Shout-outs, 2018

I always think that there are so many people I admire, people whom I would like to show my respect. MAL gives us space to mark a few anime/manga industry creators as your “favorite”. It never felt satisfying to me though. And anime and manga aren’t the only entertainment I like. There also books, music, YouTube creators and others.

On the other hand, I am not fond of lists. And things like “the favorite writer” are temporal, and it would be too complicated to talk about all people whom I found interesting through my life. So, a while ago I thought I would write a post about people who influenced me in this year. And here it is, read at your discretion.

Let me start with simple things. This year I’ve read a few manga by authors I haven’t read before that I found interesting, namely Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou by Hitoshi Ashinano, Tetsuwan Atom by Osamu Tezuka and Nisekoi by Naoshi Komi. Each of these is a decent story in its own right, all in terms of art and Yokohama and Atom in terms of story too. I got an omnibus of Atom, an English translation, in a shop I walked by in Hague, just to pass time on the train; Yokohama I was able to read thanks to MangaTube, an excellent German manga translators community; and as for Nisekoi I bought one volume in Berlin a while ago, just to see if this kind of romance/comedy would maybe be my thing after all. Back then, I couldn’t even speak to the shopkeeper in her language, so buying German translations was partly about learning too.

Also, I can’t forget Hideo Azuma and his Shissou Nikki (thanks again, Shaurya! :) ).

A special mention goes to Souichirou Yamamoto, the author of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and to Rei Hanagata, the author of China Girl, both nice romance stories I started reading in 2017 and continued this year. Also, this year I changed my opinion of Hiro Mashima, thanks to his new manga Edens Zero, which I think is pretty good. I have also been reading Dragon Ball Super, didn’t find it too bad after understanding what kind of story it is.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Next, to anime!

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Great anime (or not really anime) OST. Touhou.

Well, actually I doubt the few music pieces I want to show you today have anything to do with anime. I am pretty sure they all have a lot to do with Touhou. And I know nothing about Touhou, so for me those are just great music. And because Touhou is something from Japan I think we can say it is relevant to this blog’s theme. Right?..

Touhou Bad apple!!

Anyway, first is a very short yet awesome piece called “Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room” (or so I think it is called, and remember I know nothing about Touhou, so I might be wrong in any statement I make). Here is the  thing:

I like how it sounds so much ^_^ Too bad it is so short.

The second thing I want to show you is a German fancover for a Touhou song/soundtrack Bad Apple. And I must say I just love German. So the fact that I liked German lyrics for this song say nothing, I am pretty biased. Anyway, the song is very good, I hope you’ll listen to it. By the way, the video doesn’t match the song at all, in my opinion, and I think you will be better off just listening to the song without looking at what is going on on the screen.

I am going to post the lyrics to this song in the comments (wordpress don’t have anything like a “spoiler” collapsing tab, otherwise I would have used that).

If you don’t like this fancover, I am going to give you another version of this same song. This time without words. Without anything, but a piano. Look at it:

I knew this performance existed, but to find the original YT video, that was hard. Anyway, this was worth it, cause now you can hear this great music ^.^

So, this is it. If you are not interested in music – I am sorry. See you next time, hopefully I will write something anime-related then (^_^)/

My other post on music: Great anime OST (a few random pieces)

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My first promo

Not going to lie, I am excited about it. My friend Faze made a promo video for this blog and it was a very nice surprise. Not only I like the style of the background, fonts and the motion that is going on in the vid, but the structure itself is better than I would have thought it might be. I mean, before yesterday I had no idea how a promo video for my blog can look like. I guess Faze has a talent for making advertisement videos, wouldn’t be surprised to see his stuff on TV one day.

And here is the video:

Also check out Faze’s YouTube channel  – ZestAnime. He does AMVs, each new better than the previous one, so you may want to subscribe ^.^

Now I have to go watch Danganronpa, so for now see you (^_^)/

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