakamoto only uses guns. I always assumed he liked guns better because they are more practical and useful in a real battle. He got injured while trying to  help a wounded enemy during a battle. He can no longer use a sword.


It was a pretty serious injury

The next fight is between Gintoki and Bato. This fight will be interesting since Bato can read minds and can know what Gintoki’s next move is.



Gintoki tried to wipe the eye on Bato’s forehead saying that someone scribbled on his face. I love how characters in Gintama make fun of characters that try to appear cool. Gintoki is no exception. Remember how Kagura made fun of him for taking his right hand out of the Kimono?


It would have been awesome if it was a drawing

Bato spent ten years searching for Gintoki because he was the only guy he couldn’t beat. Yet he can’t remember Gintoki’s name or his face. Gintoki also can’t remember Bato’s face or anything else about him. He remembers him as the guy who stole his 300 yen.


This is how he thought Bato looked like


Here is the guy Bato spent ten years searching- Pakuyasa

I am looking forward to the fight between Bato and Pakuyasa. Takasugi will finally wake up in the next episode.

See you next time ^^/

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Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is good example of a show that I normally wouldn’t feel like writing about. It is like trying to make a review of Confucius’s works, you wouldn’t attempt something like that just for fun. Innocence is probably the only movie so far that made me feel like I’m not educated enough to be watching it. The characters are literally talking in quotations, referencing European philosophers, Buddha, Confucius and some Japanese writers. And in my limited experience, quotes from philosophical texts make sense only in context. The text may have a couple paragraphs that build up reader’s intuition before delivering a few sentences that contain the core meaning of the text. Without a context these sentences are just mysterious collections of words, almost indecipherable. So because I wasn’t familiar with most of the texts cited in the movie, I just had to accept that I have no idea what characters imply by their words, which is a weird experience.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Batou

Spoilers below

The movie is focused on questioning the boundaries of what a human being is. Not the word itself, but the classical interpretation of it. When you say ‘human’, you may think of one of the existing humans, or you may think of a being with the biological properties that we associate with being a human, or you may think of a being that looks and behaves as a human should, or maybe something else yet. The variety of the ideas that are covered by the umbrella word ‘human’ is interesting in itself. What’s even more interesting is how fragile these ideas are, and that is what the movie displays.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

The main character of the film is a cyborg Batou, the former partner of major Kusanagi, who ceased to be a human in the previous movie (watch it, the phase will make sense then; the movie is too good to be spoiled here). The main plot line starts with Batou looking into a case of robots killing their owners. Those were so-called ‘sexaroids’, the term is self-descriptive. As Batou proceeds with his investigation he has conversations with all sorts of crazy people, like a woman cyborg who makes a convoluted argument about these androids being the same as people, somehow implying that their imperfections compared to humans are similar to the imperfections children have, compared to adults.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Carnival, monk

A little bit later Batou talks with a guy who converted his brain into a computer program and his body – into a robot. This person was saying so much crazy stuff that I hesitate to even summarize it. One of the things he said was that humans’ limited perception causes the incompleteness of their reality, and the species that have a ‘complete’ reality are the ones that either have no consciousness at all, or those who have an unlimited consciousness. As examples of the two he mentions dolls or gods. Obviously there is a little difference between a doll and a robot and it all gets extra weird because the guys saying those things is essentially a robot himself, though he had started his life as a human. Also, if you had to make a mental effort parsing that sentence about perception and consciousness – there you go, that is how the whole movie is.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Batou

The reason I described these episodes was to give you a sense of how the characters in this movie think. You show them an android and they wouldn’t say “yep, that’s a robot, just a moving piece of metal, not a human at all”, rather they would avoid categorizations altogether, and more importantly they would avoid assigning emotional labels to these categories. Normally we consider robots to be things, objects that don’t have intrinsic value other than their cost. Not so in this film. I’ll give an example.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Carnival

At some point Batou finds the source of the problem with the killer robots. The facility that produced these androids was giving them emotions by effectively copying a human brain into their system (they refer to it as ‘ghost dubbing’, and a ghost is a little different from a brain in GitS universe, as far as I understand). The procedure is very damaging for the human who’s brain is copied, a few sessions are rendering the person an invalid. They used children for this, against their will, of course. So one girl who was used there decided to try and make the robots go berserk, I guess by directing her emotions a certain way during the copying process. As the result the robots produced during this session were murdering their owners.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Carnival

So, when Batou heard that the robots were murderous because this was the girls’s way of sending out a help me signal, he gets angry. You think he is angry because she caused many deaths? Nope. Here is the quote:

Batou: “Don’t you realize what kind of chaos you have caused? I am not talking about just the humans. Didn’t you think about the dolls who were forced to have malicious ghosts dubbed into them?”

Girls: “But.. but.. But I didn’t want to become a doll!”

Another character: “You cry for bird’s blood, but not for fish blood. Fortunate for ones with voice. If dolls also had voices, they would have screamed ‘I didn’t want to become human!'”

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, doll

This dialogue is so weird. You can’t have your main characters be so cold, to have them equate the value of a child’s  life and the well being of a bunch of robots. Yet, this is the movie that can do it. If this ghost dubbing procedure somehow takes away the ‘human essence’ from the donor and transmits it to the recipients, then maybe it would make those dolls partially human. Does it justify treating them as humans? Or maybe ‘treating someone as a human’ is an inherently flawed idea in a world populated by dolls with human minds, AI who used to be people, cyborgs that can’t be sure if whether what they experience is reality or a simulation.

Hope this wasn’t too boring to read. See you next time ^^/

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

If you’ve been an anime fan for a while, chances are that you have already watched Kuroshitsuji or at least saw a couple of pictures of Ciel and Sebastian floating around the internet. I watched all the anime seasons and I am currently reading the manga. I will be covering both the anime and the manga in this post.

Kuroshitsuji is a story about Ciel, a guy who formed a contract with a demon for the sake of revenge. The demon is called Sebastian. The contract states that Sebastian will have to follow Ciel’s every order while making sure that Ciel isn’t killed until he extracts his revenge. Sebastian gets to feed on Ciel’s soul once he fulfills the contract.


Ciel- That mark on right eye is their contract seal



This little detail itself makes Kuroshitsuji different from other normal shounen. We have seen a lot of characters burning for revenge. We saw Sasuke wanting to kill Itachi first and then wanting to damage the Leaf Village once he learned the truth. We also saw Kurapika sitting in a basement filled with dead eyes and planning to kill the Phantom Troupe. Here comes the question, what do these people plan to do after getting their revenge? Killing people for the sake of revenge will damage them but at least they get to live. Even if they end up being a broken mess we can at least hope that time might heal these people and give them enough reason to live. With Ciel this is just not possible. Once he gets his revenge he will be dead and Sebastian will eat his soul. There will be nothing of him left. He has no future. This makes Ciel’s revenge scheme even more cruel and brutal.


It doesn’t mean Ciel is a good guy

Ciel isn’t the kind of guy who would happily play the tragic hero role. He is fixated on revenge but he isn’t seething mad like Sasuke and at the same time he isn’t laughing and having fun with friends occasionally like Kurapika. He is cold and calculating. Imagine Aizen or Izaya wanting revenge. They won’t take a gun and run around the town shooting their enemies. Instead they will sit calmly in their houses, lay traps everywhere, wait for the enemies to come attack them and then torture them to death with a mocking smile on their face. Ciel is the same, he just shows a little more emotions than Aizen or Izaya.

Ciel is the England Queen’s watchdog. He deals with underground crimes when he gets a request from the queen. It is a job that his family members have been doing for a long time. Ciel’s parents were murdered by a weird cult, leaving a ten year old Ciel behind. Those murderers then tortured Ciel as part of their weird rituals. We don’t know much about what had happened to Ciel during that time (Maybe it is revealed in the later chapters of the manga and I haven’t read them yet). We just know that Ciel was broken beyond repair at that point. He decided to become the head of the family and take the responsibility of being the Queen’s watchdog. He takes care of criminals and thugs that the queen can’t punish directly. People around him don’t treat him kindly for that. Some even say that he is just a dog with a collar around his neck.


I wish these people will remember that they are dealing with a 13 year old kid

There was a time Ciel had to decide between capturing a serial killer or saving the victim. He knew that he might not get another chance to capture the killer. He decided to capture the killer and let the victim die. He even said that he has no regrets regarding what he has done. There was also another time Ciel told Sebastain to kill a bunch of people since he believed that they could no longer be saved. He felt they were better off dead. So he went ahead and ordered Sebastain to kill them all. That is not something a typical Shounen protagonist would do. Actually Ciel might be the only one who would do something like that. He might even be more of an antagonist than a protagonist. You usually end up liking him though, despite all the things he does.


The relationship between Sebastian and Ciel also makes it even more interesting. Sebastian has to follow Ciel’s order and has to protect him but it doesn’t mean that he is Ciel’s knight in shining armour.  There was a time Ciel had to sneak into a room to find something. There were snakes guarding the room. He ordered Sebastian to capture them and put them in a cage. He told Sebastian to release the snakes before the room’s owner comes back. He then went in to investigate the room. It took longer than he expected and he didn’t manage to get out in time. Sebastian released the snakes anyway knowing full well that Ciel was still inside. He wouldn’t let Ciel die but he doesn’t mind letting Ciel get bitten by a snake. He thinks it is more amusing that way. Here is their conversation during that incident.



Sebastian is indeed a powerful demon but he is a double edged knife. If Ciel isn’t careful he will get end up hurting himself more than he hurts his enemies. Also Sebastian only cares about keeping Ciel safe from physical harm. He doesn’t care about his mental state. If someone important to Ciel was in harm’s way, he wouldn’t lift a finger to save that person unless Ciel orders him to do so. If Ciel was unable to give the order in time, he would just stand by and let that person get killed. He doesn’t care about how much damage it might do to Ciel. If they were trying to catch a criminal and Ciel makes a mistake, Sebastian won’t say anything and he won’t try to correct him. If the criminal ends up escaping because of that and Ciel has to face the consequences of it, Sebastain will just smile and say ‘Too bad.’


He says that he is just a pawn. He won’t move until the king orders him to move.

The fact that Ciel used to be a nice little kid before his parents’ murder makes this whole situation even more difficult to digest. He occasionally shows that he is just a child, especially when he wakes up screaming and trembling because of a nightmare. He quickly recovers from that and goes back to being the calm and calculating Queen’s watchdog. He is just a kid who should have been having fun playing with his friends and enjoying life and yet here he is, walking through blood covered streets, examining dead bodies for clues, catching criminals, getting kidnapped, getting hit and killing people.


Young Ciel

If you haven’t watched Kuroshitsuji yet I recommend reading the first 22 chapters of the manga and then watching the Book of Circus followed by the Book of Murder and Book of Atlantic. The original Kuroshitsuji season changed the story drastically and Kuroshitsuji II has nothing to do with the manga. They are not bad but the original story is much better and darker. You can watch the first two seasons of the anime after watching the Book of Atlantic. You will be able to appreciate the story more that way.

Kuroshitsuji has many interesting characters and good comedy.


Ciel’s Servants. They are an interesting bunch

Kuroshitsuji is a good anime and I highly recommend watching it. Let me warn you that it has a dark story and can leave a bitter aftertaste.

See you next time ^^/

Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 4

This episode is just as awesome and action-packed as expected. The actual fight between Shokaku and Katsura took just a little over five minutes. I like how the fights in Gintama can be short and intense at the same time. Sogo vs Kamui fight and Gintoki vs Jirocho fight (the one they fought right after Jirocho attacked Otose) are good examples of that.


We also got to see a bit of Katsura’s past. It wasn’t anything new but learning that he ended up being called ‘Runaway Kotaro’ because he knew the consequences of a general losing his life was rather interesting. I feel that Katsura was more reserved, calm and mature when he was young.


I wonder how he grew up to be such a nutjob

His character is interesting and I have nothing to complain about though. There is one bad thing about the fight. It is the fact that Shokaku lost one of his hands in the fight. It feels a bit sad knowing that he will probably never be as strong as he used to be. Fighting with one hand will become a disadvantage for him in the future. I like how he admitted defeat and gave up. He could still move and he could have fought if he wanted to but he didn’t want a fight till death. He just wants to have fun fighting. He even ordered his subordinates not to kill Katsura.


Katsura’s fight is done and they are already moving on to the next fight. The next opponent is a guy named Hankai. He has many nano machines that he can use to control people or machines. He is the perfect opponent for Sakamoto who would rather use his brain to win a fight than brute force.



Hankai is the complete opposite of Shokaku. He totally has this ‘bad guy’ vibe. Also it looks like Hankai is having trouble deciding whether he wants to be a Mobile Suit or a Zaku.



He looks better as a Mobile Suit

Truth be told, I wanted to see Katsura in action and I liked the fight but I am even more excited about seeing Sakamoto in action. Mutsu might end up taking all the glory but I hope we get to see Sakamoto in a serious fight.

The next episode’s preview makes it obvious that Nobu Nobu will change into a good guy in the near future. It is such a convenient cheap trick. I feel like the mangaka wants to turn Nobu Nobu into a good guy because Gintoki and the rest of his gang are not capable of killing a person just because it is the best course of action. Letting Nobu Nobu go will also be a stupid move since the guy bears a grudge against them. So turning him into a good guy is a rather convenient plot twist. Even if he does change it won’t change the fact that he killed Shige Shige or trampled on countless lives. He can’t undo them and he can’t completely atone for them either. He ordered to dispose of two women just because they got him a drink he didn’t like. A guy capable of such cruelty turning into a good guy easily sounds pretty impossible in the first place. I hope they at least make his transformation realistic.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 3

The animators didn’t have much time to spend on jokes considering how action packed this episode is but we did get to see some good old Gintama comedy routine in this episode.

Let me start with the most important piece of information we learned in this episode.


It looks like Bansai can now shoot laser beams XD

Gintoki and the rest are keeping Nobu Nobu locked up in their spaceship for now. I expected them to abandon him in some remote location. He is not of much use to them and they can’t even use him as a hostage. If they let him go, he might try to hunt them down again and they don’t want to kill him. So keeping him locked up seems like the best option for now.


The mangaka also made another appearance in this episode

As expected, Abuto refused to fight Umibozu. He knows that he can’t win and he is too smart and fight such a strong opponent. Umibozu also made it clear that he only wants to kill Kamui and  has no intention of killing anyone else. He is even protecting the rest of the Yato members from Harusame’s attack.


This is probably the reason Abuto managed to stay alive all this time

The next episode is actually titled ‘Zura.’ Katsura will be fighting one of the Harusame’s commanders. I am looking forward to it. We have seen Katsura in action before and we know that he is strong but most of them were just quick glimpses at his fights. We have yet to see him fight a strong enemy.


Here is Katsura’s opponent- Shokaku

I like the guy. He is strong, smart and an easy-going person. I think his title was fine though.  It is way better than Katsura’s ‘Zura janai, Katsura Da!’, which isn’t even a title. He shouldn’t have let Katsura talk him into believing that his title is too long to remember and try to change it into something more compact.

Sakamoto will also be fighting another commander. I didn’t expect that part. I expected Sakamoto to be the guy with the brains, thinking of ways to defeat the enemy. Also, he uses guns, not swords. All he has to do is shoot and be done with it. I wonder how they can make a fight like that interesting. There is one part I dislike though. Notice how most shows make sure that the enemy count is perfect so that each main character gets to fight with exactly one strong opponent? Why make it that way? It would have been more interesting if there were Four Mad Stars, breaking the balance and making Katsura or Sakamoto fight an extra opponent.


I am looking forward to seeing him in action

See you next time ^^/

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