Denpa-teki na Kanojo, episode 1 – tropes

Before we start let me say that this is not a review of Denpa-teki na Kanojo. If you want a review – we already have one written by Shaurya, you are welcome to read it. Here I want to discuss this OVA rather than to review it, so I’ll assume you’ve seen it. It is a good show by the way, and it is fairly short too, so if you haven’t seen it you can start watching it now and come back in 40 minutes =)

Ame Ochibana

I decided to write about Denpa-teki na Kanojo because it gives me a great opportunity to talk about certain recurring setups in anime. Before we start though I would ask you to try not to let any negative preconceptions about these tropes to guide you as you are reading.

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Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Denpa Teki na Kanojo is a two episode OVA that has a good reputation for being dark. The protagonist Juu Juuzawa is a typical shonen hero. He is a delinquent, he dyes his hair blond and he fights with other students. But we have a serial killer and a weird tsundere to make the show more interesting.

Juu Juuzawa

Juu Juuzawa

Juu finds a note in his locker telling him to come to meet the writer of the note under a Sakura tree after school. Juu goes there thinking that the note was from one of the guys who picks fights with him. So you could guess how surprised he was when he meets a girl called Ame Ochibana  who claims to have a bond with him from their  previous life and pledges eternal loyalty to him. Ame keeps following Juu and he keeps running away from her.

Ame Ochibana

Ame Ochibana

By the way, she does look nice when her hair is parted and her eyes are visible.

2014-01-18_1224 2014-01-18_1204

Once Fujishima, Juu’s classmate tells him that he has to follow their school’s dress code and do his duties but Ame interrupts her saying that if she is Juu’s enemy, she would eliminate her.  This is where the interesting part of the story starts. Fujishima gets killed that evening and Juu sees Ame near the dead body, holding a bat covered in blood, saying that she found it in the vicinity.

Yup. She just happened to find it

Yup. She just happened to find it

So Juu suspects that Ame is the serial killer the police has been looking for and starts investigating her. I am not going to say what happens next or who the serial killer is though :P I have to give you a reason to watch the show, don’t I?

The second episode of the is not as good as you expect it to be but they did manage to maintain the dark plot.

The animation and soundtracks are good. The story pace and the character development is awesome. It has a very dark plot. So if you have 90 minutes to spare, watch this anime.

By the way, there is some violence and blood in the show.

2014-01-18_1233 2014-01-18_1216

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