Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 11

Tsukuyo actually voiced my thoughts – ‘If we are going to go through a meet-and-greet event like this, we might as well all work in Yoshiwara.‘ She is right. Lucky for us, the female cast of Gintama is awesome. They spent all their time making fun of Dragon Quest characters and abusing the Gintama movies.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 11 (5)

Otae decided to flush them all down the toilet

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 10

GKB48 turned out to be a band of idols who are willing to play any cheap tricks to gain popularity. They spread fake photographs of a scandal involving Otsuu and ruined her image. Otsuu was feeling down and didn’t want to attend the concert and challenge GKB48. Who is willing to save the day when there is no hope left?


Pako, Kagura and Pachi of course

First, let me say that this episode has a lot of dirty jokes. It is one of those episodes I would never watch in public. GKB48 turned their meet-and-greet stage into another Yoshiwara. Gintoki is also willing to do anything to promote his group, including following GKB48’s footsteps.

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 9

Looks like group idols are more popular than solo singers these days. We all know how big a hit GKB48 is (Gintama staff is putting in a little more effort this time to try and hide the original anime title they are ripping off from). Otsuu wanted to team-up with someone too. Guess who she will be teaming up with?

Gintama Season 6 Ep 9 (8)


Gintama Season 6 Ep 9 (9)

Sorry Shinpachi. I don’t actually mind watching Kagura’s concert

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 8

Do you really want to know what happened in this episode? Gintoki managed to land a blow on Sougo but Kusanagi’s blade wasn’t able to support him. I am not going to explain why Kusanagi looks like a giant piece of macaroni in the below image.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 8 (1)

Also, Sougo wasn’t pretending to be consumed. Maganagi actually managed to consume him but he managed to regain control of his body pretty fast. Continue reading

Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 7

The long-awaited duel between Gintoki and Sougo finally occured. Gintoki had no choice but to fight with Sougo with a broken sword. What will Gintoki do when he is in a real pinch? He cheats of course.

Gintama Season 6 EP 7 (8)

He talked his way into using two swords in the battle

He even copied Beserk and Final Fantasy to get his way.

Luckily Sougo managed to find a cursed sword. So he agreed to using two swords in the fight. The cursed sword Maganagi is famous for consuming his masters and making them his puppets. He begged Sougo to make him his sword after Sougo defeated Maganagi’s previous master.

A cursed sword and a sadist. They make a perfect pair. Maybe now Sougo can finally drive the Amanto out of earth or defeat Utsuro. Now that will be a perfect ending for Gintama.

Gintama Season 6 EP 7 (2)We didn’t get to see a serious Gintoki versus Sougo fight after all. They fooled around quite a bit and even had a riverbed cleaning competition. On the other hand, I don’t really want Gintoki and Sougo to fight for real. Gintoki is one of the few people Sougo actually trusts and watching these two trying to kill each other for real would have been pretty sad.

Gintama Season 6 EP 7 (3)

Who do you think won the battle? Gintoki? Sougo? Wrong. They didn’t get to complete their battle. Maganagi consumed Sougo’s soul and made him his puppet. We already know that being consumed by a cursed sword is bad news, thanks to Hijikata. Not to mention that the guy who got consumed is Sougo. He might end up destroying the planet.

Gintama Season 6 EP 7 (4)

On the other hand, I won’t be surprised if Sougo is just pretending to be under control. This is Sougo we are talking about. I doubt there is a sword out there that can actually make this guy submit to its power. He might just be plotting to use this as an excuse to kill Hijikata and get rid of him for good. If he said that he was consumed by a cursed sword, Kondo will forgive him. Hijikata on the other hand will probably claw his way out of his grave in order to get his revenge.

The sword arc will end with the next episode. Let us see what fate has in store for Sougo.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 6

It finally happened! After 333 episodes, something that has been long overdue finally happened. Gintoki is arrested for public indecency.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (9)

Gintoki doesn’t look happy about it though

Gintoki should have been arrested for public indecency a long time ago. In Kagura’s words ‘He is a walking obscenity.’ He goes on live TV with his zipper open, walks around the town half-naked, uses a hex socket screw driver to mess around with a spaceship  and does a lot of other things that are better off not being mentioned here. A shounen protagonist being arrested for public indecency, that has got to be some kind of record. Way to go Gintoki!

Coming to the story, a sword shaped Amanto was looking for his wife. The wife happens to be a scabbard. He was abandoned by his master and he went from place to place searching for his wife. He wanted to borrow Gintoki as a temporary scabbard. Kagura, Shinpachi and Testsuko didn’t mind lending Gintoki. They finally managed to find the wife but she refused to get back with her husband. Guess who is currently using that scabbard?

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (14)

The Shinsengumi’s super sadist – Sougo

The scabbard fell in love with Sougo and doesn’t want to leave him. Gintoki challenged Sougo to a fight to get the scabbard back.

If this story made perfect sense to you, it means that you are already used to Gintama’s insanity.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (12)

I always wanted to watch these two fight

Sougo is the Shinsengumi’s genius and Gintoki is the Shiroyasha. A fight between these two super skilled swordsmen is bound to be interesting. I assumed that we will never get to see them fight, since Gintoki is on good terms with Sougo. A serious fight between them seemed impossible. If Gintoki is putting his life on the line to pull a sword out of his body, then it becomes a different story. He is going to take his kid gloves off. Sougo is not an opponent he can go easy on. You can be sure this fight is going to be interesting. Sure, you can’t expect a fast-paced action-filled fight but I am sure these two geniuses will show something amusing.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (2)

There is one problem – Testsuko broke Gintoki’s sword

I take it back. We might just end up watching Gintoki being torn to shreds by Sougo. I am sure Sougo doesn’t even know what kid gloves are. He won’t go easy on Gintoki even if Gintoki’s sword is broken.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (3)

Let us tune in to watch Shinsengumi Chronicles or Zuratama after next week

This episode had a lot of good random comedy moments. Like this one for example.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (5)

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (6)

I am sure Gintoki is the only Samurai who would be greedy enough to melt a good sword and turn it into a frying pan. I am also sure he is the only Samurai who can get attacked by a random sword.

Gintama Season 6 Ep 6 (7)

We will get to see a very interesting fight in the next episode.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama. Porori-hen Episode 5

If you already saw the featured image, you know that Hasegawa didn’t manage to die. Yay!

Just kidding. Even if you hadn’t seen the featured image, I am sure you knew that there is no way Hasegawa was going to die. He is cursed to live his entire life curled up in a cardboard box. There is no way Sorachi is going to let him kill himself and take the easy way out. Remember how many times he tried to die only to have fate play a prank on him and let him live?

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (1)

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (2)

Let us be honest. Hasegawa doesn’t want to die. He only wants a job, some food and a roof over his head. He can’t have any of them. He has nothing to do. I know his being homeless is a joke and Gintoki will throw a fit if Hasegawa actually got to live a decent life. I still want the guy to find a job. He is honest, kind and hard-working. There is no real reason for Hasegawa to continue being a madao.

Coming back to the story, Hasegawa wanted to jump off a building and was afraid of dying. He asked the assassin if he would be kind enough to kill him. The assassin didn’t want to waste a bullet on Hasegawa. So he came up with a brilliant plan. He wants Hasegawa to jump after his signal. He will shoot at the perfect time and kill Hasegawa and his target with the same bullet.

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (3)

He would have been better off using two bullets 

Hasegawa ended up being dragged into a fight and saving a person. At the end of the day, he was still complaining and crying about not being able to die. You knew this story wasn’t going to have a happy end, didn’t you?

The second story is even more interesting. Shinsengumi and Mimawarigumi had to attend a crash course and they had to solve a crime as part of their training.

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (6)

It has been a long time since we last saw this sadist. He really does look like a nice innocent kid when he isn’t trying to kill people

Let me now show you the crime scene. You are welcome to take as much time as you would like to solve this mystery.

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (10)

I am sure you have at least heard a variation of this story. An old couple finds a fruit floating in a river. They cut it open and find a little boy in it. They take care of the baby and raise him as their own son. The son grows up, defeats a demon and comes back with lots of treasure.

Of course Gintama wanted to turn this nice folktale into a horror story. What would have happened if they sliced the baby into two along with the fruit?

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (11)

This was Hijikata’s theory. The old couple killed the guy in the peach by accident and then left him by the river. That is a rather amusing story if you think about it. The couple cut open the peach and saw a dead baby inside. They realized that they just killed a baby. They got scared and didn’t want to get punished. So they abandoned the dead body by the river. Sorachi is really awesome.

You want to know what actually happened to Momotaro (the guy in the peach)? Watch the episode. You know Gintama. Trying to play detective is a complete waste of your time. Just sit back and enjoy the insane twists.

GIntama Season 6 Ep 5 (18)

In the next episode, we will get to see Gintoki getting attacked by a sword. I am not going to elaborate on it :P

See you next time ^^/

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