Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 14

Leave it to Gintama to throw a random curveball at you out of nowhere. Gintama season 8 has officially ended today. I repeat, Gintama season 8 has ended. Gintoki spent the entire second half of this episode explaining to us why this season had to be ended so abruptly and then complaining about Sorachi and the anime staff.

Let us start from the beginning. Here are a couple of nice pictures of Gintoki’s torture.

It would have been awesome if someone actually skipped the previous episode. They would have been treated to this nice visual of Takasugi hanging from the ceiling wearing a diaper. It would have been totally worth skipping an episode. Torture in Yoshiwara included getting molested by a bunch of old ladies. Gintoki, after going through that trauma twice, gave up on all his worldly desires and became a saint. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 14 (6)

Just kidding. A diaper wearing saint is way more disturbing than a lazy samurai with a permanent perm

Seita became a delinquent. Not that it is weird, considering the fact that he was made to work in an adult toy shop when he was little. Here is one of the best piece of news we learned in this episode. Hinowa can walk now. She still needs a walking stick but I am really glad she can use her legs again. On the other hand, her taking so long to heal acts as a cruel reminder of the torture she has been through.

Gintoki used the sno… mole he got from Tama to hide his identity and get away from the lady monsters. I am glad that he is still carrying that device around. It would have been pretty stupid to throw away something that convenient.

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 7

I wanted Sadaharu to join the fight but watching him getting stabbed multiple times was sad. He is just a dog. He should have been going for walks, playing with his tail and eating food. Instead, here he is, stuck in a battle he probably doesn’t fully understand, getting hurt and hunted down. He doesn’t even know Utsuro. Even if he meets him sometime, he probably won’t understand why Utsuro wants to destroy earth. I thought he might die in this episode, considering how much damage he had taken.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (1)

The only thing on my mind during his fight was, ‘Whoa! Kagura is going to be pissed

I liked how Gintoki chopped off the hand of a guy who tried to kill Sadaharu. Even though he prefers fighting with a wooden sword, he has nothing against taking up a real sword and killing people. He doesn’t go out of his way to spare the lives of his enemies and can rip them into pieces without batting an eyelid.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (2)

I am a bit disappointed with everyone ganging up against Utsuro. It is one of the things that turned me off about Naruto. I am not a big fan of endings where the whole world comes together to kill one overpowered guy.

I am also disappointed with how little attention the rest of the Shinsengumi members usually get. When Utsuro tried to kill Yamazaki, Hijikata and Sougo rushed to his side and tried to save him. Gintoki is even carrying the half-killed Yamazaki to safety. No one cared when Utsuro was killing the other nameless Shinsengumi members. They are just around to give Utsuro a chance to showcase his skill.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (7)

Why didn’t anyone lift a finger to help these guys?

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (8)

I would have been a bit impressed if Yamazaki actually died

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 6

Gather around people. I have a very important piece of news for you. What do you think Altana can be used for? Gaining immortality? Killing Utsuro? Nah. Turns out, it can be used for something bigger, something way more useful. Behold the power of Altana.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 6 (5)

It can help in hair growth!

All you have to do is crush the crystals and sprinkle them on your head. You will have a full head of hair in three seconds. Even Umibozu, who is as bald as a potato, managed to get a head full of hair. Isn’t that awesome?

If you, like me, preferred the bald Umibozu, don’t worry. Kamui ripped all his hair out and returned Umibozu to his original state.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 6 (7)

Jokes aside, I do feel a bit bad for Umibozu. He has always been embarrassed about being bald. He wore wigs, hid his head under caps and used every hair growth product he could find. He finally got his hands on something that worked. There was no reason to tear his hair out and leave him with a shiny bald head again. Why not let the poor guy enjoy his moment?

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 5

This episode is way better than all the episodes we have seen so far. For starters, Nobu Nobu died. One of the members of the Liberation army got angry and shot Ensho when he decided to stop the war.  Nobu Nobu just happened to be right in front of Ensho when it happened and got shot.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 5 (5)

Doesn’t that sound a bit ridiculous? We expected Nobu Nobu to play a big role in the war and yet he got killed by a nameless small fry. It makes sense if you think about it though. Shige Shige got killed by a nameless small fry too. After everyone went through the trouble of sacrificing lives and getting hurt in order to save him, he just happened to be killed by a poison needle. It makes sense for Nobu Nobu to meet the same fate. At least Nobu Nobu got to die peacefully. People accepted him as their ruler and he died knowing that he played a significant role in stopping the war between Edo and the Liberation army.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 5 (6)

It was nice of Katsura to acknowledge Nobu Nobu as their king but to be honest, all Nobu Nobu did was sit in a bathroom most of the time

Nobu Nobu’s death is a bit too ironic and sad.  He often mocked Shige Shige about being too soft, only to end up walking in his footsteps and throwing his life away for the greater good. It would have been nice to see Nobu Nobu live and spend the rest of his life as a normal guy.

I also find the relationship between Katsura and Shige Shige amusing. Katsura hated the government and became a terrorist to crush the government. Yet, he acknowledges Shige Shige, the guy who was sitting at the top of that government, as the true shogun and has immense respect for him. He even got extremely mad when Shige Shige got killed. It would have been nice if Shige Shige didn’t die and we got to see him becoming friends with Katsura and doing stupid stuff with him.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 5 (4)

By the way, what is with Nobu Nobu’s face here? I hope it is an animation mistake

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 3

Sorachi has started killing off characters. It makes sense. There is no such thing as a war with zero casualties. I am still disappointed because Sorachi is only killing off no-name characters. All the people who died in this episode are people most fans didn’t care about. I doubt Shokaku, Batou and Takechi had any fans. Bansai looks like he might be popular but he is mostly overshadowed by Takasugi.

I personally am sad to see Batou die. There goes my hopes of seeing Pakuyasa again. I am also sad about deaths of people like this.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 3 (3)

All these no-name characters who get killed for no reason. No one usually stops to think about them. Real war is like that too. We only remember all the generals, kings and valiant heroes but none of us know the names of all the mediocre guys who went to fight despite knowing that they were going to die.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 3 (4)

I liked Takechi’s character too. He was a nice..ahem…feminist

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen Episode 9

Jirocho and Pirako are back. Jiocho has now become a doting parent and Pirako is having fun teasing him.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 9 (9)The rest of the episode was all about fighting. To be honest, the fighting is getting kind of boring. There are too many cliché scenes. I am also disappointed with how often Otae is being taken hostage these days. I don’t want Gintama to start using a strong female character like Otae for plot convenience.

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen Episode 8

Do you remember how the last episode ended? Gintoki was hit by a boulder. If you have been wondering if he is alright, take a look at the below screenshot.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 8 (9)Don’t worry though. Kagura picked it up for him and he put his eyeball back in the socket. He is perfectly fine now.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 8 (1)

Good for you Gintoki

The first part of the episode was funny. Otae and the rest of the gang sealed the Kabuki district. Otae was not willing to open the door for Yorzuya. Enemies had already surrounded the town and opening the door was risky.  Gintoki spent over five minutes begging everyone to open the door and let him in. Here is the main protagonist who is supposed to save the day begging everyone to let him in and fight.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 8 (3)

Let us just pretend that we didn’t notice how Otae was having a blast

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen Episode 7

This episode was so full of mosaic images and bleeped out words that I had trouble finding pictures that can be used in the review. First things first, we got to see young Hata in this episode. Hata wasn’t always a bald-headed sadistic idiot.

Gintama Season 7 Episode 348 - Watch Gintama Season 7 Episode 348 online in high quality.mp4_000292154

Doesn’t Hata look like a nice guy in this picture?

Here is the surprising part. Shijaku and Elizabeth are Hata’s brothers. The guy in Elizabeth costume is Dragonia, the cool looking dude in the featured image. He got into an accident, forgot his past and ended up becoming Elizabeth.

Gintama Season 7 Episode 348 - Watch Gintama Season 7 Episode 348 online in high quality.mp4_001015666

Can someone please kill this creepy looking monster and bring the old Elizabeth back?

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 12

The new Gintama season has ended and it didn’t end with a bang. Gintoki and the rest didn’t get on their knees and apologize for offending the viewers on various occasions either. The season had a normal shounen ending for once and I am not exactly happy about that.

There isn’t much to say about this episode. Nothing much really happened. We only learned about Utsuro’s past and it isn’t something that would surprise the viewers. Utsuro was feared because of his immortality ever since he was young. People tried to kill him in every possible way they could think of.

Gintama Episode 12.mp4_000236111

It is no wonder that being treated this way made Utsuro into who he is now

He hated humans and at the same time he wanted to be one of them. I wonder why a person who was treated so badly by humans would want to be human. We also learned what he plans to do next. Utsuro wants to destroy earth. As long as he is on earth, he is immortal. So he wants to destroy the planet along with himself. Again, I don’t understand why he has to do that. When Umibozu tried to kill him by introducing another planet’s Altana into his system, Utsuro admitted that he was almost out of Altana and if Umibozu had more lives to throw away, he would have won. So why not go around collecting Altana from other planets and shoving them into his heart? It would eventually kill him. It all he wanted to do was die, wouldn’t that be a better plan?

Gintama Episode 12.mp4_000407041

Here is the thing. I don’t think Utsuro wants to commit suicide and be done with it. He wants to live, experience normal happiness and then grow old and die a normal death. He can’t have it so he is playing the bad guy. He just wants to be saved from his nightmare. If someone manages to kill him, he will be fine with it but he doesn’t want to be just erased without a trace. I am impressed that Gintoki admitted that the one who pushed Shoyo into a corner was them. I didn’t expect him to realize that. On the other hand, it only makes the whole situation even harder for him to deal with.

Gintama Episode 12.mp4_000269526

I really like this art style by the way

The art style used while narrating Utsuro’s past looked awesome. It has this picture book feel to it and I especially love the featured image of this post. It looks like a scene that is taken straight out of an old classic horror anime.

I am also interested in knowing what Kamui wants to do now. He no longer has a goal and he no longer has a reason to act crazy, pick fights and kill people for fun. He will probably try to be a saner killer like Sougo now.

Gintama Episode 12.mp4_001191936

He was more interesting to watch when he was a psychotic killer

Lastly, I want to say that I never expected Gintama to end with a line as cliché as this.

Gintama Episode 12.mp4_001246530

Come on Gintoki! This is Gintama. It is supposed to end with a gag or a joke

I like this season and all the action packed episodes but at the same time I have to admit that I will probably never rewatch it. It doesn’t have the charm other Gintama season have. Gintama is supposed to be a fine mix of comedy and action. A season with just action is not appealing enough. We had plenty of comedy moments after Shige Shige’s death. Compared to that, the comedy in this season is rather bland. We didn’t even get to see the Shinsengumi in this season (I am pretty sure Shinpachi is secretly happy about Hijikata not appearing on the cover and taking all his screen time). They should have made this season longer and try to fit in some comedy pieces and made it more Gintama-like.

See you next time ^^/

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Gintama.(The Battle on Rakuyo) Episode 11

Let me start by saying that my worries about Umibozu proved out to be wrong. He is back and he is stronger than ever.

Gintama (2017) Episode 327 - Watch Gintama (2017) Episode 327 online in high quality.mp4_000533217

They replaced the hands of strongest man in the universe with guns

Gintama comes up with some crazy ideas. Umibozu is a monster who can crush a spaceship with his bare hands and now he has been turned into this half-cyborg with insane firepower. I don’t mind watching Bozutama at this point. His adventures with his new toys are bound to be interesting.

Gintama (2017) Episode 327 - Watch Gintama (2017) Episode 327 online in high quality.mp4_000515055

It turns out that Gintoki wasn’t the least bit worried about Umibozu, and with good reasons

We also learned about Oboro’s past and truth be told, I am disappointed in his character. I expected a more interesting story and I expected him to be a better person. He ran away with Utsuro and even decided to sacrifice himself for Utsuro’s sake. Even after he survived the accident, he dedicated the rest of his life trying to protect the life Utsuro wanted. And what made him snap and throw it all away?

Gintama (2017) Episode 327 - Watch Gintama (2017) Episode 327 online in high quality.mp4_001171832

It was this

It was the simple fact that he wasn’t in this happy picture. He knew what kind of  life Utsuro was living and he tried his best to guard it from the crows. Yet, when he actually saw the beauty of the life he was protecting, he got jealous. He wanted Utsuro to be happy and yet he didn’t like the fact that Utsuro was happy even though he wasn’t by his side. He ruined the happy picture because he couldn’t digest that fact. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Oboro was the one who pushed Utsuro into a corner, ruined everything he had, made him snap and turned him into the monster we see now. He made it so that Utsuro could never go back and at the same time, he destroyed everything Utsuro had built over the years. He turned his students into broken scarred messes and pretty much erased all the good things Shoyo did.

Utsuro was more humane than he is now even before he turned into Shoyo. He spared the life of little Oboro and refused to turn him into an assassin. Do you remember what Utsuro looked like when he thought he lost Oboro?

Gintama (2017) Episode 327 - Watch Gintama (2017) Episode 327 online in high quality.mp4_001075200

Does he look anything like the Utsuro we know now?

In the end all Oboro did was betray Utsuro in the worst way possible. I expected a different kind of story. I thought Oboro tried to protect Shoyo with everything he could and when it was no longer possible, he didn’t mind killing Shoyo. I thought he spared the lives of Shoyo’s disciples even if it meant he had  to mess up their lives, break their ideals and morals and leave behind living corpses. So his actual story made me feel disappointed. Gintama is full of characters like these, people who destroy something important to them for no good reason. Remember what Hosen did? He loved a woman and what did he do to her? He turned her into a prostitute, locked her up, beat her and even damaged her legs because he didn’t want her to leave him. He said something along the lines of ‘Even if I try to bring it close, my claws will only sink in deeper.’ Does that justify everything he had done? Even if Hinowa forgave him, she will not walk again and is doomed to live her entire life in a wheelchair. It also doesn’t change that Hosen forced hundreds of women into prostitution, pulled them into darkness along with him and killed them when he felt like it. Kamui did the same. He cut off Umibozu’s hand, walked away when his mother was on her deathbed and almost killed Kagura many times. I didn’t expect Oboro to join this foolish parade.

On the other hand though, I believe that Utsuro was doomed to be broken. Even if Oboro never betrayed him and protected him for as long as he could, Utsuro would have known later that Oboro had to sacrifice his life and stain his hands with blood just so that he could continue playing his little teacher game. It would have damaged him the same way Oboro’s betrayal did.

Let me end this post by saying that I never expected to see this in Gintama.

Gintama (2017) Episode 327 - Watch Gintama (2017) Episode 327 online in high quality.mp4_000265917

I don’t even remember how many times I heard Luffy say this but I didn’t expect to hear the same dialogue in Gintama.

See you next time ^^/

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