JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Figuration Libre

If you want to praise JoJo I think you would talk about its sense of humor combined with its unique narrative, especially the visual aspects of it. Like, it is fun to watch a vampire whose head was just split in half putting it back together, but having it a little off, so he has to adjust the two pieces, which seems to make him slightly annoyed.

Even better is to watch two dudes fight, where one throws a steamroller at another, and then both repeatedly punch it to make the machine hit the opponent. There are hundreds of awesomely stupid things like that in the series, and they all work because of how the show presents them. It is not all about actions scenes either, this anime can make even a static image work. Like this one, when an ark antagonist assumes a ridiculous pose and the anime treats it like focal point:

Dio Brando

It isn’t just one particular antagonists, they all do the poses

The whole anime is like this. People act as if they are actors on a stage, they strike poses that look like they belong to an athletic dance performance; the events are unpredictable and ridiculous while the characters are always in dire predicaments. You never know what would happen, would they outsmart their enemy or would they just overpower him or her, or will they get out on a sheer luck.

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Spring season 2014 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

The title meant to say that among the great variety of titles that are going to be released this season I am picking only one. And that is the newest incarnation of JoJo series – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Once again I’m going to see how those overbuffed guys will fight Dio’s minions in order to save Jotaro’s mom. Why not :P

JoJo Stardust crusaders mess

yeah, I think I can dig that

I haven’t read the manga, yet I did watch the OVAs, both the original and the one made in 2000. So I think I am familiar with the plot. Though I’ve heard that the OVAs I’ve seen are somewhat rushed, and there was manga material left out, that gives me hope to see something new too.

If that is your first time seeing Stardust Crusaders, don’t worry I’ll try not to spoil the upcoming events. Also I don’t think you really need to know anything about the previous seasons too, so if you don’t feel like watching the 2012 JoJo series (which is a prequel to Stardust Crusaders), don’t bother. On the other hand you’ll miss a pretty good anime.

JoJo Stardust crusaders Jotaro

Jotaro, new JoJo

So what do I think about this show. First, I liked the opening in the original OVA much better. And I liked the ending theme in the 2012 series much better. Is that a fair criticism? No.

Also I think this anime would have been better if they used more hand drawn look for the art style. But I do appreciate that they are experimenting with their attempt to make it look like “moving manga” or something of the sort.

And last thing, after seeing Joseph Joestar in the last series where he (spoilers!) killed indestructible immortal men that lived for thousands of years, well, after that seeing him take spirit photos as his main ability is kinda weird. Where is his ripple techniques?! Okay, sorry, I almost digressed into ranting.

JoJo Stardust crusaders Dio

By the way, I wonder if Dio can possibly be more powerful than pillar men?..

End of spoilers :P But seriously, it is really hard to write about this new anime without comparing it to 2012 TV series and previous OVAs. So I apologize, but I think my posts will be pretty much filled with references to those anime.

Till the next time (^_^)/

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